March 20, 2017
"I had a brother once."
We turned to see a boy with grayish hair, his eyes were a bright blue but they seemed more dull. Like the fire inside them burned out long ago. He had a great sword on his back waiting to be pulled out during a fight, he was wearing lightweight black and silver armor. He chugged his mug of beer and slammed it on the table; stood up to face us. He was only a couple of inches taller than us yet in his presence we felt miniature. He had a powerful and sad aura.
"He was just like me. We didn't live a sad childhood just... just a difficult one... we're both strong yet in different manners I suppose." He smiled as he looked at the only chain he was wearing, it had a two silver rings identical to each other.
"W-what happened." She asked bravely for no one wanted to ask the man for he was at his own pace. He looked at her and continued.
"Well... we all have demons inside. Some of us befriend them others.... try to drown them.. He... he couldn't drown them, he embraced them... he was strong to do that but... not everyone would believe that. I.... I for the first time had to save everyone else before saving my own brother. I love him, he's the strongest between us."
His sadness filled the air and created a thick atmosphere where no one wanted to cut through.
"His name is Raphael." As cursed as that name is we gasped. This man was the twin brother to the most vicious and violent and powerful but dangerous man in this land.
"So 'till this day I still try to takedown my brother's plan and help as many as I can. I know this is my fault, I should've taken more care of him. I should've been there for him. I wish... I wish I could've helped him control his demons..."
As he finished his story we just stood there and stared, he thanked the bartender for the drink and wished us luck. He grabbed his leather coat and wrapped it around his body. As he left he turned at me and whispered "You will prevail just as I will fail." Then he opened the door and left. Slowly everyone started to talk amongst themselves but no matter what was happening around me I couldn't stop thinking about his story or his final words to me.
"He will fail for my prevail."

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