Time is Ticking

March 28, 2017
By TheRealOG BRONZE, Zerg, Other
TheRealOG BRONZE, Zerg, Other
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It all happened so quickly, and I knew, after that, I would never be the same.

3 days before
I felt the hot sun come down on us. It certainly was humid this time of year. But I suppose it’s hot everywhere in our country. I looked down at my watch. 3 days remaining. I smiled from ear to ear, but then frowned. So many things that could go wrong, but 3 days until I found the one that I would be with for the rest of my life! I didn’t know what I was complaining about. Life was so much better than it was way back when we used to elect racist, homophobic, sexist jerks! At least that’s what my history teacher told me. Time seemed to pass in slow motion these days. I tried to distract myself with different things, but all I could think about was the clock.

2 days before
I felt the cold metal of my watch. Only 2 days left. I wondered how long ago these watches were created. It must have been complete and utter anarchy! I would never know how many years ago it was because we stopped counting years the way we used to. We restarted the clock when the horrible dictator Kim Jong whatever his name was took over the world. The year 0 is now the year of his birth, making it impossible to tell how many years ago anything was. I hear an annoying voice, and realized it was my alarm robot, trying to wake me up for school. “Good morning Susan.” I heard it say. “It’s time for school.” Man do I hate that robot. I threw a pillow at it. “Get out of my room” I whined. “I’m coming.” I felt my soft blanket and blinked repeatedly: the sun was shining right into my eyes. I slowly got up.
I got ready for school and found breakfast already prepared for me. I could smell bacon from a mile away. I smelt eggs and toast as well. I wolfed it all down. “Bye honey” My mom said. “Bye mom” I replied. I left the house to go to the teleporter located at the end of every neighborhood. From where I was, I saw Betty rushing over. “Susan!” She exclaimed. “You won’t believe what just happened!” She was going a little too fast, and ran into me. I felt her rough backpack on top of me. I got back up and handed it to her. “Sorry,” she started, “and thanks.” “Anyway, as I was saying, you won’t believe what I heard in the news. Another duo death!” “That must suck” I stated. I silently prayed that that didn’t happen to me. “They were running towards each other, but there was a minor earthquake that caused the old building they were in to crumble on top of them!” Maybe I should elaborate. A duo death is when two people are about to meet their significant other, but they die at that time in some sort of accident, because they aren’t being very careful, only thinking about themselves. It happens more than you might think. We then went to school, and it was boring as ever. That’s not to say I don’t do well, but I don’t like it either. The musty smell of every classroom, coupled with the helmets they make us wear that transmit information to us are every bit as awful as they sound. I could feel the sweaty interior of it, and I braced myself for the seven cruel hours that would ensue. No talking was allowed, no eating was allowed, no games were allowed. Nothing was allowed. We just sat there for seven hours. Couldn’t have been much better than school way back when we counted years competently. I heard the whirring of the helmets, and I knew that it was beginning.
1 day before

Finally, the weekend. I felt like sleeping through the entire day, but I would probably hate myself later if I did. I decided that I’d like to go ziplining in the amazon rainforest, or whatever’s left of it, so I said goodbye to my parents, and stepped through the teleporter. I arrived at some random place where they spoke Spanish, so I turned on my language converter. “How much is it?” I asked. “$200” The man replied. “That’s a total rip-off!” “The Amazon gets smaller and smaller every day, so the prices go up.” he replied calmly. Whatever. I just gave him the money and went on.
It was quite a long ride, and I saw many animals along the way, though I’m pretty sure that a few were just humans dressed up in animals costumes. I heard an animal screeching sound, followed by a man yell “shut up!” then, there was a huge boom, and no more noise. Yikes. I gave in to temptation, and looked at my watch. Just 1 day remaining. Wow. Suddenly it seemed like I was a lot higher up than I was, and I felt a little nauseous. Everything seemed to spin around me. Eventually the ride ended. I saw a bird staring at me. “Stop looking at me like that.” I told it. Man, did I need to take a nap. I teleported back home, saw a soccer ball, and kicked it. Then I heard something shatter in the direction it went. I am NOT dealing with that. In my house I went. I heard the TV. “Hey dad.” I said, “What’s on?” “The election.” He replied “Thanks to new technology, Trump is alive to run for the 378 time.” “He won’t win.” I assured him, “No one could possibly be stupid enough to vote for him AGAIN.” He sighed. “You’d be surprised.”

The day of
I woke up and immediately checked my watch. 7 hours left. You have got to be kidding me. No way I could do this. No way. I started shaking as I got out of my bed. “This is supposed to be the happiest day of my life!” I thought out loud. “Why am I so darn nervous?” I lied down on the couch. “Oh hello Susan!” Exclaimed my mom, “Today’s the big day!” “Please don’t remind me” I replied, “I’m feeling nauseous as it is.” After a while, I figured there was no use in lying around doing nothing. So naturally, I sat up and watched TV. Much more productive. There was really nothing good on. I eventually found a compilation of fail videos, but even that somehow lost it’s appeal. With a shaky hand, I took a look at my watch. The air suddenly felt much colder. Only 2 hours left, so I told my mom, and off I went. Fast forward a bit, I was standing at the plaza, waiting. 10 minutes left. I can't do this. No way. Somehow, my mom had convinced me to wear a dress. I hate wearing dresses! If I'm going to meet the love of my life, shouldn't I wear what I usually wear? 5 minutes left, and my knees were shaking. I stood there shivering in anticipation. Betty sat at a cafe table and caught my glance. She gave me the thumbs up, and promptly fell backwards. I would help her, but I noticed there was only 1 minute left.
I stopped shaking. I didn't feel nervous anymore, and then I saw him. Black hair, blue eyes, exceedingly tall, and he was looking right at me, smiling. I knew he was the one. He ran towards me, even though cars flew overhead. I watched it happen in what seemed like slow motion. A car flew too low, and it was over in a second. He was dead by the time he hit the ground. I looked down at my clock. It had stopped. The time: 1 second remaining.

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