The End Is Just The Beginning

February 9, 2009
By Josh Byron BRONZE, Dulles, Virginia
Josh Byron BRONZE, Dulles, Virginia
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The night was dark beyond darkness. The black seemed to swallow the man. One second he was there, the next he wasn't. It was pitch black. The Earth and space were one. The man looked up, looking for guidance. He wasn't sure if he was looking for guidance from the moon, or from god. But the moon was gone. And so was god. His name was Clive. He had never thought that the end of the world was going to be like this. He thought he was going to spend it with his family. His wife. His daughter. But now they were gone. Everyone was gone.

Clive stopped for a moment, when he noticed that there was no wind at all. Everything was still. He felt weak. He felt as though something was pushing him down. He had to put in an enormous amount of strength to keep himself from falling. His legs were gonna give up in any minute. All of a sudden, the ground started to shake. It cracked open, revealing the fiery depths of hell. Clive looked down. Deep inside, he could see flames. Fire was consuming fire. Layers and layers of magma. The ground started to shake again. As the surface quickly closed, Clive heard a loud screech. He paused. Something was right in front of him. It was some sort of creature, but all he could see was a silhouette. It almost had the body of a human. Clive took a better look at it. Scars completely covered every inch of the creature's nude body. It looked like his flesh had been punctured and sliced, then burnt down with ash. Its facial features were heavily destroyed. Its blisters filled up with blood untill they burst. It had no eyes. Or maybe its eyes were invisible. Either way, Clive couldn't tell if it had eyes. The creature spoke, but its words were distorted by the disfigurement of its mouth. The creature continued to speak, but not in any known language. It wasn't English. It wasn't French. But somehow, Clive understood what it was saying.

The creature was talking to him. It was as though it had all the answers.

Suddenly, Clive felt his belly moist, as if he had just spilled water on himself. Everything went still again. He heard something dripping. Was it coming from the creature or was it coming from him? Clive felt his belly. It was wet. He pulled up his shirt and felt his stomache. Blood was running down his legs. The blood wasn't coming from his stomache. He moved his hand more to the right, just over his liver. That was the source of blood. Clive looked up to the creature. He sucked in the pain. "What is going on? What is happening?", he asked the creature. Straining enourmously to get the right words out. He felt his skin tear. The wound was opening up. Once again, he felt weak, but weaker than before. He tried taking in some air, but it was no use. He didn't need to breathe.

The creature spoke again. It told Clive that he was being punished. Clive was about to ask the creature why he was being punished, but he knew the answer. He was fealing even weaker. He took two steps before falling to the ground. He tried standing up, but his legs were way to weak. He layed on the ground, sobbing. The creature knelt right beside him. It swung its head low over the ground as if to take the scent of what it could not see. The creature lifted its hand and put it over Clive's eyes. Its hand looked just like the rest of its body. He closed his eyes. Clive suddenly saw himself, as though in a mirror. He was insides someone's house. He was holding a knife dripping in blood. There was money all over the floor. 20 dollar bills were soaking in blood. The peach colored walls had turned into a bright red color. The blood slowly running down the walls. In the corner of his eye, Clive could see a corpse. It was that of a woman. He tried opening his eyes, but he couldn't. It was as though the creature had put the image in his brain. It was a flashback.

"Ahhhhhhhh.", Clive yelled, as he forced his eyes to open.

It made sense. Clive was being punished, just like Prometheus was punished by Zeus. He tried standing up, but it was still no use. Clive layed his hand inches away from his liver. He watched as the liver slowly squeezed out of his body like a splinter. He layed his hand there, ready to catch his liver. THOOK! And his liver fell to his hands. Just moments later his liver exploded into flames. Clive could feel every bit of pain. He yelled out in agony. His liver slowly burned down, and in just seconds all he had in his hand was a mountain of ash. Clive collapsed, curling up into fetal position. He was to feel this agonzing pain everyday, forever!

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