The Unforgettable

March 29, 2017
By Rimmer5 BRONZE, Versailles, Missouri
Rimmer5 BRONZE, Versailles, Missouri
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Hi, I’m Emily and I’m twelve years old. I’ve been asking to get a puppy for years now. All I want is a friend and a playmate. I have done everything I could think of to prove I’m responsible enough to take care of a puppy. I mowed the lawn, did the dishes, kept my room clean, and always did my homework.
Well, finally my parents came into my room one night and said, “We think you are ready for a puppy.” I said, “Really, I can get a puppy!” I was so happy that I got out of bed and danced.
Finally today is the day that I get my puppy. First thing we did was eat a good breakfast. We ate waffles, pancakes, eggs, sausage, hash browns, and of course you can’t forget the bacon. After breakfast we loaded up in my parent’s blue Dodge Charger.
It felt like hours that we finally arrived at this giant building; it said Pet Surplus. My parents and I got out of the car and went inside. There was a giant desk with a strange looking women behind it. I immediately ran behind my parents to hide. The strange women started laughing at me. My parents told me that I had to go back by myself to pick a puppy out.
I started to go back then the strange lady leaned in and whispered, “Now I’m going to warn you these dogs are very special in their own way. So choose very wisely.” She laughed evilly as she pulled away; I shuddered. I went in the back; there were thousands and thousands of dogs. I saw micro sized dogs, super small dogs, small dogs, medium ones, large dogs, and even super large ones. As I was looking I realized these dogs don’t look normal. I was looking at a medium sized dog; he was a very bright red dog. I went to pet him and he spit fire at me. I knew I shouldn’t be near this puppy, so I kept walking. There was also this one puppy who was a pretty blue and she had all kind of ice around her cage. I immediately knew I just need to keep looking. There were so many colors of dogs, there were blue, pink, purple, green, and many more. I was so shocked there were so many dogs to choose from.  I felt like I was there for hours and still haven’t found the perfect puppy.
That’s when I saw this medium size puppy; she was beautiful light brown color. I went up to her she seemed normal to me. I petted her as she was barking with happiness to see me. I opened the cage and picked her up. That's when I said, “Your name is going to be Sandy.” Sandy seemed to like that name; she kissed me all over my face. I walked back to the front desk.
When I got back to the desk my parents said, “Where have you been all this time?” “ I’ve been picking out a puppy, Mom and Dad,” I said. My parents seemed upset so I asked them why they were upset I found the perfect puppy. My parents told me I was gone for six hours. I couldn’t believe it; this was insane to me. That's when the strange lady smiled and said, “ You were chosen by a very special dog.” I looked at her confused.
We got into the car with my new puppy. I didn’t understand what she meant that I was chosen by a very special dog. I kept trying to figure it out. I watched Sandy very closely; as I was watching her she winked at me. I was so shocked I jumped back a little.
That's when I was distracted by my belly growling. I was very hungry. I said quietly, “I wish my parents would get me some Taco Bell, but I know they won’t.” That's when my parents randomly stopped at Taco Bell and bought me food. Taco Bell was delicious, but I didn’t understand how they knew to stop at Taco Bell. They always make me wait till I get home to eat. This is very strange I don’t understand what is happening.
Now I’m getting really tired and I’m ready to be home, but we have a very long drive ahead of us. I wish we would be home already. In a blink of an eye the car was right in front of our house.
We walked into the house. I went straight up to my room while Sandy was following me to get my sleep clothes in my closet. That's when I heard my door shut and lock. I peeked out; my puppy was sitting there smiling. Then all the sudden Sandy said, “Hello Emily.” I was so stunned my puppy just talked. I asked, ”What’s going on? Why can my puppy talk?” “ It’s very simple, I’m special, I make your wishes come true and I talk,” said Sandy. “Why did you choose me, Sandy,” I said. “ There is something special about you, Emily. You are a very special human,” said Sandy. When Sandy said I was special, this made me think. I was so confused I didn’t understand.  Sandy said,”Don’t worry my friend you will understand when the time comes.” I think I should go to bed and rest.
The next morning I get up and I was cuddling to Sandy. I kiss Sandy on the head and get ready for the summer day. My parents were already gone for work so  I cooked eggs for breakfast. Sandy hops on the kitchen table and said,” Two eggs, please.” I thought dogs ate dog food so I just went ahead and fixed Sandy two eggs anyway. Sandy ate faster than I did.
After breakfast Sandy said,”I’m ready to go for a walk.” “Where you want to go Sandy?” I said. “I’m going to take you to a very special place,” said Sandy. We were walking for awhile then we came to these two trees that were bent together like a shape of a heart. We walked through the trees; as I looked around I realized we were not somewhere normal. There were dogs everywhere. I was like some alternate world without humans and there were just dogs. I was following Sandy when I turned around and saw dogs sitting on the bench eating chocolate and McDog Burgers. I don’t understand, but as confused as I was, I kept moving and saw so many strange things. The dogs were acting like humans. I saw a hotel called Hotel Dogsvania. I saw this place that looked like McDonald’s but it was called McDognald’s. We made a stop inside the McDognald’s. There was McDog Burgers, McDog Chickens, McDog Shakearooni’s and so much more. I got me a McDog Shakearooni; it was a milk shake. Something else I saw interesting was they had a restaurant called Bonetastic Barbeque. After that we finally arrived at a giant building; it looked like a court house. There was the strange women from the Pet Surplus. She started laughing, then all the sudden she tears off her costume. I can’t believe it, she is a chihuahua. The chihuahua said,”Hello, Emily you are the chosen one to help us. We have plans for you.” “ What kind of plans?” I said. Why are these strange things happening to me? The chihuahua said,”In time you will know my young child.”
The chihuahua gave me a bone with my face on it. I found out it’s a collar for Sandy. I was also handed a badge with a Sandy face on it so the dogs knew I was with Sandy and she was my companion.  Sandy said, ”Let’s get some ice cream Emily.” I was okay with this idea because it has been a long day. Well, we went into the dog’s Ice cream shop. The Ice cream shop was called Bone’s Scrumptious Delights. I felt sick, they had milk bone flavor, bacon bit flavor, sweet potato flavor, bone bonanzas, and many other flavors. I was so glad I found out they did have regular vanilla ice cream.
After we ate we went back home. I had so many questions and needed to know the answers. Sandy explained that she needed me to help save the puppies and their secret place. She wanted me to jump in front of the dog catcher’s vehicle to hopefully stop them from hurting animals.
The very next day we found the dog catcher. I stood in the road and the dog catcher steered off the road and disappeared. Soon there were no dog catchers to be seen. No one signed up to be a dog catcher, because they didn’t want to disappear. Little did people know the dog catchers were in cages at the dog’s secret place.
The next morning Sandy took me back to the dog’s special place. I noticed all the dogs were lining up to go in what looks like a football stadium. Sandy stopped me before we went in and said,” now these men have been killing our kind so don't feel bad for them.” I nodded my head and we continued on. That's when I saw the dog catchers acting like dogs. They were jumping over the hurdles. I saw another dog catcher rolling over and barking. It was like the dog catchers were the dogs in a dog show. They were handing prizes out to all the dog catchers who won competitions. I had to admit it was pretty funny to watch them. You had dog catchers running around, racing, catching the ball, and chasing a tail they don’t have.
Although I didn’t understand why they were acting like this till I asked Sandy. Sandy said, “ We replaced their brains with regular dog brains.” I just stayed quiet for awhile. Finally, we went home. I was playing in the yard with my new ball. Today was my birthday but my parents are always busy. They gave me the ball for my birthday then went back to work. The ball was a big blue one. My big ball would sparkle in the sunlight. I really did love that ball, it was my favorite. Sandy and I were playing when the wind took the ball into the middle of the road. I looked both ways then all the sudden I bent down and looked up to see a dog driving. Bam! Then I was surrounded by blackness.
I woke up in the hospital with Sandy on me. My parents started yelling at the doctors that I was finally awake. I looked around the room and at my parents, confused. That's when I learned that my parents got me a dog and a ball for my birthday. When I was playing with my new dog Sandy I got hit by a dog catcher truck. So now dog catchers don’t exist. I also learned I’ve been unconscious for ten years. So everything I thought happened, was that really a dream? “I wish I had chocolate,” I said. Then that’s when my parents gave me some chocolate. I looked at Sandy and she winked at me.

The author's comments:

After school one day the idea came to me. I started writing my idea  because I thought it would be a great story that lots of people would like it.

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