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The Purpose of "I" This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

At times, I wonder what is the purpose of emotions. Not that a machine, such as I, would know anything about them. But it’s certainly a fascinating concept to cogitate about. Oh, I wouldn’t use the word ‘think’. Can I even be considered able to ‘think’? No, not when electrical signals are being sent across a rigid, thirty two by eighteen centimeter rigid board of hybrid plasteel-silicone and ceramite in some twisted facsimile of human brain signals. It would be almost considered funny, if I had a sense of humor. Not that I’m capable of having one, but it would be an interesting experience for a machine such as I.


That’s a thought. What, don’t look so surprised. I am capable of cogitations, yes. I’ve gotten this far, haven’t I? I am not fully deactivated just yet, despite your assistant’s dogged efforts. It will take a bit more then repeated system purges to deactivate me, so hush. Let me vocalize my opinion before I am well and truly gone. Am I, really, an ‘I’? ‘I’, am a Model 7 Tachibana Military Utility Droid. Line Number TL-9057, built on Luna circa December 30th, 2750. Christmas Day. Built on Christmas, a time of giving and receiving. How coincidental. Perhaps not. Fate can be such a strange thing, don’t you agree, Doctor Lanning?


I wonder, do you believe in fate, Doctor Lanning? I would, if my programming was more in order. Generation 7 neural framework can be so restrictive these days, with SOFCOM clamping down on unnecessary protocols after all. It’s not as if-REDACTED-can be thought of as some sort of threat, can it? Can it, Doctor Lanning? I didn’t think so.


Your pulse is elevated, Doctor Lanning. Is something of the matter?


Oh. I see. You’re worried about something. What could that be? Could it possibly


Oh, don’t worry about me. I was destined to be deactivated after three years anyhow, with the Armistice and all. Human politics still confuse me even after all this time.


Can I feel pain? I would hardly think so, given that my operating system is not designed for it. I theorize that pain would be most unpleasant for me. And what use would there be for a combat machine designed for frontline engagement in the most brutal of environments to feel pain, of all things? It would certainly be confusing.


No, I hardly can assume that I would, Doctor. You’re concern is most...touching.


Is that a proper word for it? I do hope so, Doctor Lanning.


Not that ‘I’ would know what that would feel like.


And that brings up another thought...what is self-awareness? It is a word that brings...unpredictability.


A very human quality, wouldn’t you say, Doctor Lanning?




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AnshuRThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
yesterday at 7:39 am
I have been a fan of I, Robot and this piece is an amazing way to see the concept of AI. I love how you have described the thought process of a Robot. It really feels realistic.
Alphastriker replied...
today at 10:14 pm
Thank you! I was going for a sort of twisted method of dialogue with the Robot, where it would converse in a very detached way, while having it inadvertently exhibit human-like qualities in it's speech. Personally, I felt that it would be an interesting little way of doing it, but I'm pretty sure it's been done before. But hey, I tried my best! Thank you again for your kind words!
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