The Undying Pack

March 3, 2017
By MayaLyrics BRONZE, Elizabethton, Tennessee
MayaLyrics BRONZE, Elizabethton, Tennessee
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The two-legged killers are chasing me and my pack of wolves through the woods. They have been hunting us mercilessly for centuries. We never bother the two-legged killers, but still they never give up. Killing one of us is too great a reward for them to ignore. Their goal used to be to capture us and then have us repopulate in captivity, to ensure we wouldn’t go extinct; but my kind is smarter than that. Once captured, my kind thought of nothing but escaping captivity. They refused to repopulate; which quickly frustrated the two-legged killers, so they gave up and resorted to their old tactics of killing us on site. My kind is honorable and would rather die than be manipulated by these creatures.
The killers hunt us so ferociously that if we don’t stay on the move year around, then they catch up to us. Over the years the killers have gotten faster though; they used to ride beasts or travel on foot, but now they use something much more deadly. It’s horribly loud, immense in size, and black as night. It flies through the sky, carrying the killers inside of it; hovering over the tree tops and making it practically impossible for us to run from them. They have been killing us too fast for some time now. Killing us faster than we can repopulate. Our eternal life helps, but not as much as you would think. Our eternal life keeps us from dying of old age, but that’s it. We can just as easily die from starvation, dehydration, or wounds, as any other living thing. Once we are born, we grow until we reach adulthood and then we remain timeless. That is why the killers are after us; if we are killed by another living being, then our eternal life is given to that being.
The killers do not care that they are on the verge of making us extinct; we were never a large species to begin with, but now there are only two packs left. We split up many years ago to increase our chances of survival, but we are fighting a losing battle. The flying beasts of the sky has driven our two packs to the edge of the land and now we are trapped. This night could very well be the end of my kind forever. Since we have been forced together we are a bigger target, but that’s not the worst problem. Now we have no room to do the only thing that has kept us alive for centuries. Run.
I race through the woods hopelessly. They are corralling us; there is no chance of escape. I hear the snap of a twig at my right flank, so I make a sharp left turn around a tree and accidently slam into what looks like an old female killer. After knocking the old killer over I keep sliding until a large tree trunk connects with my ribs. I let out a short howl of pain against my will, and lay there awaiting my death. I look up and the killer is running over to me, with relief on her face. She immediately drops to her knees and strokes my fur, ignoring my growl of protest as she makes soothing noises. She is smiling and whispering calmly in her language. She carefully pulls a vile from her old, brown satchel and grabs a hold of my jaw. Frightened, I try to get up and run, but the old killer quickly opens the vile and forces my jaws open. The bitter liquid rolls down my throat and leaves a trail of burning flesh in its wake. It spreads throughout my entire body and I go unconscious, engulfed in pain.
I wake and the old two-legged killer is standing over me. My body aches and she throws something soft at me that reeks of killers. I understand her language when she says, “Put these on. They will keep you warm. You are used to having a much higher body temperature with all that fur as a wolf, but us humans get cold much easier. I will help you stand and explain everything when we get to my cabin. I know you must have a lot of questions, but they must wait. All I can tell you right now is that I helped your pack escape their clutches tonight, but they will quickly hunt them down again. I turned you into a human so that you would have a fighting chance at finding the weakness of the humans. Once you find it, you can share it with your pack. If you want your kind to survive, then you must come with me right now! I will help you learn how to fight back!”
There is no discussion; I stand, manage to put on the soft stuff called ‘clothes’ as fast as possible, and follow her quickly through the woods. Running on two legs instead of four for the first time in my life. I will help my kind. This isn’t the end; it is merely the beginning.

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