I Wonder What Would Happen When We Die

November 14, 2016
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It was an accident.  It wasn't supposed to happen! I was stepping off the sidewalk and because it's New York, there was a bus. I was walking and… the next minute I was hit.  I always wondered what would happen when I died,  would I go into afterlife? Would I just stick around? When I died I thought to myself what happened to me on Earth? What does happens to my body? I realized it doesn't matter what happens to my body because I'm here now. I'm here… Where am I?  I turn around and there's a man, he was a strange looking man, a little short, a weird haircut,  different looking eyes, they were blood red,  the weirdest thing was his horns.  I know I said it- HORNS! He grinned at me; it was scary, evil looking grin. I shudder. He just smiled and said, “Welcome to…  hell!”
“Thanks” I replied sarcastically. He chuckled and shook his head. I am death! I love death!
“Sorry, my ringtone” he muttered looking around his suit. He picks it up and exclaimed,
“GOD!” I raised my eyebrows as he answered the phone not getting this whole joke thing. I heard someone say something about a wrong location.
“Ok… Bye girl!” He said with a wave at me.
“WHAT IS GOING ON!!!” I screamed. I am at my own funeral. People were wearing black and pacing flowers on my casket. It was as if no one could see me. I look up and see my boyfriend walking toward me. As he walks towards me he picks up the phone.
“No Olivia! I am at Kila's funeral! I will see you later.” My heart broke and then my ex-boyfriend walks right through me. I look down and then somebody says, “You’re dead.”
“No duh.” I reply as I wave my hand through my shoulder.
“So, you are coming with me.” I look up at the voice and see a girl. She had dyed streaks of her hair red and enormous white wings wrapped around her petite body..
“And you are?” I ask.
“Your guardian angel.” She said matter-of-factly. I grind my teeth together and she smirks.
“I am going where? And why would I go with you?” I ask; trying not to punch her smirk.
“Because if you want to be with the devil… which I don’t think you want to. Then, you come with me to Heaven.” She mocks.
“Fine” I sigh and give her my hand. She smiles and flies me up to the sun.
“Lovely, I’ll die again” I retort then scream as she drops me. A voice replies to my screams, “Kelly! You can't prank newcomers. You will kill them.”
“They are already dead. God.” She stands and walks towards the tall man.
“Hey.” I squeak. He looks at me, laughs and snaps his finger. He shrinks and turns into a regular guy you would see on the street. He reaches out his hand and he pulls me off whatever I landed on. I look over and see pillow. Huh.  He looks at me and says, “You must be wondering where you are.”
“Nope” I reply, “My lovely guardian said and I quote, “Do you want to go back to Hell because if not come with me to Heaven!”
“Hey! I did not sound that enthusiastic.” My guardian retorts.
“Kelly” The guy warned her.
“My only question is, why was I in Hell?” I ask. The guy breathes in through his teeth and Kelly nudges him. He looks at her and replies, “I, God made a terrible mistake. Do you want to see what happened?”
“Then with my power I grant you the sight of the mistake. See through his eyes what happened.”
I looked in the glass eye he was holding and then, I was sucked into it! When I got my bearings I was in a room and there were decapitated heads and a man saying, “The cops found me. I am going to do what is right.”
As he said that he stood on a chair, put his head through the rope and kicked the chair. Then, he kicked the bucket. As I blinked again, I was transported to another scene.
Here the man is and there’s Kelly and God. They were arguing.
“That is not Kila!” Kelly yelled.
“I made a mistake ok? I’ll call the Devil.” God replied and was equally frustrated. He picks up his phone and calls the Devil.
“I made a mistake, I have a murderer at my place. It was the wrong location. I’ll send him back if you send her. Got it?” I hear some mumbling on the phone. Then, God waves at the man and we move to another place. No, it was where the man died. I look around and see police tape and officers. A man who must have been in charge said, “We lost him. The Decapitator is dead!”
You could hear the officers cheer and the man started to laugh. He was laughing and between that and catching his breath he said. “You… have lost… again. I am… The Decapitator… and I am… victorious!”
“Not for long” the devil said disdainfully.
“Who are you?” The Decapitator asked. He was backing up like a child getting caught eating cookies..
“Who? ME? I am the devil and I have come for you Decapitator.” The devil asserted. Then, he grabbed the man's arm and yanked him down into the Earth. The devil maliciously screamed,
“Welcome to Hell!” He started to laugh as he sunk down after the man. I watched horrified. Then, I blinked and was back in Heaven. I sunk to my knees in shock.
“You are brave Kali. Because of this I deem you a Guardian Angel.” God boomed. I look at him and he motioned to flap and I followed him with my wings. Wait, what?!? As I flapped my wings he commanded, “Kelly and Kali. You are going back down to Earth to watch over newborn twins. Good luck.”
I grinned as I looked over at Kelly and we blinked. In seconds we were in the hospital. Sadly, Kelly’s watch died. Kelly smiled sadly and said, “Watch over her.”
I nodded and walked over to the baby. I looked at the tag and it read, Keli. I smiled. Here we go.

I always wondered what would happen when I died. Well I found out and boy, I love it.
“You done?!?” Kelly screamed.
“Let’s go! We have a job to do!”
I grin and got up to leave. Oh, one more thing. Keli grew up and lived a happy life. She died peacefully in her sleep and is now in Heaven. Me? Well, let's just say Kelly and I are now the best guardians. I wonder who we’ll watch over next.

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