The Underground Battle

March 10, 2009
By Joey Louis BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
Joey Louis BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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Over the course of twelve hours, we had battled our way through vicious warriors, crafty mages, and devious traps that lurked in this city with no sunlight. I knew we were in over our heads.
Perhaps I can make myself a bit clearer. My comrades and I were several hundred miles underground making an assault on the dark dwarf city of Blackrock Depths. The dark dwarves, that we were battling, were known for their cruelty and for the tyrannical visions of their king, Lord Blackbreath.
A poster had been plastered around the town I was staying in. It offered a high bounty on the head of Blackbreath. I created a coalition of fighting comrades that could assault the Blackrock Depths, also known as the City Where No Sun Shines. Among us there was Sabor, an elf with amazing skill with a bow, Felaryn, another elf who had a complete mastery of beasts, and finally Rykke, a human who wielded a large axe. Finally, there was me, Rharkon, a dwarfish berserker who had both a hammer and an axe.
As our battled continued, we threw open the doors to the throne room and Lord Blackbreath threw himself down upon us. He was clad in dark, glittering armor, with a hammer in each hand. Rykke managed to swing his axe at him, but he avoided it easily. Felaryn began to magically summon a tiger to attack Blackbreath. Sabor let loose an arrow, but it bounced off Blackbreath's armor. With his eyes glowing red, the mad dwarf king drew out a spike hidden in his belt, uttered a few words, and threw it at Sabor's torso. The spike exploded into flames as it hit Sabor, throwing him twenty feet across the room and into the wall, where he lay crumpled, dazed from the impact.
Rykke swung his axe again, but the weapon, once strong and mighty, broke against Blackbreath's armor. Blackbreath swung his hammer into Rykke and threw him thirty-five feet into another wall.
Felaryn had finally managed to summon his tiger, but with a swift downward chop from Blackbreath, it was killed. Felaryn drew out a long, thin blade and began to spar with the dark king. However, Blackbreath was the victor, slamming his hammer into Felaryn's face, sending him forty feet into the throne itself.
Now I chose to stand before him. We faced off, slamming our weapons against each other's armaments. Finally, I twisted my axe in my hand, as our weapons collided, forcing him to drop one of his hammers. Then I brought down my own hammer upon his arm, breaking it, causing him to drop his other hammer.
I lifted my axe, preparing to lop off his head, and stopped. This was it. This was the moment we had fought twelve straight hours for. We had killed hundreds to get here, yet why couldn't I bring my axe down? My arm grew stiff, and I found myself unable to land the killing blow. Blackbreath was kneeling, clutching his broken arm, looking at me with insane hatred. I was about to do it for a second. I was about to take the life of this dwarf, reaping the reward and making a massive amount of gold. But I couldn't.
I slowly lowered my axe, and walked over to help my companions to their feet. Blackbreath remained kneeling, enraged with disbelief. As we slowly walked out of the throne room, I called back to him.
'Your arm is broken and so is your empire. That is enough for us!' With that, we slowly made our way out of the city and back to the world above.

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