A New Beginning

March 6, 2017

It all started with them, then it came. What was it? We still don't know, but we call it Virus of thirds. It is called Virus of thirds because it takes three stages until you turn into one of them.  What is one of them? Well N.A.S.A thinks they come from the Andromeda galaxy. They are called Speci X.

But first let me tell you about me and when they first came. Well I am sixteen years old my name is Josh White. I am from a small town in Texas called Whites Town, and yes my great,great,great,great….. So on grandfather established this town just two miles north of the Canadian River.
My family is wealthy because when my great grandfather established this town he started a store called Sears. First, it was just a normal store then all the big stores came like Walmart and Meijers. But there was no hardware store. So it became a hardware store and no other hardware store has not been able to beat us.
  It was 2300 when they came. I was just five years old they came after we set foot on Planet W in the Andromeda galaxy. We went to planet w to see if there was any energy that we could use we used up all of earths then all the planets in the milky way. So we went into another galaxy to get energy to use. But after we set foot on planet w we started drilling well drilling we dug up some. Advanced city stuff like tools and chairs stuff like that. We didn't know we were drilling into one of their bases that they put on that planet.
But after finding energy the astronauts came back but we didn't know that they followed us to earth. It was just one month after the astronauts got back when they came. It first was a small ship then the mother ship came they started coming down in groups they understood English. How? The scientist think that they came to earth in the early stages of history and learned, but most people don’t think that's true but they don't know how they know English. But they didn’t accepted our apology so they started to killing. First they used huge guns then the virus came that's what ended it all.
Next, was all the leaders first then the generals. Then they stopped and start to take charge. It was only three mouth after they first killed that they took over. Then just seven months after that when the disease came it hit the weak first it came in three stages. First, you would get really weak almost to death then just before you die you start to turn and get health. But you get the urge to eat stage second is the urge to eat. Then you start to change into them stage three transformation to them. That's why it is called virus of thirds. That been happening for ten years know there is only a small group of people still humans and two of those people are me and my wife.
We have been staying indoors for weeks on end we only go outside if we need for food or water. The outside is really dark and grim there is no one walking around because those alive are in bunkers the are connected by hand dug tunnels that connect the union.
The union is what the nation of survivors are called.  We can talk to one another by going to the main hub that connects all the tunnels together and send a messenger with a message. And the Mayor just called a meeting because he got a message from the capital.
¨Hi to everyone I called this meeting today because I got a message from the capital to the people it says:
Dear people of the Union we have news from Union of Japan stating that Speci is starting to pack up. They have been packing for the past week, us at the capitol has just checked outside and they have left the capital that is all for now. Sincerely,
The Capital.
So I am going to send out people to the surface one from each house most likely the men. Thank you are dismissed.¨
So we just got news that I will be going to the surface.
¨Hay honey can we talk¨.
¨Ya what is it? Is everything okay¨ I replied to my wife.
¨You promise me that you will come back safe because you are a father, I am pregnant¨.
¨What you’re pregnant?
I can´t go now I can't leave you alone now¨.
¨No you have to go it is for the best of us¨.
“Okay for him” as I touched her stomach.
So now I am going have to be really safe because I am going to be there for my baby.
The next morning the pa system came on to give us men our instructions. “Dow, Dow, good morning to all of the residents, the men that are going to the surface please report to the main hub. Thank you for your time this morning February 17, 2311. Dow,dow.” 
As I got ready to go to the surface all I could think of is not getting hurt. But on the way to the main hub I got my mind on the task ahead. As soon as I got to the hub they lined us up and gave us a little talk.
“Good morning men of Capital, our task today is to go to the surface and look to see if any of them are still there. But first we are going to give all of you a hand gun and holster, and a M15 with hundred shots. Also we are going to give a bulletproof vest and a gas mask to clean out the air you will breath just incase the virus is still out there. Then after you get your stuff we will separate you guys into groups. That is all for know. Oh ya and also leader can you please come over to the table to the right for radios and instruction. That's it all for know, thank you for volunteering.”
After the mayor just gave the speech I got in line right away. It was weird to hold a gun again it has been eleven years seen I have held a gun and the only gun that I have held was a little 22. And then putting on the gas mask you can see a lot with them on it doesn’t even block your vision. Then the vest it heavy at first but you get use to the weight.
After I got all my stuff I got put in bravo team. Suddenly we were ready to go up, there is a large elevator that goes to the surface only used if needed to take big things up or big things down. But we didn’t get on the elevator right away because they opened these garage like doors opened. That had never been opened, and what was in the garage doors were not just regular vehicle. They were military vehicle, we all thought that all the military vehicles were destroyed. The vehicles all had 50cal guns on top for the vehicles protection from the aliens. They assigned all the teams vehicles for easier travel. There was about four-hundred people that showed and there was about twenty people per-team. So not everyone was in a vehicle's, which meant that only one team could go up to the surface each time.
It took all most all day for my team's turn to go up. But luckily in the back of the trucks they gave us camping supplies. So when we got to the surface we set up camp and ate dinner. Dinner were MRE’s I fortunately got one of the good ones, it was chicken fajitas. After we ate we got ready to go to bed,  some of us got assigned to look out but I didn't. What we had for sleeping conditions weren't bad we got a one person tent with a sleeping bag and a cotton blanket. Sleep was not great because you woke up to every noise. Then in the morning ate breakfast from down in the bunkers which was nice then they gave us bags with survival supplies and MRE’s in it.
After everyone in my group got our bags we set off to search for any aliens left. I was fortunate enough to get assigned to the truck group as the gunner so I didn't have to walk all day. But I had  to keep moving around to weird sounds that the leader would hear. I think that our leader has gone crazy cause he would hear sounds that no one in the squad would hear. After a couple hours we had seen nothing just trash left over from the aliens. We had passed my old house it had been turned into a base, probably because it was the biggest house in the town. After going around the area we got told to search it was about 4:30 almost time for dinner hopefully no more MRE’s maybe some food from down in the bunker. As we went back to home base (that's what the camp we set up was called) we had seen a glimpse of a speci so we went in to investigate. That's when we found the ship, the ship that they come down on they were loading cages of bird like things. (later we found out they were what carried the virus) It was weird they had like thousands of cages with hundreds of birds in them. That’s when we heard a alarm it was a little sensor that sensed when the virus was in the area, all of our sensors were going off. And because of the noise of the alarm the species noticed us. Which meant that we had to get out of there I started shooting to give covering fire so the people on the ground could run. As I was shooting and the people on the ground were running our leader called in air support. It took only a couple seconds for the support to come. You heird a loud whooshing sound then a minigun firing. That's when us the truck crew got out of there. When we got back to base we told the Mayor what we saw and what happened. He shook his head “Okay that means we know what carried the virus and that it’s leaving with them. Also it means that they are packing up and probably almost gone. Thank you men I will announce the good news and our plan for tomorrow.”  After he gave his speak about the good news and the plan we got dinner from down in the bunker. And the plan he made was that we were going to clear every house in the city including my old house. It was a long night because we had training in how to clear house for two hours. And the line for the showers was long so that took me thirty minutes to get a showers. So by the time I was in bed it was eleven o’clock at night and we had to wake up at five in the morning. That morning we had a quick breakfast then we load up in trucks and token to the area that we had searched the day before for house searches. It was weird going back into my old house it was so different. They had turned my old room into a server like room. Then in the basement there was bad news they had made a bunker and, well they weren’t gone. They are living in that bunker and there is no sign of them leaving. After finding that we quickly loaded up and went back to home base to give the bad news to the Mayor.  As soon as we got to base and told the Mayor he was not happy with the news but this is what he told us. “Okay that bad but we have the manpower and supplies to kill them. Thanks very much for telling me this”. After telling him that gave us all a speech saying “ The Aliens are not gone but we can go and attack them. We have the manpower and the supplies. But all of you guys get a two week break to go and see your family. Which means let's get a packing!” It felt like it took us less time to pack up then it did to unpack. As soon as I got down in the bunker I started to run to my house. I had ran as fast as I had ever before. As soon as I got to the door my wife was opening it. It was a nice few weeks of just relaxing.
But that day came the day to go and fight the Aliens. We all got the same team and everything but this time it was faster to get set up. This time than it was the first time. We got all set by noon, which meant that we had couple hours of free time. We had dinner from down in the bunker and then went to bed. We all woke at six in the morning. Got all ready and set out to kill all the aliens. But first we got one of those speeches from the Mayor. “Good morning to all of you. You guyses mission to kill all of the aliens left. We know that they have guns that they have got from the military when they killed them all. And they have learned how to use them. So be ready for a fight. If you get hurt tell your leader and they will get you out of there. But no one is going to get hurt. That's all so let's go and kill these aliens.” After he gave use that speech we all loaded up into huge transport trucks. As we all most got to the spot we would get dropped off. We all got our guns ready in cause for a gun fight. We got dropped off two blocks away from the spot we would attack. We all were really quit until we got to the house. When we got to the house we did what we got teached. We breached the house and the flashed banged the basement that's when it happened the gun shot “BAN!”  then the huge pain came in my chest that's when it all went dark. I came to and I was on a back bored with my leader holding my chest yelling “HAY! KID CAN YOU HEAR ME! KID DON’T PASS BACK OUT NO”. Then it all went black again.
When I woke up I was in the hospital of the bunker. With my wife to side of me looking like she hadn't slept in 2 days. She saw that I was awake and sat up and said “You're awake you have been asleep for two days” she said as she grabbed my hand I replied “Two days? I have been asleep for two days that is not good? Right.” She looked at me and said “Well not good yes and no. The doctor put you to sleep so he could do surgery to get the bullet out. But when he tried to wake you up you didn't wake up so no not good but yes good. Hang one let me go and get the doctor”. She stood up and went out into the hallway. I looked down at my chest it had stitches all over I think I had over fifteen stitches in my chest. The doctor walked in as soon as I got done counting all my stitches “I see you're awake” he said as he walked in “ you have been out for two days. You are one lucky man you know, that bullet was inches from your heart. And fortunately it didn't hit anything important. We had to go in and get the bullet out so that bullet didn't move around and hit anything important. We had to give you seventeen stitches like you have counted I see. But don't worry you will be back to normal in a week or two but you will have to take it easy for those two weeks. It's great seeing you are up and talking so see you in a hour to get you out of here.” As he left he gave me a slute and walked away after two hours of talking to my wife about stuff he came back in and he got me out of there. It was a rough two weeks. The first week I couldn't move but on the second week I started going back to my old self. On the last day of the two weeks I had got a letter saying that the forces were going back out to fight the aliens again but I was not going but I could help at command post.
So did that sat and watched our men slaughter the aliens until they got to my house they had to retreat. That's when I stood up ran and grabbed a gun a keys and went to that house. All by my self I walked in and some how I killed all the aliens. It took me one hour to kill them all and that hour was long but hard when I walked out not harmed all the men that were waiting outside were surprised. Some think I am special but I think I had helped from fallen family. We got back to work to fixs up the town like it was before they had came.
It has been has been two years seens I killed the rest of the aliens. We have fixed up the town back to a what it was like before the attack but not really. My old house was destroyed and bared and a sigh remember my family was put on top of the dirt mound. My baby was born just four months after the town was finished me and my wife named him Jarmy Hans White the second. He is named after my grandfather in honor of him. It nice not have to live in a bunker anymore. We have also got told that the countries around the world including the united states are joining together to make a huge country. Where no one is in charge but there will be reparative from each country to help create the laws. And we have already have a country name The United Nations. It is know back to normal, well as close to normal as it can be.

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