February 2, 2017

  The light in the hallways of the early morning stung Misty’s eyes making her squint. The hallway was too quiet and I didn’t like it. I get shivers down my spine making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I turn around quickly making my long, burgundy, wavy hair follow along and whip back across my face and bounces back leaving a few strands of hair caught in my eye lashes. As I look I see no one behind me, in confusing I slap my hand on to the back of my neck for being paranoid. I turn back to the way I was walking before and as I take my first step I hear footsteps other than mine coming down from the other side of the hallway and I freeze in fear, always on edge and paranoid about the smallest things. The footsteps turn the corner and there stands the principle of the school, Misty relaxes her shoulders but still stays alert.

  “Violet Hernandez,” speaks the principle with his voice loud and clear, and Misty finches at the name still not used to her newest identity. I hate not being able to be called by my real name, the government told me no one can find out about my real identity I’ve been hiding every since I was born. I hate the name too I mean who names their child violet? “….We need to talk,” continues the principle, and Misty nodded in response, “Why do you cover your identity VOI-LET HER-NAN-DEZ?” Misty’s eyes fly wide open, and stands there in complete shock not wanting to move an inch. All of a sudden her shock expression changes in a flash turning into a devilish smile going from ear to ear.

  “TANKEN!” (Tanken means dagger in Japanese) Misty bursts’ out loud enraged and two daggers appear in her hands and she throws the dagger front and center at the principle’s face penetrated him right between his eye brows. His head falls back and straightens back up and takes the dagger out of his skull while having his eyes shut. Once he pulls the dagger all the way out of his glabella blood falls from his open wound and opens his eyes having them all black like a demon. Demon… demon…AH SHOOT! He’s possessed. GREAT! Just what I need. He holds the dagger in his hands and brings it up to his face looking at it with a devilish smile on his face with his demon eyes and throws the knife down when he looks up at me. I lift my arm up and open my hand so my palm is pointing at the dagger and I whisper, “Tanken,” and the dagger flies back into my palm and I wipe the blood off with my jeans.

  “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Misty Moonshade… what haves you here with me today?” says the principle sarcastically and I squint at him not even caring. He then pushes me into a classroom and shuts the door and locks it making sure I won’t leave. He grabs my neck in one hand and starts choking me and lifts me up in the air. My face turns red and I drop my daggers and they hit the white tile floor making them lifting a bit off the floor again and falling and a loud CLANG! I start kicking my feet a bit and I take my hands and grab is hand that is suffocating me and I let go after a short time. My eyes start fluttering, as I start to lose my conscience. Next thing I hear is a loud bang coming from the door and the principle looks back and the door flies open with smoke coming inside the room that was from the other side of the door. The principle looks at me again saying, “I will finish you off later,” he takes the hand that he is holding my neck in and he brings me closer to his face so I can see the reflection in his demon eyes and he walks over to the window and throws me out the window like a baseball. Glass breaks and little shards stabs my back and I scream in pain as I land on the concrete floor and as I land on my back I felt like I broke a rib or two and I gasp for air and cough up blood all over the floor and I try picking myself up but I’m too weak and I lay their waiting for death himself to approach me.

  “MISTY!” shouts Dylan, his voice piercing the court yard and I try opening my eyes but I struggle. Dylan runs to the window and gasp in horror and he gulps while taking a deep breath and places his hand on the window sill that has broken shards of glass. Dylan looks down disgusted, he then starts swiping away the glass and places his hand back to the place he had it on the window sill, he pushes off on his right foot and places weight on his hand while swinging his left leg over the window sill. As he falls out of the second story his eyes get wider and wider as he comes closer to the ground and he impacts the brick concrete with a loud grunt. “UMPFH!” Dylan falls to his knees from the great impact and stumbles to get back up while running to my side. “Misty I need you to stay down and relax, until you fully heal and Joel is by your side…I will call for Joel,” he says to Misty before leaving her.

  I don’t even nod, I lie on my back trying to grasp for air while wheezing. Even the tiniest of breaths, the pain hurts my lungs, but the pain passes over a short amount of time and Joel appears at my side in thin air. Joel is my dead brother…I’m so glad he is here with me…he died 7 minutes after he was born, after he passed away I was born at the exact minute, second and millisecond he died.

  “Misty…” Joel whispers and looks at me with a expression showing that he wasn’t worried about a thing, knowing that I won’t die. “You better get in your mission suit before you get caught out here, the bell is going to ring shortl-”

  “RIIINNNGGG!!!” Joel gets interrupted by the sound of the bell and the end of my fake identity. Just then Idaho that was on my wrist as my watch and transforms into a human even though he is actually an android.

  “Sorry I’m late, what did I miss?” Joel and I look at him with a distasteful look, mad that he didn’t help me out.

  “REALLY!!!!” I scream at him enraged, “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Idaho carries me bridal style and he turns one no gravity, he start to float and he carries me to the roof top of my school building. I’m relived we didn’t get caught and Joel was gone by the time we got up to the roof and he startled me when he reappeared at my side making me jump an inch. “All right, now we just need Jimmy,” right when I said that Jimmy’s hand grab my wrist. Jimmy is my plant that I can transform into a human as well as Joel and of course Idaho which I was able to transform any living organism into a human. I think its quite unique. “Okay then, now that we are all here you know what to do,” I myself have to go and kill someone easy as that, only hard part to it everyone is outside in the courtyard. Joel’s job is to stand by my side in case if any other demons come to attack us and same goes for Jimmy. Idaho’s job is to spectate the area to see if anymore are on their way. As I think this everyone is doing their part, all they are waiting for is me to transform into my mission suit and get the job over and done with so I can go home and sleep for once, which I know for sure that that’s not going to happen…ever. I bring my hand over to the middle of my chest to where my necklace hangs from. The necklace was given to me when I was born if the necklace is to ever come off of my neck I will lose control of myself and become a real monster…no…demon…. My grandmother died when I was 12 its been 3 years and I still cry at night from her death. I take a deep breath, and whisper to myself, “transform,” seconds later, my blood stained outfit turned into a black colored assassin suit with a long cape that drags on the ground a bit and I pull my hood over my head. While I do so, I pull up my mask that covers my mouth and nose but not my eyes. I stand there on the roof and wind passes through me making my cape blow with the harsh, cold air and I breathe in having my eyes closed and when I exhale I open my eyes and my eye color turns blood-shot red.

                                 TO BE CONTINUED…

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