Hungry Food

March 9, 2017
By bagelpop BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
bagelpop BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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My least favorite sound suddenly blared in my ears and made me sigh and squeeze my eyes shut for as much longer as I could. The repetitive noise my alarm was making at 5:30am got on my nerves after the first “beep beep.” I slammed my hand on it to shut it up while rolling my eyes at the fact that it was Monday morning and my short weekend was over. It’s okay, I told myself, today can’t be that crazy of a day, it’s just another boring day of school. Tonight I’ll be right back here in my bed.
I got dressed, choosing some medium light ripped jeans, a long sleeve tie up blouse, and some Sperry’s. After the very long bus ride, we arrived at the high school I’ve attended for almost two years. I met up with some friends, avoided some people, and finally the bell rang, telling us to make our way to first period. The first three periods took forever to get through, but I was happy about my fourth period Algebra 2 because my teacher was rewarding us with cookies for doing well on the last test.
After working on a few problems, she passed out chocolate chip cookies. I picked mine up, about to eat, when my friend asked me to explain a problem to her. As I was midway through the question, I felt a painful sting on my right thumb. I dropped the cookie from surprise and examined my hand for the small but very painful cut. Sticking out like a sore thumb, my sore thumb was red from blood leaking out of a cut on the side.
“What the…Where did that come from?” I questioned. “Must’ve been a bug? I said.
“What did that? That’s weird.” My math partner asked.
After applying a Band-Aid and gobbling up that cookie, my favorite period finally came – lunch. I entered the cafeteria, remembering that I needed to buy lunch today. I waited my turn in line, and finally returned to my table with my tray of tacos and strawberries. I picked up my first taco and as it was about to go in my mouth, I felt a sharp pain on my lip. I jerked back to look at it and couldn’t believe my eyes. Looking over at my friend, I saw her staring at me and I closed my eyes and prepared to look back.
“Did you see that?” I asked Hannah, sitting next to me.
“See what…?” She answered, confused.
“That! My taco!
“Umm, are you good?”
“I don’t know…I swear I saw it…with teeth…I think it bit me.” I explained, realizing how crazy I must sound. “I’m telling you, this happened in fourth period with a cookie.”
“Oh yeah, and they must have eyes too?” She laughed.
“I’m actually serious! Here, watch.”
I leaned in to take a bite of my beef taco, when sure enough, the taco formed a mouth complete with onion teeth and a tomato tongue. It attempted to bite my lip and before I could blink I shoved it in my mouth and chewed as fast as I could.
“Did you just…” Hannah exclaimed.
“I-I think so.” I answered, shocked and confused by my actions.
We both paused for a moment then burst out into nervous laughter. And that was the time my favorite food tried to eat me.

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