The Godfile

February 27, 2017

Is investigating an old company’s online storage illegal? I didn't run into any blocks or passwords. Maybe that means that they wanted someone to find it. It wasn't hard to find. Any bloke who had too much time on their hands could have happened upon it easily. The file was labeled for multiple terabytes and took a couple minutes to open up in notepad. Repository 1-C.txt. It wasn't the size that surprised me, it was that the characters were changing. Text editors like the one that comes with windows do not support live text changing. Why was it happening now?

I was scrolling through the millions of lines of text and saw my name flash by. After finding it again, I realized that whoever made this file had a large amount of personal information about me. Many of the things were nonsensical character strings. Some of them made sense, though. My GPS coordinates, height, weight, elevation, and even my pulse. Just for fun I set my elevation to one foot higher and submitted the changes; immediately I was falling onto my bed.


I tried it again but with two feet. I was falling and hit the bed with some force this time. My computer almost bounced off the bed. Okay, what can I do with this? I open up the play store and find a simple app to do repetitive action. I open the file on my phone and make the app reset my height to 1 foot above my bed 10 times a second. I save the changes and immediately I am in the air. Vibrating. The program was set to run for five seconds and that was definitely enough. I set the refresh rate to a million times a second. This time was much smoother. Pushing off from the wall I float without friction across the room.  If I can get a way to change my location, I will be able to fly. That is for later, though.

Next item is to look for the item number of my phone because why not? It is made by the same company that made this text file, so it makes sense that they would have some data on it.

A couple minutes later my control F found the exact part number of my phone. One of the most interesting things there was the battery voltage. After checking optimal voltage I set the voltage on my battery to a constant. 10 minutes of using a power hungry app, the battery voltage hasn't changed at all. Sweet! Infinite battery life!

One variable about my phone said lumens. I changed the value to 10 times its original value and almost blinded and burnt myself from the tiny LED on the back.

It then occurred to me; I am a god.

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