March 6, 2017

The metal grating of hexagonal shape pounding and rattling, a man in a white suit running with fear in the back of his head. Sprinting, trying to hide from what was in his head, he turns with a slip of his foot reaching for the grating to stable himself and kept up with the speed he was at. Dead end. The man turns around to only see what he really was running from. The sound of metals bending coming closer by the seconds, vibration come from every step this fear took. The man put his hands flat on the floor and ready to push himself up and get out of the place he thought death was.
Within his head he planned about one hundred ways to leave, but too short of time came to him. The man stood up, both fists raised high. Death came to him alright, it broke his nose and three fingers. The fear was facing him, looking at his eyes knowing he was going to win, with a simple jump the fear took the man pulled his gun a shot, a split second later the fear disappeared with only leaving blue mist and not to come back.
“Good riddance.” the man says calmly,
the man started jogging back to the control center almost with a limp of being attacked with a sore wound. The lockers rattled as the sound of old use and rust, the shocking color of royal blue and electric yellow made them pop out of the walls to remind you they are there waiting for something to be put in them.
“ Okay Kilo, how much damage did the ship take? Don’t take all day telling me my beauty is a piece of junk either.” the man says
His mellow voice sounds as if nothing happened to him. A small holographic figure shows on a table
“Eighty-eight percent damage with omni function losing energy, but most of all it’s still a piece of junk.” Kilo says smartly
“Why did I buy you for fifty corlex?” he shouts
He brushes his jet black hair with his hand with a sigh of frustration. He picks up a piece of of the omni drive energy fluxer. He fiddles with the piece taking it apart, cleaning what’s not need to be clean, examining small gears and the gas releasers, connecting the small bits together for the right fit, then throwing it across the cabin.
He rotates his chair to look at the abyss of nothing but black. He looks close to the stars and starts to concentrate on just one star.
“Kilo, how far is Val from here?”
Kili says imputent “The only way to get there is omni drive and it looks like you only have enough energy to get there to crash and burn or land safely on a pad.”
“ Take me there would you?” he asks
“Yes sir.”
The man walked to one of his lockers. It had a glowing symbol saying “arien”, the man believed that was his name. He was taken by a young age of only five to a mine far from his original home. Arian was put into mines for Turlex, the evil man never cared for what you had in the past or now, if you were fit for the job he’ll snatch you from the great life you had. Turlex put you on a planet called Galiv and start you off there. Life in the mines were living hell for Arian but back then his name was Peter but never knew how to say it or knew how to spell it. Arian worked seven years at the mine till one the native tribes on Galiv attacked and the workers rioted and Arian took that chance to leave with some of the people who worked with him. Some were criminals, some were liars and cheaters, and some of them smugglers. A multi-person man with ways to win and getting what he needs.
“Sir, we are here.”
Arian quickly opens the locker and grabs his cloths. Simple denim jeans, a white shirt, with his light brown-black coat with his holster to conceal his gun under his coat. Arian walks to his landing walkway waiting for it open and pulls out pictures. It’s a woman with a man with what looks like twelve year old Arian, he smiles and gives a small joyous laugh, with a big cranking noise of the walkway opening Arian stuffs the picture in his pocket and walks off the ship onto the walkway. He seen with a glimpse of his eye two guards telling him he’s off limits to this planet only with him halfway off the ramp. He pulls his gun out to shoot both and with flashes of light the blue mist is back again but gone in seconds. He continues to walk down the ramp and with the look of determination… but for what?
“This man is going to be somewhere, and with the look of it he’s there.”
  Arian turns in looking direction to a small building for what is around it. The building was made mostly of steel beams and great big glass windows to make it look “nice” for the people. Arian walks to the edge of the landing pad that was a pale gray with circles of yellow, blue, and green showing if your ship is right to land, which way it should land, and if the pilot was sloppy. Arian looks around the city with 50,000 foot view and wonders if this big planet of slum lords, kingpins, mercenaries, assassins and more would disappear and move on knowing things sometimes can’t be owned and you can’t run an entire planet for yourself.
“You monster… you monster. Why would you just kill them knowing of what innocence they had?” They did everything you wanted them to do. Even I bled for you knowing what you could have done.”
His arms device was starting to beep with a flash of red. It was Kilo just warning Arian is not supposed to be on Val with many persecutions of law breaking. He ignores knowing Kilo might leave if the ship is suspicioned to be the law breakers property. The sounds of high pitch wind ups and the sound of something burning starts from Arians’ arm. Throws his arm to look like a point and then a deep purple and blue circle shows looking like a hole to another part of the galaxy, Arian walks to the platform looking plate and puts his foot on the edge and taps. Wobbling, the platform stays floating in the air. One foot after the other Arian steps on the disk. Then another throw of the arm and another to this point of throwing the disks Arian is running. He's on the roof. The “nice” building. Arian jumps off the purple disk and hits the gravel top of the building, the sound of crunching of every step Arian took kept repeating but in its own unique sound. He walks up to an old ventilation duct coming through the roof with smoke coming out of the end. Another point to where Arian uses his arm tool to cut through the end of the duct.
“This smells of drugs…”
Arian pulls out a cloth to sort of cut out the stench of what was coming through.
“Why would Turlex have drugs on him… even I know he wouldn’t do that bad of business,”
The end opens up. More smoke starts to come out, but clears for Arian to see through. Arian pulls up his arm.
“Kilo, I want you to note Turlex has a drug smell to his ventilation and I want you to investigate if he has done anything with drugs within the past year.”
“Yes sir, but I wouldn’t think Turlex would smuggle drugs for money he’s never done a thing that past his range.”
“Yeah but I want you to look and see just to see if I need to stop another thing Turlex controls
before I take him down.”
Arian pulls his feet up and first into the duct and his feet feel the humidity of the vent then his legs then his entire body. Arian falls and then crashes through the vent, through the cheap ceiling and lands into a bathroom. It is a small bathroom with little of lighting and cracked mirrors. Arian slowly walks through the bathroom and out to the exit. He makes sure of little to no sound is made. Two guards are out in front of the stairs. They both look still and are looking forward but are having a conversation. They were talking the rally of banning the death stick company. The one says
“They should ban the death stick company.”
The other look at the one and smacks the back of his head and replies,
“You idiot that’s us.”
“Alright jeez I didn’t know.”
Arian walks up calmly and says
“You guys should really study who you’re going to work for next time.”
They both look in shock and then pull their guns out and point saying he should leave or should jump out the window. Arian waves calmly saying
“I’m peaceful and you two should not shoot, I won’t jump out of the building… you will.”
The two guards look at each other and laugh. One says,
“You’re coming with…”
Arian shoots and hits the man in the head and the one falls, he will not be blue dust like the others, all Arian wants them to do is sleep. The one is in surprise then looks at Arian with his gun pointed straight to his chest and then Arian points and shoots and hit the man in the shoulder where he is thrown over the railing and falls with a scream and then a thud on the ground. Arian scavenges through the man's gear and finds keys, safety rope, and 40 corlex.
“He must be all the way up here,”
Arian walks to the railing and leans over and looks up to see he is only 3 stories up.
“Don’t want to go through what I did a bit ago,”
He whispers
“Sir, Turlex doesn’t have any ille-,”
“Shut up…”
He scream whispers,Arian throws his hand over the speaker on his wrist. He lets go and hears Kilo in a whisper now.
“He isn’t doing anything illegal, he’s using medical pills but does seem to be in an investigation for distributing all of the medication,”
“Okay Kilo thanks.”
Arian walks over to the steps and quickly but quietly up to the floor underneath he needs to be. Arian pulls out a piece of glass from his coat. It can detect thing, he pulls it up to his eye and shows Turlex sitting in a chair, looking like he is shouting and someone. Maybe they noticed him, they “heard something” and was telling Turlex. Turlex suddenly pulls a gun on the man and aims. The man backs away a little with his hands in the air waving at Turlex to not shoot. Turlex took the shot. The man's head throws back and then his entire body.
“Perfect, he murdered… now he’s going down.”
His hand reaches into his coat pocket and gets a circular device. Punches some buttons and throws it to the bottom of Turlex’s chair. Puts the glass back into his pocket and pulls out what seems be a semi-auto rifle. Arian checks to see if it is loaded to the max. It is and ready to fire.
“Yes sir?”
“Connect to the recharger and count down from 5 when I say ‘you’re worth it’, got it?”
“Yes sir and already connected,”
Arian pulls a mask out. Full metal with yellow glowing eyes with a breather to his mouth. He slowly moves it and and it connects to the form his head but not enough to show identity of Arian. He is now the watcher. He walks up the last flight of stairs and notices the glass doors and windows to fully see who is out their. Arian looks down and pulls his arm down and puts in a code. He’s gone, but not really. Arian walks up two more steps and and quietly grabs the door and pulls quietly till he can slip through the crack. He walks to a straight position and turns off the system. He’s standing in front of Turlex and is pointing his rifle at his head. Turlex looks slowly at the watcher.
“What do you want you piece of scum?”
Arians voice has changed to the sound of a raspy and gravelly tune.
“I want you.”
He pulls his arm up with his finger pointing at Turlex.
“HA, good luck with that kid, and what do you really want from me hmmmm?”
“You killed them and you need to pay.”
“What are you talking about kid? I kill multiple people, see…”
Turlex points at to the dead body.
“I just killed him!”
Arian looks over to see him but not to the point of shock. He turned his head back over to Turlex.
“You kill Ben. You killed Katy. You will pay!” Arian shouted to Turlex
“Is this what you’re here for? Vengeance? HA!” Turlex laughed
“You will die Turlex and your business will fall,” Arian said in his punishing voice
“You will die with me then” Turlex said in a deep calm voice
Turlex grinned, Arian puts his gun aside and into the holster on his back. Two guards rush to each side of Arian.
“Drop your weapons, Watcher!” the guard on the left shouted
Arian put his hands in the sky… he flicks his wrists to both of his hands pointing to the guards, then the guards fall. Turlex looks with surprise of how quick Arian “The Watcher” is. Watcher lowers his arms and replies
“You will fall.”
Arian grabs his escrima sticks from his sides.
Turlex replies with a smirk “Not today boy,”
He lifts himself from his “throne” chair and pulls out to gloves. Turlex slides them on.
He says “This will help me kill you, and not get my hands dirty,”
The gloves were metal and spiked. Arian backed off a little but still putting himself in a fighting position. Turlex fully stands from his throne and laughs, Arian hops back a little and starts to run at Turlex. Turlex pulls his hand back and swings, Arian is hit and tossed like a rag doll through the room, Arian tries to pick himself up but struggles. Blood is dripping from the split of Arians skin on his arm. He tries to cover the wound fast but Turlex was already to him and kicks him in the ribs, Arian collapsis with a groaning noise. The pain surged through Arian but put the pain aside to get the vengeance of Ben and Katy. Arian slides himself across the room while Turlex was distracted with the fixture of his gloves. Arian picks himself up and limps to a table to stable himself to stand on his weight. Pull out his rifle from his holster on his back. He struggles to pick the rifle up to aim but does get it an aim. Watcher aims to Turlex’s head and pulls the trigger. Sounds of clicking begin, but no firing. The rifle is jammed. The clicking gets louder while to gun get to become hot. Turlex hears the noise and turns around. He walks to the Watcher and rips the rifle out of his hands and pulls the gun apart to pieces, pieces fly around the room. The Watcher is slammed with another swipe of Turlex’s arm, then flies across the room. He crashes and then hits the ground with a thud. Arian notices Turlex is walking in the same direction to his “throne” as when he is coming to Arian.
“Kilo, you’re worth it!” shouts Arian
“Yes sir!” replies Kilo
The explosion sets off and down goes Turlex with the floor and down the entire flight of stairs all the way to ground level floor.
“Kilo, he’s dead.” Arian reports
“Contacting the police now sir.” Kilo says
Arian takes the mask off and drops it to the ground and leaves it there.
Then says “It’s done, the watcher is no more, let’s go Kilo.”
Kilo responds “Locating your location now sir.”
In the next thirty seconds the ship is there and Arian hops in and flies off. In the next hour the police bust through to see Turlex dead and the watchers mask on the ground flickering then shutting off. Then in the next couple of days the police report that they have seen a man run into the middle of the market center with a couple of creature after him. He shoots to only leave blue mist behind…

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