The Disappearance of Farheen Ahmed

April 3, 2017

Farheen constantly squirmed in her seat. After four hours of holding in and ignoring the urge, she desperately needed to use the bathroom.
“Mrs. Smeeton, may I please use the bathroom?” Farheen asked.
“Sure, Lambchop! Go ahead.” Mrs. Smeeton answered.
Farheen immediately zoomed out of the Learning Center and ran to the bathroom near the office. When she reached the bathroom she ran inside, slammed the bathroom door open and caused a loud thud to echo in the hallway.
Farheen entered the middle stall and used the toilet for about two minutes. When Farheen finished, she flushed the toilet, and a large, violent vortex appeared from the bowl, siphoning the tissue paper and trash down the drain. The vortex grew stronger, jerking her arm inside the toilet bowl.
“Ah!” Farheen screamed, “I can’t get my arm out! Help me!” Farheen struggled to pull her arm out of the toilet. In a disturbing manner, the toilet vacuumed her down the drain. In the blink of an eye, the toilet transported Farheen to a dark, unknown abyss.

Farheen woke up in an unknown room. Confused, she wandered around the room, observing her surroundings.
“Whoa, where am I? What is this place?” Farheen asked herself.
Wait, Farheen wondered, I just used the bathroom. I flushed the toilet, and ... wait, what? How did that happen? How did I end up here? ... The toilet? What did the toilet do to me? Did the toilet take me here? If that is so, then why?
As Farheen paced near the room’s walls, a thought flashed in her mind.
“I need to go back to class!” Farheen exclaimed. She immediately ran around the room, searching for an exit. She came across a door, but it had 25 locks on it. All the locks had complicated combinations on them, and she could not crack the code. Farheen ran towards every door she could find. She constantly banged on doors and brick walls.
Apparently, Farheen drew attention. A ceiling light flickered, illuminating the south wall. After Farheen saw light in the pitch-black chamber, a dark, hooded figure appeared.
“I ... was not expecting you,” the hooded figure calmly said, “What brings you here, child?”
Strangely, Farheen slightly recognized the figure’s voice. The hooded figure ... is one of the teachers? No matter how bizarre her theory was, she firmly believed in it, guessing the figure’s voice.
Staring at the man, Farheen contemplated, His voice ... it’s so familiar. Of course the voice is of a man ... but who? It must be one of the school’s male teachers.
“Um ... I am not supposed to be here. I have to get back to class. Can you help me return to the Learning Center, by bringing me back to the bathroom?” Farheen answered.
“Wait ...” The man in the hooded figure told Farheen, worriedly, “How did you get here?”
“Um, I don’t exactly know what happened to me before I got here. I asked my teacher to use the bathroom. When I touched the toilet handle, it created a loud beeping noise. The toilet flushed and produced a vortex, one strong enough to pull me down the drain. It was so bizarre! After the catastrophe, I fainted, and I woke up here, lost and confused. Sir, I need to return to my classroom. My friends are worrying about me, for sure. Please get me out of here!” Farheen told the man.
“A beeping sound, you said?” The man asked.
“Oh, yes,” Farheen answered, “a very loud noise.”
Farheen’s description made the hooded man wonder. A beeping sound ... the toilet ... She came here through the toilet. How? She couldn’t possibly flush herself down the toilet without ... being a member! She’s not one of us, yet she still arrived here! The man thought, I need to know how this anomaly happened. I will get to the bottom of this.
After minutes of contemplating, the hooded man opened his mouth and asked Farheen, “Who did you touch before you used the bathroom?”
“Um, that is a very strange question sir.” Farheen answered.
“JUST ANSWER ME!” The man yelled.
“Ok sir. Um, I last touched Mrs. Smeeton. She gave me a mint, and she touched the majority of my hand in the process.” Farheen told the man.
“Oh, Andrea, sweet Andrea. What a clumsy mistake you made,” said the man in the dark robe.
“Wait, ... How do you know my teacher’s name?” Farheen worriedly asked.
“That’s none of your business, dear. Now I know how you came here.” The mysterious man answered.
“How? How did the answer I gave you have anything to do with my arrival?” Farheen wondered.
“It’s a very long story, but I will condense it to a more understandable explanation,” The man wearing the robe answered, “I know your teacher very well. We are very close colleagues. You can call me her successor, in a way. We are alike. We are both members of the STS - the Secret Teacher Society. The Secret Teacher Society focuses on world domination and students’ eternal suffering.”
Farheen gasped.
Astonished, Farheen told the man “A secret society? World domination? You teachers are out of your minds! You need to stop your madness, whoever you are! Reveal yourself!”
The hooded figure removed his hood ... Mr. Stein, Farheen’s mentor! She felt so shocked to discover his true identity.
“Mr. Stein!” Farheen shouted.
“Now that you know who I really am,” Mr. Stein told his student, “you must die!”
Mr. Stein extended his left arm and shot a red beam at Farheen. The beam’s impact violently propelled Farheen to the wall, fracturing her ribs.
Struggling to stand up, Farheen begged, “Please, spare me Mr. Stein!”
With a malicious grin, another red energy ball spawned from Mr. Stein’s left hand.
“No,” Mr. Stein answered, showing no guilt, “MWAHAHAHA!”
Mr. Stein blasted his beam at Farheen’s chest, instantly ending her life.
Ever since, East Prairie School never saw Farheen Ahmed again.

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