Destruction Of The Robots

October 25, 2016
By octavio. BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
octavio. BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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Alex was living in a world that was almost ending because these robots came to the world and they wanted to take over. These robots came to the world twice, the first time they came they failed to take over eventually around Five years later they came back and tried again they successfully did. Then they started to bring in more robots. The king of the robots came in a spaceship that was made with advanced technology. The king started to make changes  like building walls with his face on it, made companies that were making nuclear weapons, and they made people work for them. One day Alex was sleeping in his head he thought
“ I want to end all of this horror”.  He started to pack up clothes, food, water, blankets, and a tent. The last thing he did was leave a note on his moms bed saying
“I'm going to try to stop all of this horror so this world  can be back to normal and we can live normal lives”. Alex dad died by the robots he always felt sad and never felt the same sometimes he even cried himself to sleep.
He went out for a walk while he was walking he met this kid called Ivan, we started to talk he said that he had a rough life because both of his parents died by the robots. He always looked sad, I tried to convince him that everything will be ok, I told him that my dad died too by the robots and I still made it pass all of the sadness and our dads are in a better place.
“Thanks that made feel a bit better”. “Your welcome,Friends”?
While Alex took out out his and Ivan and Alex shook hands and are friends now. The day went on nothing really happened, It was nighttime and Alex and Ivan went to sleep in a tent. When Alex and Ivan woke up they hap mosquito bites on their legs, Alex got his backpack and opened up a peanut butter-Jelly. Ivan was smelling fresh jelly and creamy peanut butter.
Ivan asked, ”Hey Alex can I have a piece”?  
“Yeah sure” Alex replied.
Ivan and Alex finished eating and stared to walk in the muddy, and smelly forest Then they started their adventure to try to stop all of this horror. Alex and Ivan were walking to the palace of the king of the robots to try to kill him and if they do there will be this button to self destruct the army of robots. If off all this is success the world will be back to normal. All of the people who stayed alive will work together to make stuff the same again so they wanted to make a plan to do all of that. They founded a treehouse they were going to plan all of their tactics there then go do them to defeat the robots. First Ivan and Alex need to take out the guards so they can get into the palace. They had bows as their weapons. By taking out the guards they were going to snip them in the eye so they were hiding the robots got shot and fell to the ground. They snuck in they were running around the palace they couldn't find where the king was. They were both taking down robots while looking for the queen until Ivan got shot in the torso Alex went to try to pick him up and put him in their treehouse, but Ivan said
“don't waste your time on me the robots will come and kill us both no Ivan I can't you're my friend”
Then Ivan pulled out his bow and said
“leave me here or I will shoot you. Alex ran off crying Alex was on a rampage because of Ivan he was shooting all of the robots in his way until finally he found the king's place. They were three guards guarding the king Alex got three arrows and shot all the robots at once. The king couldn't find Alex then Alex was running with his knife and stabbed the king in eye. The king was finally down Alex didn't have time to celebrate. He saw the button and pressed it hall he head was exploding sounds then suddenly the world changed and now it was time to reunite and change the world.

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