Sparrow's Hole

October 25, 2016

“Ahhhhhh!!”  The whole town screamed as their city plunged into the bottom of the light yellow sand at the bottom of the light blue Ocean. All of the fish were scared too. They swam as high up in the Ocean as they could. After the city stopped falling everyone met in Atlantis Hall.
“Hush, hush everyone, The Queen has arrived in her golden crown and her blue evening gown. Everyone watch out. Her brown eyes and blond curly hair look very angered today.”
“Attention everyone!” Bellowed the Queen.  “Everyone calm down; I’ve figured out a wat to stop this madness. I’ve nominated two lucky merpeople to go down Sparrow’s Hole. I have chosen the blue-eyed, brown hair, teal tailed, happy, Leila.” The Queen said confidently.
“I am so happy to be honored to help you out Mrs. Queen. I promise I will make Atlantis good again. One question though, who is my partner?” asked Leila.
“Oh, I was just getting to that, your partner is Maverick.” The queen said excitedly.
“Not that blue-eyed, blond- haired, chiseled faced, navy-tailed, hotty! I will never finish this mission if he’s my partner, I’ll just stare at him the whole time. I’ll try to avoid him, but phew, it’s going to be hard.” Leila said with a sparkle in her eye.
“You guys shall start tomorrow by dawn, you must be finished in 48 hours, but if it’s not done by then, our city will fall into the luscious sand.”
“Alright Queen, we will go back to our shells and rest and be ready for our mission.” Maverick and Leila said together.
Leila looked to her right and she saw this lady looking at her.
That’s weird.  Leila thought.
“Ok, night everyone we need to get some rest.” Leila said yawning.
“Ppppsssssstttt, Maverick, wake up it’s time to go.”
“Ok Leila I’m coming, I’m coming.” Maverick said half asleep.
“We have a long journey ahead of us I just want to get going so we have plenty of time, now make like a wave and move.”
As Maverick and Leila started their journey they both realized they would need to fuel up before they go, so they stopped by the most popular restraunt in Atlantis called, Coral Blue.
“Ok, let’s go!” Leila said as they were paying.
“Man, I’m tired, do you want to rest for a little bit, after all it has been a few hours.” Leila said in pain.
“Sure,” Maverick said.
“We’re here. With 7 hours of walking, 5 hours on a turtle shell, and then 2 more hours of walking we are finally at Sparrow’s hole.” Leila said excitedly.
“Come on, we need to unload our stuff, we only have 34 hours left, and the hill is half a mile into the ground that we have to dig,” Maverick said in a demanding tone.
While Maverick and Leila were digging the crabs started to run and the fish started to swim away as fast as they can.
That’s creepy Leila thought.
“Are we ready to go?” Leila said eagerly.
“Yep, let’s go,” Maverick said.
It took them 10 minutes to get into the whole and positioned.
“Get ready, when I say push, use all of your might and push up on the sand,” Maverick said in a demanding tone. “OK, PUSH!!!”
“Man, that is really hard, at least we’ve moved it.” Leila said trying to catch her breath.
Yeah, we’ve moved it a total of three inches!” Maverick said sarcastically.
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!” an evil voice said from a distance.
“What was that?” Maverick said concerned.
  “It was me!!!!” the evil voice said again.
“Who are you?” Maverick said.
“I am Alana, the Evil Queen of Eel city.”
“Don’t push that sand down, that leads to Sparrow’s Hole if you push it all the sand will fall!!” Maverick said concerned.
“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Leila said yelling.
“Come on Leila let’s beat this woman!!!” Maverick said very determined.
            “Ok, let’s get going in case she wakes back up.” Leila said.
              “HHHEEEELLLLPPPP!!!” Leila said screaming.
            “What’s wrong Leila?”  Maverick said.
              “The boulder in the sand fell on my arm, I think it’s broken.”
                 “I’m coming with the tools, stay right there.”
                 “What happened now?”
                 “It, just hurts really bad. OH NO!!”
                  “OH NO!! What?”
          “It’s getting dark again, when it gets totally dark our city will plunge into the sand completely.”
             “Ok, when I tell you to stand up do it, ok?”
     “STAND UP!”
    “Yes, we did it!”
    “OWWW, my arm hurts really bad, I don’t think I can help you anymore.”
     “It’s ok, I can do it by myself.”
     You got this, it’s just the hottest mermaid on the planet. You’ve got to impress her. I wonder if she likes me? I hope so, after I save Atlantis I should run up and kiss her. It will be so romantic.
     While Maverick was in Sparrow’s hole, the whole town of Atlantis was there waiting to see if he would make it in time.
       “Everybody be quiet; he’s coming back up. When he comes up everyone start clapping.” Leila said excitedly “Clap now.”
       “Leila, I love you” Maverick said lovingly.
        Maverick swam as fast as he can up to Leila and they immediately kissed.
        “How long have you loved me for?” Leila asked.
         “Let’s just say since I first saw your eyes I knew I loved you. Do you want to be my girlfriend?
     “YES!! A million times yes!!!” Leila said excitedly.
    “Wahoo, yay” people kept shouting from the crowd.
       “OK everyone, you guys only have 1 hour to get back to Atlantis Hall, I have a little something for Maverick and Leila.” The Queen said.
      After everybody got to Atlantis Hall the Queen got up on stage and said,
        “OK everyone, I would like Maverick and Leila to please come up here please. Ok, I have two things to say but the first thing is that I would like to offer you guys the job of secretary of Atlantis. It means that you guys would have to work together every day to fight bad guys who come to Atlantis and anything that I would usually do.”
    “We’ll take the job!” Maverick and Leila said together.
       “My last offer is, if you really do love each other I will give you guys one million dollars for a wedding, the catch is you have to get married now. But, if you don’t get married now, you have to wait five years. You have five minutes to decide.” the Queen said.
        “So, what do you think Maverick?” Leila said whispering.
        “Well, I really love you, I think we should do it.” Maverick whispered.
         “I do to.” Leila still whispered “Let’s have a wedding!” Leila yelled.
         “So, I take it you accept my offer? The Queen asked.
          “Yes, we accept your offer.” they said together.
            “Let’s invite everyone in the town, we could hang some lights there a few curtains there, we can order an eight-layer shell cake.” Leila said running out of breath.
       “Calm down sweetie, we still have a few hours to plan.
          Now, let’s get to planning…….

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