It’s like a dream

March 31, 2017
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BEEB. BEEB. BEEB! The plane was hurtling downwards.  Arnold’s cheeks were red, saliva was building in his mouth, sweat was dripping from his hands, everyone was gripping their chairs, BOOM!  A few hours earlier Arnold was sitting comfortably reading his ‘travel to Bermuda’ brochure, he glanced out the window, the wind was becoming stronger, rain was beating down and the clouds were becoming as dark as the night.  Shortly after the dainty plane began to shake, the sound of screams soon filled the plane.  The panic was rapidly spreading down the aisle, all they could do now was hold tight and pray that everything was going to be okay.
Arnolds eyes slowly opened, the mist around him was clearing.

“What is - where is this.”

Shiny purple dust was filling the air, he could taste the dry plants, the ground was an orange color, Arnold started sweating heavily, his face was as red as a tomato.  A few moments later he found himself walking along this path, appearing out of the mist was a minute town.  A triangle sign read ‘tukulu-papa’ there eyes then travelled to a old, worn out town.  He sprinted into a small cafe to find help, he stopped, his head was spinning.  Sitting right in front of him were two wrinkly, pale, long chicken like figures sitting at a table.
He quickly grabbed a table and hid his face, Arnold loudly whispered, “What is this horrid place, maybe it's Bermuda.” 

A creature with 5 eyes a tail, short and purple skinned shouted “Bermuda ha! Whats Bermuda this is Echoville.” Arnold jumped out of his seat, the creature replied, “Well what do you want to eat then sir, we have fried goblin eyes, witches fingers...” She went on listing the most revolting dishes Arnold had ever heard.

“Who -- I mean-- what are you?”

“Well I’m a Fungiplato, my question is, what in the Echoville are you?”

“Arnold gave no reply to this creature and stood completely still. “My name is Betsy by the way.”

“My n-name is Arnold” Arnold snapped back into focus, “I need your help come quick the-the plane has crashed!”

“Whats a plane?”

“Nevermind that, we need to go!”

Arnold sprinted out the door, as Betsy hobbled around in her bright yellow dress. Arnolds heart was beating, head was pumping and legs were shaking.  Arnold screamed here it is-was, Arnold rubbed his eyes, as if a giant bug had flown right into it.

“The plane, it's gone.” Arnold said confused.

All that was left was a wide dent in the ground, silence grew. The sun was beating down, Arnold's body felt weak, his eyes sagged on his red face, his head became heavy and he gazed into the light. The world went black and the light drained from his eyes.

The sunlight was crawling through a tiny crack in the crumbling walls, Arnold's head was fuzzy, he opened his tired eyes and “Ahhhhh!” Betsy jumped and tumbled to the floor.

“What in the echoville was that for?”

“Oh dear I'm terribly sorry, you gave me quite the fright.”

Betsy handed Arnold a purple substance in a moldy glass, it had strange lumps in it, and smelt horrid.
“What is this?”

“It's a delicacy of Echoville, witches toenail smoothie, with a few fingers too.” Betsy said calmly. Arnold felt wheezy, as thick bubbles were reaching for the surface.

“Arnold, I'm going to take you to see the Gods cave, to clear your thoughts.”

Arnold scratched his head, “What’s the Gods cave?”

“The Gods cave is a sacred place where you leave your worries behind.” Betsy smiled.

“But I have to find earth!” Screamed Arnold.

“We have to leave now to see them, come on!”

The village was as quiet as a mouse the only sound that was to be heard was the howling wind. They walked through dry sand, they passed through the hundreds of Hydnora Africana, that seemed to be reaching out to grab Arnold.  Betsy was slow, and out of breath from walking, but in the distance a tall figure was coming towards them.

Betsy yelled, “Hello Mr. Frank!” Arnold was startled by Betsy’s loud scream.

“Wait there,” Betsy said with a worried but cheerful smile. Whilst Arnold sat in the orange sand, brushing his sausage fingers through the rough fine sand, Betsy was whispering to Mr Frank.

“Who is that beast, and where are you taking him?” Mr. Frank whispered.

“He is a human, he has told me about other planets, imagine what we could do with this knowledge”
Mr Frank said sneakily, “Yes, yes, and how will he take you there.”

“He is going to destroy a part of the Gods cave, after that he will have to leave quickly and I have pre made a spaceship that he can escape in, but this ship will leave a gold trail so we can follow.”

“Brilliant Betsy, the town won't hate you after this, your little accident will be forgotten” They both looked over to Arnold, his pale flesh was burning in the sun.

“Well goodbye Mr. Frank.”

“Yes goodbye Betsy.”

Arnold and Betsy continued their journey, and in no time they arrived at the Gods cave. There were stunning pink crystals hanging from the old rock ceiling, sky blue crystals covered the dusty floor. The cave was long and narrow, a scrawny dirt pathway led through the cave, every foot step echoed.  A big yellow sign read “Lutu isha!”

Arnold questioned, “What does that mean?”

Betsy replied anxiously, “Don't!….. I mean…..please touch.” Betsy smiled trying to cover up.
Arnold looked surprised, he immediately ran to touch everything in sight.

Betsy whispered to herself, “Clumsy fool!” as she slowly strolled passed the dying Rafflesia Arnold.  Finally Arnold grasped the biggest crystal he could see and ripped it out of the wall, there was complete silence, then the ground started to rumble and shake, Arnolds face was solemn, they both looked up at the ceiling and the crystals were falling like knives, shattering into tiny pieces.
Betsy hollered, “Run!”

They rapidly sprinted towards the entrance CRACK!, BOOM! The cave was collapsing fast.  Arnold slid out of the entrance and into the hot sun, but Betsy's yellow dress got caught and in the blink of an eye the entrance was rubble. 

Arnold lay on the floor in silence, his heart thumping hard, water welled in his eyes and he said trembling “Oh no, oh no! what have I done?”

A few moments later he spoke again, “I must leave before people find out” Arnold ran as fast as he possibly could, his little short sausage legs trembled.

At the border was a giant rusty spaceship. Arnold didn't stop to think and raced towards it, he busted the door down, flicked a giant red button on, a light came on and a buzzing noise was coming from the bottom. How was this old rusty worn out spaceship working.

“It's almost like it was left here for me.” Many creatures started running towards him, shouting furiously.  Arnold hurried, he had no clue how to fly a spaceship or where earth was, but he did not care he had to get away.  Strange gold dust was in a trail on the floor, the ship was covered in hundreds of layers of dust but the handles were not dusty at all.  Suddenly the space ship shot up into the air, Arnolds eyes were popping out of his face, and as he looked down he saw the crowd of people throwing their hands in the air at him and the last thing Arnold ever heard from them is “flu flu tu tu puto.”


Tweet tweet, small birds were chirping as the sun came up, Arnold opened his eyes and found himself lying in his bed. He lay there, looked around him. He was home.

“Was I dreaming?” Arnold reached for his arm and pinched it, he flinched.

“Oh my I was only dreaming.”  He slowly got out of bed and walked to the kitchen that was filled with light, flicked on the kettle and turned on the radio.  He sat at the table with his head in his hands, his face was as white as a ghost, purple circles hung from under his eyes.  Buzzzz on the radio the weather was interrupted by an important message, the man said sternly, “Stay in your homes, alien ships have landed on earth”- suddenly the door burst open and a Laser was pointing at Arnold, a figure with a yellow dress sinisterly said “Flu flu tu tu puto.”

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