Save Me

October 25, 2016
By aubreyhepler BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
aubreyhepler BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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“Huh...Huh,” I breathed heavily. All I saw was black. I had gotten up. I started feeling around to try to figure out where I was. I felt metal walls, and I was trapped in a rectangular metal box. I panicked, so I stopped took a deep breath and stated the things I knew, “My name is Sarah Smith, and I am from Chicago. I am 17 years old and I live with my parents...” I statated as I got interrupted by a robotic voice, and blue lights came on, “You are a part of a game called Save Me,” the voice said in a creepy laugh, “Only two people a year, live and make it out of the game. The game is on your phone. If you fail you won't be able to try and stay in the competition and get out. If you win all of  the challenges then you get a certain amount of money that you will receive if you get out. Don't run out of time or fail a challenge because then you can’t try again until next year. Good luck.”
Doors started to open. I was still frozen in shock and even more confused. I started walking outside to see what was out there. I was on top of a city building. It seemed to be in a city like Chicago, but wasn’t. It had all of these really tall and pretty buildings. It also was windy and a bit chilly. I thought it was around fall time. Although I was terrified, it gave me a sense of home because it was a city like Chicago.
Cautiously, I went to the bottom of the building. It felt like there were 40 flights of stairs. I looked around at the bottom of the building and most people were on their phones and then there were others who were just living their normal life. There were also people doing all of these stupid, dumb, and unsafe actions. I was pretty sure it was for the game but I was just so confused why people would want to leave, then I go started to think and realized they didn't have any of their friends or family. I was now determined to succeed and try my very best to get out because I wanted my family and friends back.
I took out my phone and it said in green lettering, steal $20. I stood there in shock because that is the wrong thing to do. Then on my phone there was a timer of three minutes. I tried to remember what the robot voice said, then I remembered I couldn’t run out of time so I ran and saw a person with their wallet out about to pay for a hot dog at a stand. I was about 20 yards away. I started sprinting as fast as I could and as he paid, and I grabbed his wallet as I bolted by He was so shocked he didn’t even try to run after me. I ran into the building and took out the wallet and I looked at the timer and it read, 3...2, and I took out the cash and shoved it to the screen of her phone, and it showed up on her phone as a green checkmark, and said in a robotic voice, “Complete.”
  I smiled and left the building feeling confident. I looked down at my phone after I left the building I looked on the screen and the screen read, Top 30 left, and it said all of the rankings. I frantically looked for my name on the list. In 12th place it read, Sarah Smith. I jumped all around and and said,” Yes, yes, yes.”
After I had cheered,  I looked down at my screen and it read, You won $2,000 for your first challenge.
I had no time to even react to the money because my next challenge was up next. It read, Kiss a stranger. Then a timer of 4:00 started going.
I was so scared because I had never kissed anyone in my life because I was so shy. I have never even had a boyfriend before, let alone kissed someone! I gathered some confidence and found this guy who was on his phone standing right next to me, by the building that I ran out of when I stole the $20. He was a tall blonde, muscular guy who looked like he was seventeen. I was nervous and so I stalled a little bit and looked at what his challenge was. I was surprised and more comfortable when his said kiss a stranger too! We both looked at each other and went for it! We kissed! We both held up our phones and put the camera on our faces so we could complete the challenge too.
We stopped kissing and just kind of looked at each other. A look like there were some kind of feelings behind the kiss!
Then our phones vibrated. It read, You won $3,500. You are required to do the rest of the challenges together until it gets down to the last five players. After we both read that I said, “ The people must like us together!”
He said, “Yeah!”
I asked him, “Well since we are doing most of  the challenges together, what is your name?”
He replied smiling, “My name is Tyler Doffert. What’s yours?”
“My name is Sarah Smith.”
“I like that name!”
Our phones vibrated and read, one of you drive a car blind and get up to 45 mph. We both looked at each other in the eye and we both looked so scared. The timer started, 5:00. Tyler took the lead, and he had his car luckily. He grabbed a t-shirt out of his car and put it around his eyes. My adrenaline was so high, but I wasn’t even nervous. I felt confident in him.
He started driving and I directed him. It was on a busy Chicago street. We pulled out and we were at 15mph, and we gradually got faster. We came up to a red light we had 1:00 left. We weren’t going to stop and start over or else we weren’t going to successfully make the challenge so we ran it. We weaved through traffic. I yelled, “Right. Left. Right. Pick up the speed a little bit.”
We had 30 seconds left and we were still at 35 mph. I told Tyler, “You have to step on it now, or we won’t make it.”
Sure enough he did. We had 5 seconds left! 3 mph to go. 4…3...2… 45 mph! I screamed, “We made it!”
He ripped off the shirt off of his eyes, and pulled into the nearest parking spot. Once we pulled to a stop we both cheered and said, “We made it out alive!”
I expressed happily, “That was so exhilarating.”
He said, “Yeah, tell me about it.”
We both laughed. Next thing we know we look down a our phones and it said that we won  $5,000. We both were so excited and happy because we had a lot of money! Then our phones vibrated and all of the sudden there showed up the top ten people left. That means that we still have to do the challenges together. After we found that out we gave each other high fives.
Then our next challenge came up on our screen. It read, rob a bank. I could tell that we both got nervous and then the timer popped up. It read, 10:00. We both hopped in the car that we drove from the last challenge. We drove to the nearest bank which was only like a block away so it didn’t take off that much time because we still had 9:00 left. When we got there we had to makeup our mind on how we were going to do this. We tried to think quickly because we didn't have that much time to think. All a sudden I got this really bad idea. I said to him nervously, “Let’s drive through the bank!”
He gave a very shocked look, which I was actually was pretty surprised about because he had followed through with all of the other crazy ideas that we had. I was starting to get used to all the craziness. Meanwhile, we had 6:00 left. We both could not come up with anything else, and so we decide to follow through with my crazy idea.
He started driving and I had gotten really nervous because I had never gotten into a car accident before, and so I was scared we were going to get hurt but we had to take that chance. I looked down at my phone before we had crashed! Is said 5:30 left, and that was the last thing I saw before the crash…
I woke up in a haze and so did Tyler. I was very confused on where I was. I didn't know if it was just me or Tyler too. He looked pretty dazed himself after the crash. I finally remembered what we were doing and looked down at the clock and it said 3:00 left. We both tried to get out of the car, but they were bent shut. We both kicked and finally got them to open. Once they pried opened everyone in the bank was running out of the building. Everything was going to plan.
We started looking for the money, and the timer was down to 1:45. I told Tyler and he freaked out and we both frantically tried to look for a lot of money. I found this safe and tried to kick it open, but it didn't work. I started looking, and around found this piece of paper in a drawer. It read six digits, 368204. I tried typing it in and it worked! I yelled to Tyler, “I got a safe open!”
Tyler came running in. I looked at my phone and it read 0:30. We both took handfuls of money, and ran as fast as we could outside the building. We ran outside because we had to show the money outside of the bank to show we stole it. We finally shoved the money into the camera and the phone read, $7,000. We both took a deep breathe,dropped the money on the ground, and ran for our lives because we knew the cops were coming soon since we started hearing sirens.
Next thing we knew we were by a restaurant and we went inside. We hid in the waiting room. Then both of our phones vibrated because it gave us another challenge, that went with our other one. It read, stand outside the restaurant for 5:00. I could tell Tyler’s stomach dropped just like mine.
We sheepishly went out to the busy city sidewalk. We stood in the mix of everyone, and tried to stay hidden so we wouldn't get caught. We heard sirens and lights coming down the street and we both started sweating. It drove by slowly but it didn't see us. I could tell they already knew who they were looking for because they had many cameras in the bank (obviously),and they probably looked at them right away.
Then after that I looked down at how much time we had left and it had already been the 5 minutes. I told Tyler and then we walked back in the restaurant and waited in the waiting area. Our phones vibrated and it read, The top three left in order, Justine James, Sarah Smith, and Tyler Doffert. We both stood there and hugged each other. I whispered in his ear, “We can make it out of here.”
He whispered back, “I hope together.”
“We can't work together anymore though!”
“Maybe we can secretly.”
“Maybe but we still have another person in front of us.”
“I know but we can take her Sarah! Together we have the power and maybe we can sabotage her chances of winning.”
“ How?”
“ We could track her down.”
“ How in the world could we do that?”
“  We could track her down on her phone.”
“ It’s worth a try.”
Tyler went on his phone and typed into Google, Location Finder. He clicked on the first website. It popped up. It read on the screen, full name, age ( toddler, teen, middle age , old), and phone number. We typed in her name Justine James and her age (middle aged). Luckily there were only five Justine Jameses. We found out that if you click on the person that it shows their location. We clicked on the first four and they were not even remotely close to where we were. Then we clicked on the last one and it showed up in a city that looked just like the one we were in. So then we looked specifically where she was and she ended up only two blocks. We both took off for the next two blocks to where she was.
We looked around and we saw a girl sitting on a bench and she looked like she was in her 30s. We walked closer to her and hid behind a tree. We both saw that her phone vibrated and lit up. That means a challenge had come up on her phone. We were close enough to see what her challenge was and it read, kill one of the last players, then a timer started for 15:00. Tyler and I looked at each other and freaked out. I was afraid that we both were going to get that challenge too. Sure enough we both got it. My stomach dropped… My heart ached... My head started pounding. I felt like I was going to pass out right then and there.
The next thing I knew I was running away from everyone. I ran across this park area where we were and I ran and hide between a tree a play set. I look all around to see if Tyler followed me. As I was in shock I looked around and he wasn't there. I didn't want to kill anyone. That would be crazy. I think I would do anything else besides that. Then all of the sudden I felt someone behind me. I looked slowly behind me and I saw a figure. I felt their breathing, the rhythm sounded familiar. I turned all the way around and it was Tyler. He had this crazy look in his eyes and I said, “What are you doing Tyler.”
“ I am ready to kill Justine,” he said mysteriously.
“Why do you have a funny look in your eyes,” I said trying to stay calm.
He finally realized that he was going crazy and toned it down a little bit. He finally said, “We have to kill her to win, get out of this place and hopefully live together.”
I was so shocked. I didn't know he wanted to do that. But then I got to thinking I kind of did too. I mean he is the nicest guy I have ever met, and we have been through alot together. That moment was when I realized that I did want to move in with him too. So I said, “I want to live together too and get out of here, but killing someone to do it is so wrong.”
Tyler replied, “It is either we kill her and have what we want, or probably never get what we want. To put the cherry on top too, we probably won't ever have this opportunity to win again. We have to do this Sarah!”
I had a very worried look on my face, I just couldn't decide. I finally realized why he had a devious look on his face because you have to be cold to do something like this to another human being who has done nothing to you, ever! I then realized that we have a time limit. We were down to 3:00 left. I only had a few second to decide. I kept going back and forth. Then I came to a conclusion. We have to kill her. I looked down at my phone and we have 2:30 left now. I then told Tyler, “ We have to do it.”
He replied, “Alright. If we work together and trap her this will work.” He pulled out a pocket knife, “Let's do this.”
We both sprinted back to the bench area. We saw her in our sights. She looked scatter brained because she had no clue where we were. We were lucky enough to even find where she is.
Tyler and I both made eye contact, and then we had gotten close enough to kill her. She finally heard us running after her and turned around but she had no time to react to the situation. I took her down and then Tyler stabbed her right in the heart. She struggled for a couple seconds then fell limp.
We both stood up and looked at her and then we hugged. We both pulled out our phones and we both earned $100,000. It said we both won. We then kissed again and then went into a hug. For once in my life, I felt safe and home in someone's arms. Then everything went black.
I woke up in a haze. I got up and realized where I was. I was in a house. Then all the sudden Tyler was there. He smiled at me and said, “We got what we wanted!”
As I ran up and hugged him I said, “I am so happy.” Then I realized something and said, “This would make a good story wouldn't it!”

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