GE Academy: Episode Three: Home From the Hospital

November 15, 2016

“Jaya Richards was kidnaped for over a year and does not remember anything. When at the hospital to get checked out she finds out she has supernatural powers when she gets mad and accidentally uses her powers to smash a chair against the wall. Jaya has just gotten home from the hospital.”
Music plays loudly threw my headphones as I lye in my bed. My bed, those two words have value has increased since I had spent the night in the hospital. I had never realized how pleasurable it is to be in your own room. A room in which everything is familiar. A place where you know nurses are not going to come in every hour or so to poke you with needle. A sanctuary that is quiet and comfortable, unlike the plastic bedding on the hospital beds and the noises the monitors makes. I was grateful to be home. Here I can think about what happened at the hospital peacefully. After the whole chair incident the doctor ordered the nurse to bring me some water. Then he took mom and father outside the room. I have no clue what they talked about because when they came in they were all happy and smiley. They didn’t even bring up the subject of the chair. I pressed several times to get information about the chair. They told me nothing though. In the morning the doctors talked to them for a whole hour leaving me in the room all by myself watching I Love Lucy reruns. When they came back they handed me my clothes and we left. When I got home I was greeted with a banner put together by Will and Lulu. It was shocking to see how much they both had changed. Will had grown six inches and Lulu was not a baby any more but a little girl. When I came in Lulu grabbed onto Will and started to cry in fear of my horrible face. I wanted to cry. My dear sweet little sister was scared of me. She would probably have a nightmare that night with my ugly face in it. Will looked sympathetically at me and tried to console Lulu, trying to to explain that  “it is Jaya. Jaya looks a little different but she is still very pretty.” It was weird hearing those words come out of my big bully of a brother Will, but he genualy seem caring. I suppose one year is enough to change a guy for the better. I grabbed onto Lulu and him and gave them a big hug. He returned it but I might have saw Will shed a tear.   They had cake baked in the kitchen that said “welcome home Jaya.”  The icing job wasn’t that good since it was home made but I was still touched. I ate the cake listened to them talk about Will getting a scholarship into SVU. How Lulu was relay excited for kindergarten this fall. It was all nice but I felt a little out of place. As soon as we were done with the cake I made the excuse of being tired and headed up stairs and that is where I am at now. Just lying in bed thinking about everything. What to do I am no longer the same person. I am a freak. I have kidnaped, abused and I can do magic. This is crazy. Mom and father are in denial, Will and Lulu don’t know about it. I have no one to talk about this with. Tears roll down my face silently. I have cried so many times in the past two days. I am so sick of it. I just want this to be a dream. I turn off my music there is no need to waste battery on my mp3. At least my mp3 was charged. I suppose that Will charged it for me. I still don’t know what to think about this new kind Will. I kind of miss the bratty Will. Maybe it’s because I have been gone for a year. Give a few weeks I am sure he will be back to normal.  I hear a knock on the door. I don’t want to talk to anyone so I keep quiet. The door opens quietly, it’s Will. I close my eyes quickly pretending that I am sleeping. I wait in anticipation for the door to close. A minute passes before I feel my brother sitting down at the end of my bed and tickle me. I squeal as I try to wiggle out of his grasp. I then grab my pillow and chuck it at him. He laughs and falls on the bed. I growl at him menacingly which just makes him laugh more. I then start to laugh too and fall down on the bed. We spend some time just rolling around laughing. It feels almost normal except that we never had fun like this before.  Will grabs his chest and stops himself from laughing. I then follow suit.  “Jaya how are you relay doing. Are you okay.” There are tears forming in Will's eyes. This is hurting him just as much as it is hurting me. I don’t remember anything from the past year. Yet Will remembers everything. It hurts me more realizing that everyone is in pain right now. I should just keep quite tell Will I’m alright. But I’m not, I want to tell him I’m not.       “I’m not okay. I don’t know what has happened to me in the past year. I look like a monster, I will never be able to fit in anywhere. I haven't gone to school in the past year I'm going to be held back because of that. I am supposed to be going into highschool this year not going into the eighth grade. I fourteen years old and I didn’t have a birthday. My brother is acting nice and I don’t even know why.” Will rubbed the tears from his eyes trying to be the strong one.  “I don’t know how to solve your problems, I can’t. I am being nice though because of you. Everyone was broken when you were gone. Mom cried anytime and anywhere. Father was always on the phone with the cops. Lulu started to act up because of the pressure and I, I missed you. I want my baby sister back and the only way I could help was by being good. Being the support to others so the can go on and try to find you. I was jerk, but because of you I’m not. So I want to thank you. Also you need to know you don’t look like a monster. You look exsotic, intteresting. Jaya you are beautiful and if anyone picks on you know that it is only because you are different. We are all different not a single one of us are the same. The reason why bullies don’t mock everyone is because even bully’s can ignore the differences in some people because they see something in them that reminds them of themselves. You don’t want to have something in you that reminds them of themselves. Be unique.” Will started staring intensely at his shoes. I didn’t know what to think. Will said some really deep stuff. Will’s ashamed face told everything though. This person who I did not want to be like was the old Will. He was telling me the thought that ran threw his head when he was a bully. But he stopped he became a better person. I don’t believe that it was all because of me. My experience probably got him to think about himself and his actions but I think he had the stamina to do this all along. I wrapped my arms around Will and buried my head in his shoulder. He followed suit and soon we were crying holding onto each other. I don’t care what happens as long as I have my big brother.


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Jan. 7 at 12:19 pm
I just posted the next story. It will be out soon.
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Dec. 6, 2016 at 9:30 am
I am so so sorry but I am going to have to take a break until Jan 8 sorry I will post the next part then.
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Nov. 20, 2016 at 1:23 pm
I forgot to mention when the next episode will come out. I will send in the next episode on December sixth because of Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for reading this. :)
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