True Colors

March 16, 2017
By , Fort Riley, KS

“Doctors!” the King yelled as the Queen was screaming.

“Hurry we need doctors, my wife is going into labor!”
The doctors rush into the bedroom and ask the King to leave, so they can do their procedure. The King agreed and left to his throne to think about the birth of the twins.
“The doctors told me that she might not make it,” the King tells his royal servant.
“All we have to do is wait and hope that our Queen and the children come into this world safe and healthy,” the servant responds.
Several hours later, the doctors come to visit the King with good and bad news.
“Sir, your children are alive and healthy, but your wife… I am so sorry, but she did do you the honor to name them before she went.  One boy, Cosmo and one girl, Halo.  Halo is already starting to show her colors, we expect Cosmo to start showing soon.”
“Please, let me see them.” The King demanded.
“Yes, sir.”
As he walks into the room, he saw his beautiful wife laying down in the bed and the twins laying right next to her.  He picks up Cosmo, then Halo, kisses them on the cheek and then kisses his wife on the cheek with tears running down his face.
“I promise,” He said, “I promise I will take care of you two no matter what.  Till death does my part.” 
     9 years later…
“Father! Father!” Cosmo yelled while laughing, “Halo come help me!” He begged.
Halo came running through the door and jumped on top like a game of dog pile.
“Okay, okay,” The King said, “You two get ready, alright.  I have a surprise for you today.” He said with a smile and walks out.
“I wonder what we’ll be doing tonight,” Halo said.
“I hope it’s going to be fun!” Cosmo replied.
Once they get outside, they can see their father in the sky and all of these beautiful colors coming from him.
“Wow!” They said, “How does he do that?”
As the King comes down, he can see Cosmo and Halo trying to fly and showing their colors.
“Ha-ha,” he laughed, “You guys are adorable.  How about I show you how to embrace your colors?”
“Yes!” They shouted with excitement.
“Alright,” he said with a giggle, “Now let’s start with expanding your colors some more.  First, you have to focus hard on your emotions.  Your mood is seen through the colors you show.  Green means you are excited, yellow means you are happy, blue means you are sad, purple/violet means you are upset, lastly, red means you are angry.  You can have multiple colors appearing at once.  Let us start before the sun comes up.  Okay start focusing on what mood you are in.
Cosmo and Halo started glowing so many different colors and eventually Halo starts shining Green and Yellow, while Cosmo is still struggling.
“Great job, Halo!” Her father said.
“Am I doing it?” Cosmo asked in frustration and gives up. “Ugh, this is too hard.”
“No it’s not, its super easy, Cosmo. You’re just being childish,” Halo said while gloating.
“Oh, Cosmo, its okay we can still work on it tomorrow night.  We should get some sleep before the sun comes up,” The King says.
“Ugh, okay,” the children, said while walking into their palace.  The King puts Cosmo and Halo to bed and walks out.  A couple of minutes later, Cosmo gets out of bed and goes into his closet to practice some more before tomorrow.  After hours of being in the closet, Cosmo finally comes out to see the sun setting.  He quickly runs into his bed to get some sleep before he needs to wake up for his training.
“Cosmo!” Yelled Halo, “Time to get up.  It’s almost time four our training.”
“Whatever, you can go without me.  I cannot even do it, so there is no point in trying anymore.  I stayed up all night trying to figure it out.” Cosmo complained.
“Okay, fine,” she said, “But if you don’t come then father can’t help you.” Halo walks out the room to go tell her Father that Cosmo didn’t want to come and train anymore.”
“Well that’s just madness,” the King stated, “I’ll go speak to him; you go practice outside while I go to Cosmo.”
“Yes, father”
“Cosmo, my son, what are you doing and why are you still in bed? You need to come out and train with us.  You will not get better if you are in here.  How about tomorrow, when the Sun goes down, we will have our own tine and I will help you without Halo being there, so tonight Halo and I will work on her colors.  You can take a rest for today.  I know it’s very tiring.”
“Yes father, thank you.  I will like it when it is only us.  I feel like Halo is judging me,” he said.
“I will talk to her about that, okay?”
“Okay, father, I love you.”
“I love you too, son,” he replied, “Now let me go and I’ll see you at dinner tonight.”
The King then leaves and goes outside to see Halo practicing.
“Wow, you are just like your mother, so elegant with your lights.”
“Thank you father! I really wish I could’ve met her.”  Halo said.
“I know me too…” the King, replied.
As the King and Halo are training, Cosmo is inside training himself on how to control his colors more and he finally gets it, so he runs outside to tell his father and both Halo and the King congratulates him for working so hard.
     5 years later…
“I finally think you two are ready for the skies,” the King said with comfort. 
“Yes!” Cosmo and Halo yelled with excitement.
“Now, follow me children,” the King demanded.
The King then flies up into the sky and the children start to follow.  They all go to different parts of the world.  Halo covers the Northern Hemisphere, the King covers the middle section, and Cosmo covers the Southern Hemisphere.  They start to let their colors flow and they were so beautiful.  They all started to glow many different colors, but as soon as they were about to stop, the King fell to the ground and only Cosmo noticed and went down while Halo was still glowing green and yellow.
“My son, I love you very much,” the King said while taking his last breath. 
Cosmo started to cry and was angry that Halo did not notice, so he started to glow red, blue, and purple, while Halo is still green and yellow.  Now she will never know that her father died and Cosmo will have to deal with his death for eternity…


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