Young Bloods

October 25, 2016
By DylanOwens21 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
DylanOwens21 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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The dark alley, with only one dim lamp post. At night it is always pitch black as if it were outer space with no stars. The smell of burning cigarette butts on the ground and that old overflowing dumpster at the entrance of the alley. The dumpster smells as if it was sprayed by a skunk while being sprayed by that one unlucky black cat that everyone is surprisingly scared of. And that stain on the brick wall of blood. It is the blood from which someone gets caught by a gang or from one person of the nasty dirty fuzz. But don’t forget the daily gunshots and police sirens.
There is mainly one reason why I like that alley though, it’s when someone brings a person  to beat the snot out of them. They always stop when they see me, they know that if I’m in the mood I will beat them both up or the bully. But I only hang out there when I need a smoke, but don’t be afraid I am old enough. People look at me that I have been through prison for half of my life. It gives me such a great feeling, but that’s enough of me. I have already said too much. So now I want you to meet my partner in crime, Tyler. He prefers to be called “T.” He says that we are the “Young Bloods,” but I think that we are just boys. Of course, as soon as I am introducing him he is walking up.
“What are you doing,” T says with a weird look on his face. As if he is smelling something funky or if he just saw an ugly rider chick.
Plus, swag is this new drug. Someone invented it by mixing all of the harmful chemicals found from each drug.
“I am recording those two across the street, they are about to make a swag deal.” I responded with a really slight whisper with a hush at the end. T is just quiet, then “G” comes up and starts shouting at them. He scares them off, and it really makes me mad.
“Why did you do that,” I exclaimed with anger. I paused before he could say something. The two making the deal started walking back. Then out of nowhere, “BANG.”Then two more shots come, “BANG, BANG.” Then I see G on the ground. One bullet in his right shin, another in his left thigh, and the final on right in his stomach.
He’s bleeding too fast but I still try to call the police. I pull up my phone on my hand. It is this little thing that is implanted in your wrist and I slide a finger across my hand and open it. The police come too late, and they analyze the bullets.
The bullets are from a “Thunder Shock Rifle.” Those weapons are so hard to find, only so many were made because they are so dangerous. Also the materials it took to make them was so advanced that it took too long for one gun. But there I am the officers are trying to pull me away from him while he is just lying there. T is still shocked at what he just saw.
The paramedic that couldn’t save G, lost his job. That’s the thing nowadays, if you can’t save the person you lose your job. The paramedic’s name is Bryce. Bryce is sad about our loss, but over the course of a little bit of time Bryce joins our group. But he wants a name just like the rest of us, “Blade.” We go along with it because it’s not that bad.
I haven’t told you my name for a reason, if I did I might just have to kill you. Depends on who you are though, so never ask.
But Blade turns out to be really cool, but I had to shut him up at one point because I saw those two that killed G. I pulled out my “Ray Gun.” I am charging up when they turn around and start shooting their Thunder Shock Rifles. We duck for cover and T pulls out his “Death Blaster.” But from all of the shots going out my is the most lethal, it takes one shot to kill someone. Blade is about to get shot when T jumps in front and takes the bullet. I am still shooting while Blade gets his medical equipment from his backpack. The two start running because I am pushing them back with my rapid fire.
“Let’s get him outta here,” I say in an angry voice while still shooting. We aren’t far from home, we are just in town that surrounds us with a run down building here and there.
When we get to my home I leave them immediately and go to find the criminals, when I find myself cornered by them. They have their weapons pointed at me until I pull out my “Plasma Grenade,” and then they start running. It’s a special tracking one, and I throw it at one and it sticks to him. The beeping starts and the guy is about to shoot me when he blows up and it all sucks back up into a tiny subatomic particle. It turns out to be the other guy that shot at us, not the one who killed G and shot T.
He gets away, but that’s one down and one to go. I head home for the night because I need sleep and to check up on T.T is doing just fine, Blade saved him. We all eat dinner, and sleep. When we get up we were just in time.
There is a Plasma Grenade on the door with a timer. “Tick, tick” it is almost up. We go out the window and the explosion and suction all happens right above us. We end up falling into a dumpster from a one story drop. Everyone is okay, but we are quite enough not to alert the criminal camping with his Thunder Shock Rifle from across the street of the apartment complex. He sees us and we are in a huge war, shots back and forth along with Plasma Grenades. It is just completely destroying up the block.
The police come and distracts me, I was shot. Right in the chest, I shot back while falling down. It hits him in the center of his forehead. His gun falls and hurls two more shots. One hits T in his chest and Blade in his. I realize that I am dying, and next thing is that we are all in the hospital. I look to my right and see T, dying. I look to my left and see Blade dying. Our hospital beds are close to one another, so I put my hands on each of their shoulders and they do the same. And since I have a little bit in me left, I might aswell tell you my name. My name is Dylan and I am twenty-one years old, I actually had a wife and kid. I went into hiding right after they died by the guy that I shot in the forehead. He was the one I have been chasing , for years. I finally did it, but now I am out of time. All three of our sounds hit the straight blank note. So then we all died strong together. And even from that day, we were know as the “Young Bloods.” Goodbye.

The author's comments:

Created about a few friends and I in some world of nothing that ends like a fairytale.

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