March 6, 2017

No one knew they was here. It was silent like a spy silently watching in the night waiting for that moment it could attack  and destroy. It all started when the slug like creatures started falling from the sky attaching itself to any living thing in its sight. No one new what to do it was a blur of running and screaming trying to get away but there was no way to get way.

It all started like any other day my brother ,Derek and I  got up for school at 5 o’clock, got dressed, ate and watched youtube and Netflix. Around 6:40 my brother and I went outside to wait for the bus. It was freezing outside I felt like I was going to freeze to death but luckily the bus got there before that happened. I wouldn't have been surprised I did though. I got to school like any other day found my friend Emily and we walked around the school in till the bell rang.

After 1st hour I went outside and noticed it was raining which it wasn't supposed to do at all ,but all I thought of was that the weather people got it wrong. Then,I went to 2nd hr, Then 3rd . After 3rd hr my school has a class to help you remember things you learned early in the year. On my way to that class I noticed something fall from the sky it had stopped raining . I don't know exactly when it had stopped but it couldn't have been too long ago because people were still wet from coming inside. I noticed something falling from the sky they were oval-ish with  a round-ish mouth with two rows of teeth .

The next thing I know one had landed right on my face I screamed and started running like a chicken whose head was just chopped off. Then,I pried the creature off of my face and through it at the ground with all the force I could, I think I was bleeding but I don't know for sure. I went over to the creature and the next thing I know it started making a really loud screeching sound and started to curl into a ball. I don't know what had happened but it was weird I looked around to see what had happened to all the other people that were outside.They were all laying on the ground.Lifeless.

This is when my anxiety went crazy I didn't know if I should go to class or if I should go find someone. So I decided to go and find my friend Emily I didn't know who she had at the moment but I new that here 4th hr was the same as mine so I went to go into the building . As I looked back at the bead bodies the creatures were all crawling towards the doors . I try my best not let them in ,cause I didn't know who else they would kill and I didn't want to find out. As I made my way through the door I thought everyone was in there class but they could have all been dead for all I knew.

Next,I made my way to that class it was really quiet too quiet. I didn't here and teacher giving student speeches or kids screaming in the hallways. I look into one of the class room and seen that no one was in it. I looked in another there was no one in that one either. This is when I hear my name I turned around and found my friend Emily looking at me.

I walk up to her and ask, “Did you see through creatures?”

She looked at me with a look of confusion, “What are you talking about?”

“Come on I'll show you.” I grabbed her hand and walked here towards the doors I had just come from.
The creature were piling onto each other trying to get through the door . she looked at the things and screamed ,a scream that makes you think your ears are bleeding.
She looked at me and yelled, “What are those things?”
“I don't know,” I replied.
“All I know is that they started falling from the sky and they killed everyone besides me they seem to be allergic to me or something like that, one got on my face when I got it off it starting screeching then it curled into a ball and I think it died.”

“Is that why you have a cut on your face?” said Emily.
“Yea,” I replied.
“What do we do now,” said Emily.
“I think I'm going to go get Derek,” I said.
“Why do you want to get your brother for? “she replied.
“Because I think we're going home,” I said.
“And how are you going to do that?” said Emily.
“How else, were going to have to walk.
“Why don't you call your parents?” she said.
“Because my phone doesn't have minutes on it plus I don't know if the creatures will kill them,” I said.
“And what they aren't going to kill you or you brother,” Emily said.
“ They might kill Derek but if they die when the try to kill me then Derek probably is the same why.”
“Ok, let's go get him then,” said Emily.

Emily and I made are way up stairs to the 6th grade hallway and went to his class hopeful his class was still there . Me and Emily waited for around twenty minutes before he got out of class.
  We walked up to him “were going home,” I said .
He looked at me like I was crazy “ what are you talking about” he said
“There is something going on” I said .
He looked at me like I belonged in an Asian asylum.

“You must be kidding ,there no such thing.”
“Then how did I get this cut on my face hu-.”
“I don't know and I don't care,” he said walking away.
“Just come down stairs and let me show you” I said.
“What do you got to lose,” said Emily.
“Fine ,if it gets you to shut up,” said Derek.
“Ok, go get your backpack,” I said.
“ Why do I need my bag?” said Derek.
“Where else are were going to put food?” I said.
“Why do we need food?” he said.
“Because I don't know how long it will take up to walk home so we need food and water . And when we do get home we might not be able to go to the store for a long time so we need to get as much food and water that we can,” I said.
“ Whatever ,I'll be right back,” he said.

A few minutes later he came back with his bag.
“Let’s go,” he said.
“Alright make sure no teachers say anything or see us,” I said.
“Why?” said Emily.
“Because we don't have any reason to be leaving school that the teachers know about,” I said.
We made our way down stairs where we didn't have to be as cautious about teacher. We got to the doors and showed Derek the creatures
“What the fudge,what are those things?” he said with a look of fear.
“We don't know but there killing people besides you sister,” said Emily.
“Wait if there killing people then why do you want to go out there and walk home,” said Derek.
“Because if they can't hurt me then they should not be able to hurt you.”
“What about Emily?” said Derek.
“Ah crap, I didn't think about that.”
“About what,” said Emily.
“You can’t go outside they will kill you” I said
“How do you know” said Emily
“ I don’t, but i’m not taking the chance of killing you just for me and Derek to go home” I said
“Then what do we do then” said Emily
“Well we” I said while pointing between me and Derek “are going home”
“What about me” Emily said
“Youll have to stay here and  tell someone” I said
“No i'm coming with you” said Emily
“Well I can't stop you but you most likely will get killed”
“I don't care I’m coming”

“Ok now that that is out of the way ,what do we do now?” said Derek
“Now we go get some food and water”
“From where” said Derek
“The cafeteria” I said
“But we don't have any money”
“I know, we'll have to steal it ,lets go”

We started walking toward the cafeteria but the 7th graders were already in there
“ crap” I said looks “like that plan failed” said Derek.
“Yes I know” I said  “give me all the money you both have”
Derek handed me two, one dollar bills Emily gave me fives ones and I hade 4 dollars and 50 cents.
“What are you going to do with the money”
“I'm going to get all the water and food I can” I said
I did the math on my phone and found out I could get 5 bottles of water and 8 bags of chips.
I came back to where I left Derek and Emily standing
and put everything on the ground
I grabbed my bag dumped everything out and put the stuff in my bag
“Derek put my stuff in your bag” I said standing up and putting my backpack on my shoulder it was pretty heavy but not to much heavy that my normal bag.
“Why do we have to keep your stuff for” said Derek
“Because paper is good for fire and when we get home we might not have power so we need firewood to keep warm”
“Whatever” he said rolling his eyes and putting my stuff in his bag

“It doesn't fit” said Derek
“Well then just take my papers out of the binders” I said
“What do I do with the binders” said derek
“just put them on the ground some where” I said
“Can we go now” said Emily
“Yea” said Derek just finish zipping up his bag
“Ok let's go” I said
We started walking towards the doors there seemed to be nothing out there so we went out there and started walking .
“Where are we going” said Emily
“Well we probably should go to your house first scenes it closer and there's a better chance that you don't die that why” I say.

We walked to Emily's house which is like a 20 minute walk from the school. We didn't see and of the creatures which I thought was a little weird but it could have been the smell of my brother and me or something like that. We got to Emily's house and went in side there was no one there but that was because her mom was still at work and so was her dad.
“Ok let's go Derek” I said
“You're just going to leave me here” said Emily
“What else are we going to do not less you want to walk to our house and back” I said
“Yea your right good-bye” said Emily as me and Derek walked out the door.
“What way should we go” I asked Derek
“I don't know what way is faster” said Derek
“Probably up the hill” I said
“Ok then let's go that way” said Derek

We started heading towards the hill that lead to our house our house is a little over two mile away from our school so it's not really too far but when you carrying a ten pound bag on your back it pretty ruff.
“I”m thirsty and hungry” said Derek
“Ok let's stop and have a break then” I said
I opened my bag and grabbed two water bottles and two bags of chip.I handed derek a bag of chips and a water.I opened my  bottle of water and took a huge gulp of water it was a bit warm but I didn't care.I opened the bag of chips and started eating, it was good.When me and Derek both finished our chips we put the bottles of water back in my bag and then started walking again. A few hours later it was starting to get dark and we were still probably a good mile away from our house.

“Do you want to keep walking or do you want to sleep on the ground some where.” I said
“Do you really want to sleep out here in the dark with thouse creatures” said Derek
“No but do we really have a choice let's just sit down and try and start a fire” I said
“And how are we going to do that” said Derek
“This is how”I said pulling the old fashioned flip lighter my dad gave me out of bag.
“You brought that to school dads going to kill you” he said
“Yea I did I brought it to show Emily and i'm kind of lucky I did or we would have froze to death out here” I said
I got up and started looking for some big rocks
“Derek go find some dry leafs” I said
“Where am I going to find dry leafs there snow everywhere” said Derek
“Look underneath the snow” I said

Once we got some leafs and the rocks we made a circle of rocks and put the leafs in the middle. We also but some of my school papers because we couldn’t find a lot of dry leafs. I grabbed my lighter and started trying to light it. It was making a spark but no flame. I tried over and over again until my brother took it out of my hand and tried it himself he tryed and tryed again and nothing.
“I think there's either no fluid or the fluid is frozen” I said
“What do we do now” said Derek putting the lighter on the ground by the circle of rocks.
“Well we could either keep walking or we could just lay on the ground and go to sleep in the cold” I said
“Well I don't really want to sleep in the cold but I really don't want to keep walking.” said Derek
“Lets just try to sleep and in the morning we'll keep walking”
“Ok” said Derek laying down on the ground
I pulled out my phone to check the time it was 10:38. I set a alarm on my phone for 8 am so it would be nice and bright out. Then I layed down it was pretty comfortable not the worst but not the best weather. In like 20 minutes i was out.

I woke up to my alarm I got up stretched, got out a few bags of chips and the two bottles of water me and Derek started yesterday. It was nice out pretty warm but it was still cold but it wasn't to bad. Then I went over to Derek and started shaking him. When he finally fully woke up we both ate a two bags of chips and finished our bottles of water.

At like 8:30 we picked up all our stuff which was pretty much just our bags our trash and my lighter. Then we started walking again I was pretty sore from the day befor but I just wanted to get home and hopefully in a warm house. We walked and walked we finally made it to a pond that is less than 2 minest from our house in a car. We still had like 20 minutes of walking but that was still pretty good. We got out a bottle of water and passed it between us sitting taking a break.

I checked my phone it was 9 by the time we got home it would be like 10-10:30.  After around 20 minutes we started walking again. Then we saw the most  beautiful thing it the world. Our house. We got so happy we probably would have ran if it wasn't for the fact that we had been walking literally for two days. We walked in the house to our dogs of course and out parents in the living room on the phone probably with the police or something like that. They were sobbing saying that me and Derek didn't come home from school the day befor and saying our age and stuff. When the saw us there faces lit up like a christmas tree. They ran into the dining room and grabbed us into their arms. We hugged for like twenty minutes. Then my mother let go of both us us and started yelling word i can't say myself but it was around “where were you? what were you thinking? but with more swearing. After like twenty minutes of her and my father yelling me and Derek told them about the creature.
“Befor my acheive these creatures started falling from the sky one landed on my face and gave me this cut but once I got it off my face it died. All the other people the characters got to were dead they are allergic to my blood or something like that.”
“Are you out of your mind? You're going insane aren't you? Looks like you're not watching those movies you watch.”
“One there not movies there TV shows two I'm telling the truth even ask Derek you could even ask Emily they both saw them too” I said
“Yea we both did” said derek

“Well then show me one then” said my father
“Well once we left the school we didn't see any anywhere”
“When did you leave school?”
“Befor my third hour we left and started walking home.”
“We had to sleep on the ground outside in the cold” said Derek
“We would have had a fire if my lighter would have worked” I said
“What” screamed my father
“I brought my lighter to school to show Emily and we were going to use it to build a fire but we couldn't get to to light so we gave up and just slept in the cold” I said
“Well we're glad you're ok” said my mom
“What do we do know”said derek
“I don't know but at least we're together” said my mom

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