The End

March 28, 2017

It was the year 2043. This story took place just a few light years away from Earth where there was a mass explosion of two inhabited asteroids colliding. Thousands upon thousands of tons of rock shot out in all directions from the two asteroids. Most missed Earth but just a few made it through Earth’s atmosphere and landed with a boom in the Sahara Desert. It was then Earth was doomed!

It was almost a month and still these asteroid fragments lay motionless and without detection in the heat of the desert waiting to be found. Finally three days later a Saharan tribe stumbled upon them in their search for edible and drinkable substances as there was a sandstorm the previous day, destroying everything within a 15 mile radius. The fragments were almost completely covered in sand due to the sandstorm, but there was a strong reflection from the sun onto the fragments creating a tremendously bright light. The tribesmen got off their camels and walked up to the asteroid pieces and start clearing off the sand. They stared at the fragments with somewhat of a confused and puzzled look. They tried collecting the fragments but they were too hot at first, as anything would be after lying in the desert for a month on end. They put a blanket over them and collected the fragments believing they were valuable and redirected their aim away from food and water and to the nearest trade center just a couple of miles away, not too far away in terms of the Saharan tribe.

Two days after unearthing these out-of-this-world objects, they finally reached the trade center.  A trader with a Ronaldo jersey, white short shorts and a half-drunk glass of wine in his hand stepped out from his office and helped the people of the Saharan tribe with their trade. He spoke in a  remarkably dazed, deep voice as he had had more than enough wine. He said “where would you like to trade them to?” An English translator stepped forward from the Saharan tribe and said, “everywhere - Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Australia, everywhere!” The trader replied, still in his drunk voice, “certainly” and took the rocks and put them down in his office. As the Saharan tribe had never had too much trust in traders, they took out their muskets and aimed them at the back of his head. In perfect synchrony, and in a mixture of Zulu and English, they said, “where's our money.” The trader turned around and jumped as anyone would and said “you guys have got this all wrong, you get money when someone buys your traded items, come back tomorrow you shall have your money by then.” The tribesmen were not happy with this, but lowered their muskets and continued on their way.

The next day, they returned to the trade center and met the trader once again. This time they were even more envious than the last, as the tribe had exceedingly little to eat and drink, while right in front of them was a full glass of wine that they almost started drooling over. The trader spoke, “Welcome back, your trade was one of the most successful trades I have ever seen, people from all around wanted those rocks.” The peoples of the Saharan tribe grinned slightly, just enough for the the trader to see. He smiled back and handed them their 1.2 million dollars. The Saharan tribe accepted their money and continued back toward their village where they celebrated their wealth.


The asteroid fragments were traded everywhere - North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia! That was the last normal day of anyone's life. The first aliens emerged in a lonesome farmhouse in Poland where the property owner was out getting supplies for the winter. He put everything he owned in this farmhouse, from broken wagon wheels to some of the most valuable antiques in Europe, as he was an avid collector. Shortly afterwards, the other aliens rose from the fragments across the globe and the invasion began!

The aliens rampaged throughout the planet. They were huge, with diamond-shaped heads that were a clear mucus color. Usually peaceful creatures, their mood depended on the weather. They lived on asteroids because they never liked the weather on Earth. The weather that day was immensely foggy around the globe, not ideal for the humans nor for the aliens. The aliens were aggressive and the humans found it hard to see and kill the transparent aliens. They attacked so fast that news broadcasts around the world weren't able to warn anyone or tell them what to do. Before long, the world became a fallout zone!

It was a desolate planet with fire-burnt woods and almost no humans in sight. The world was dead. The only people left were living on little food portions. They fought for their lives. Every day children died with their only knowledge being the aliens. They died with fear in their hearts and nothing in their stomachs. The humans gave everything they had left and used the last of their supplies. The humans prepared for war and assembled all their missiles. They fired at all the alien outposts. The outposts exploded in balls of fire. The alien’s bodies fell to the ground with globs of green. The remaining humans rejoiced in happiness, but little did they know they only had only so long to live. The alien’s dead bodies released toxins that were deadly to all species known to man. After the first person was contaminated, scientists discovered that this was a slow-acting poison. In fact, it was almost like mustard gas used in World War II. Humans had never developed a cure for mustard gas, and so were unable to fight off this fast spreading alien poison. The world was completely dead in a few months. The Earth was almost completely uninhabitable and desolate. There remained no life, no aliens, no people - at least for now!

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