The Time I Mattered

April 5, 2017
By CaptainClutch2 BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
CaptainClutch2 BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
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This story is about a young teen that gets effected by an apocolypse created by a monster from another dimension. Not only does it provide suspense but it also provides comic relief as well. Take a look! 

Chapter 1: The Time I Mattered

The Time I Mattered
There were many obnoxious events that I’ve encountered over the course of my lifetime; none of which made me important to society. The world just keeps turning almost as if I had never existed and time itself had never stopped for even a split second to allow for these interdimensional demons to enter our realm of humans. But this story isn’t going to be like that; no, it’ll be about the time I was, indeed, important to someone for a brief moment of time!
There once was an menacing butterfly and another time there was an evil bear but not a single thing changed or was challenged in the course of these events… It only happened because of the fact that there was no body there to stop it; until I came along.
My birth was nothing short of phenomenal because the term “bouncing baby boy,” wasn’t around until after I had been born… Literally I was dropped right at birth… So, now, I have the ability to see things that are there but no one else sees; in other words, I can see things in a different light!
But what happened, you’d never see coming! It was the only time in the history of the world that I was relevant! I was famous because I saved the world but also, in a notably awesome way, saved the universe from complete peril from interdimensional warfare. Honestly, the universe and all of the galaxies and planets that reside within it wouldn’t last ‘til the next Earth day.
Anyways, here’s how I saved you all from an instant death… I immediately rose from a deep slunder one night next to my best friend who happened to be spending the night with me that night… I had a dream no one would ever want to have come true; running for your life from a demon from another dimension. (If you would like to say “multidimensional,” now’s the time to say it!) But I went right back to bed not thinking of what might have been happening outside my window that very night.
So the next day rolls in and the sun isn’t shining? “My alarm just went off and it’s 8:30 in the morning during a warm summer in Toledo, Ohio? Why is there no sunlight?” I thought to myself that day as I walked towards the window… Once I reach the window I screeched. My grandma and grandpa, dead! The ones I lived with, loved, cared for, and the only ones who understood me; gone! It was so confusing because of my personal Christian faith saying that God can control all; but why would he screw everything up! Never once before that was I ever going to think so poorly of God… But, in that moment, I had no one to turn to and no one has ever questioned so many things in a split second… Maybe that’s a Guinness World Record? I don’t even know!
So, as I turn to look for my friend, he’s gone… Out of the bed and a broken window with a note written in some foreign language sitting where he was before I got up that morning… Why does everything always have to go sour? Well, it got much worse from there!
So, in order to read that note I attempt to take it to my foreign language expert (Formerly known as Profe’ Genson) and ask him if it was written in any of the 3 foreign languages he knew… Of course he wasn’t home… So, I go to my next best option… And the next option after that… And… Well, you can guess how long that’ll take…
So, after trying pretty much all of America’s best language experts and coming up empty everywhere I went; I had to go to my enemy… My old English teacher who also knows more about English than the other 5 languages she’d studied in college; Mrs. Moulton… She was my 8th grade English teacher and she was brilliant… But mean… So, I went to her and she said “This is incredible! You, Ms. Brochu, Ms. Heidenburg, Ms. Holcomb, Ms. Wills, and I are the sole survivors of this apocalypse… Isn’t it ironic that you have to deal with some of your favorite teachers on some of our final days?” she proclaimed a big false accusation there; you see, I only liked Ms. Brochu because she was moderately funny but she was a science teacher and I was never good at Science… I only liked Ms. Heidenburg and Ms. Holcomb because they’re the ones that taught me how to write… And I only liked Ms. Wills because, well… Who doesn’t? But everyone else (Ms. Moulton and myself), I hated with a passion.
“Hm… That’s interesting, why would they leave only us behind?” I asked.
“Who are ‘they?’” Said Ms. Brochu.
“I think we’re being attacked by some sort of outer-space creature… I’m still very unsure!” Said Ms. Heidenburg.
Although a lot has happened over the course of the last few days, we stayed united. When we finally saw what has been killing everyone (or at least we thought they were killing everyone), we panicked and it wasn’t a very good thing for us. But we were armed and ready to fight this monstrous, ugly, creature.
The monster was a tough one to defeat because of the fact that it was easily the scariest thing you could ever imagine but I’m not going to waste your time describing what it looked like and what all happened; I’ll summarize! Mrs. Moulton died (YES!) and Ms. Heidenburg should’ve died on the road when we tried driving at the monster; but she eventually woke up and started fighting. Ms. Wills was the real hero… She lost her arm during the battle and even went blind… I don’t know how that classifies her as a hero, but at least she was tough… Until she committed suicide around 5 years later… But, as for myself, I was the one with the plan; I killed the beast! I knew that one of my bullets were the killer bullet but I had no idea that I would be the one to fire it… (Yes, we made homemade bullets… We didn’t want to raid the store because maybe the humans would return…) But when the monster breathed his last breath, he let go of his captured souls of the humans and some aliens… Now Earth is infested with aliens but we can get used to it!

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