March 2, 2017
By Anonymous

The last day of the schooling was just a week away. That meant the choices Sean made on the last day would determine his future. A test result would give him a lifelong permanent career.  There were two outcomes he feared, becoming an entertainer or a maintainer. These were the lowest of the jobs. People only cared about the entertainment, not the entertainer. They cared about the work done, not the worker. These workers did not live long, only the medical workers had a chance.

After taking the test, he felt decent about himself. But after several hours, he received a notification on his eye view, “Good afternoon, Sean. The career test results have been determined. Your results indicate you will be a maintainer for the air quality system. Please report to the Zodiac Department of Utilities tomorrow. Failure to comply will result in termination. Have a nice day, see you soon!” A splash of reality had hit Sean. This was real. This is the beginning of what will be lifelong.
It was a fine day, but that’s how it always was. The temperature was always the same at 72, even at night. Sean went for his morning walk along the park. The grass and trees were unchanged since he was born.  He did not walk mindlessly along the park paths, instead he thought about his assigned future career. He had worked so hard to be in any medical field only to be assigned by a test number.

After finishing his walk in the park, Sean came to the conclusion on the meaning of his life. It was nothing. The overall meaning of life for anybody on the Zodiac was meaningless. Even for medical workers, what use is their work for the meaningless people? He really didn’t care what his future is. Sean went back to his room for sleep. Tomorrow he would begin what he will end with.

Sean woke up at 7am, the time the light begins. He went directly to the Zodiac Department of Utilities as directed. He met the air quality manager and coordinator, Robert and Sarah. They introduced him to his job, to monitor the leaks and filtration. They tell him that there has been a leak going on at the room section section 15, floor 4. Sarah tells him to monitor to make sure this leak does not grow. Sean monitors the systems and progressed into managing more and more of the air system as he gained experience and trust by his advisors.
One year after starting his job, Sean notices a leak in section 30, floor 37. He is alone at the department, because Sarah and Robert have put all the burden on him. Sean had gained their trust through his excellent decision making and flawless ethics. He was a perfectionist type, completed what needed to be done. Something that his co workers couldn’t relate to.  Sean closes the pipes at floor 4 entirely to have the air recirculate.
Again, the thoughts of meaningless came back to him. Why bother saving those people? Why bother saving the unproductive lifestyle everyone had? Sean opened all the bleed systems to the vacuum of space. It was done. There was no choice of going back.  Right as Sarah came to see what was going on, she passed out. Sean began to feel the affects, his ears popped and he passed out. 
Sean was awoken by the grabbing of his right arm. He felt that if he moved, all the wires and pads connected to him would make it painful. The fear of the potential pain disregarded his thoughts of escaping.
“Greetings Sean Bare, everyone one hates you, you know”
Sean was surprised by the man, his peripherals were limited. It was a familiar face, somebody from his department, but he didn’t have the motivation to give thought who it was.
“How can they hate me on the base of meaningless life, emotion, thoughts, actions…” said Sean.
“Perhaps you will be the first meaningless death on this ship, how about that?”
“Perhaps, not! Did I kill anyone?”
“Well...not quite, but you did kill the reputation of our branch and the trust of the people into their protection, and for this you shall be released outside. Even the forces of space will show how meaningless you actually are.”

The author's comments:

The idea of future civilations and technology always interests me. Us humans can come up with many wild invisions we imagine of the future. It is also fascinating to see previous stories about how our modern world today would be like.

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