The Scientific Enrichment

October 25, 2016

“What if you could time travel through time and see the fate of the human race? No wait...even better, what if you could go to another world?” James thought .
     James sat in his old hunk of metal they call a car and ran down the clock as he usually does.  Finally, when the clock hit 7:22am, he stepped out of his car into the chilly September morning. When James looked up the sky seemed to frown at him. The wind was strong and the sky was a dark, gloomy, grey. It was one of those days where you just want to lay down with a warm blanket and watch tv.
     “A storm was coming from the east but was promised to be nothing that bad,” James thought.
     James huddled inside his thin lab coat as the wind pierced right through it. James was tall,about 7 foot 4, with a heap of long, blonde hair shaped into a wave. His stubble of a beard was growing out, which made his face look like a bum’s. He shivered in his lab coat. He was in tan jeans and had nice dress shoes on.
      “Well, at least I dressed my best,” he thought, even if he didn't keep his face nice. James walked across the parking lot and counted the empty spaces as he went by. James was one of those guys who did weird things like that. You could say that he could be left on an island alone for weeks and he would come out the same as he went in. Let's just say that he kept to himself. He stopped in front of the great towering building that they called Bio, Inc. This was where he worked. This place works in the idea of enriching other’s lives with superfoods and weird stuff like that. James turned around and looked across the empty parking lot. There were only two cars there, his and Maxwell's. This didn't surprise him. He knew no one would come in on a Saturday. James only came because he had to.
       “Stupid Boss,” he thought.
       James turned around and walked over to the scanner on the right side. He pulled his ID out from his back pocket. Lifted it up to the scanner and scanned it for the 167th time of this year. James had been counting.
“Welcome to Bio Inc. I hope you have a nice day,” the scanner said.
    “Thanks,” James said regrettingly.
    The glass sliding doors opened and James trudged in. Today, James walked down the long hall with a lazy, sluggish kind of movement. James didn't care what happened today. He just wanted it to be over. He pinned his card to his coat, but before doing that he looked at his face in the picture. He was so happy then. He had just got a life long job at a place that people like Maxwell would have worked their entire life for. 
“Oh, it won't be that bad. It's not like I have to do the same thing over and over again. I will make breakthroughs left and right,” he had thought at the time.
But that’s not what happened. He had tried not to do the same thing for 13 years, but it just didn't work. James walked down the long hallway all the way to the elevator. He pressed the elevator button and it opened with the same old *Ding* sound it always did.  He stepped in and pressed the 111th floor button. The doors closed and James had a good chunk of time to let his mind wander. James always wanted to be a writer. His father never let him. He always wanted there to be someone to look after the company when he died. Whenever James would try to tell him what he really wanted to be, his father wouldn't let him speak. He would sit in his big leather arm chair with his pipe and say “You've got the brains. Not this stupid creativity that you obviously think you have...YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO BE A WRITER!”
James hated his father. The thought of him made his teeth grind. It didn't help that he never had a mother to comfort him when he needed it most. You see, James grew into a large wealthy family, so he always had to strive to be better than the family relatives before him. His father saw it as a game. To see who could be the wealthiest in the end.
The doors opened and James stepped out into the blinding white lab. It smelled of paint and smoke from all the chemicals burning. They needed those chemicals to burn to make the fuel for the X-23. Maxwell waited in the corner of the room watching his watch. Maxwell was an older guy, maybe in his mid-60s, James didn't know. He had a bald, shiny head and a rough beard. His skin sagged and he dressed in the same outfit as James. Everyone at Bio Inc. had to wear the same clothes. It made the company look more professional.
“You’re late,” Maxwell said in a grumpy tone of voice.
“You know that elevator is slowing down each day as it gets older!” James barked back at him.
Maxwell just stood there studying James. Maxwell didn't like James. He hated how he got up to the top of the food chain on his 23rd birthday just because his father owned the place. Maxwell had worked almost his entire life to be where he stood. Maxwell also didn't like how James didn't appreciate his work. James would be lazy and not do any work and then Max would get in trouble! Max didn't see this as fair. Max went back to burning chemicals in his glass beaker.  James walked over to the glass window in the lab. He looked out at X-23. A model of his own design. The X-23 was about the size of a small camper and was made of metal into a dome. Wires and steel rods poked out here and there. James didn't think it would work and this is because he put time constraints on the thing to reverse itself after 24 hours. He liked it when his father would show something and it would fail because of him.  Besides James  didn't even know what it’s being used for!  He was just told to make machine that could disintegrate matter and transport it somewhere else. James swiveled on his right heel and turned towards his desk. Walking slowly he looked over at Maxwell to see if he was watching him. Maxwell was, indeed. Maxwell always watched James out of the corner of his eye to see if he was messing around. Like playing on his computer or making himself look like a monster with tape. James started messing around on his computer playing with the paint app when an alert screen popped up. The sign read “lower compression on pipe 6.” James looked over at Maxwell to see if he was going to do it himself, but you could tell he wouldn’t budge. James pulled himself out of his chair and sloppily walked over to the thick metal door leading into the X-23 room. He pulled his key card out and scanned it. Maxwell watched him from the corner of his eyes.  Max purposely didn't tell James about the required gas mask and gloves. He just watched, like he always does. James strolled over to the heap of metal and ducked through the doorway. Inside was tons of wires and buttons all over the walls. James went to the other side of the X-23 and pulled a grate off of the floor to find that one of the pipes had became unhooked. He reached down through the grate and hooked them together. During all of this Maxwell walked over to James’s computer and opened up the first tab. He saw a poor drawing of James kicking him on the floor. His face turned red with anger. Of all the times James had gotten away with goofing off, Max had had enough. “Not this time,” he thought, “he will pay for all that he has done!”  Maxwell turned towards the X-23.
“JAAAAAAAMESS!” He yelled.
James jumped at the sound of Max's voice, but when he did, his sleeve caught on the sharp edges of the clamps that held one of the pipes. His sleeve pulled the clamp off, and made James fall flat on his back. Little did James know that that pipe had a very flammable toxic gas that had leaked out! A very loud alarm went off from outside the door and all the doors to the X-23 slammed shut. James was locked in. He ran over to the door and started to pound of the small glass window.
“HEEELLLP MAX!” James yelled.
The alarms startled Maxwell. He ran over to the window and to the side with controls. This only made Maxwell angrier.
“Stupid James...always doing the one thing he shouldn't do! MESS EVERYTHING UP!” Maxwell thought.
He didn't need this. He had too much stress already in his life. Maxwell looked through the glass at James. His face was full of fear. Max could do one of two things. 1. Leave the door closed and let James die. This would help Maxwell because he could get a new employee who might actually work. 2. Max could also open the door and lose the company thousands of dollars that they could make back in seconds. This would save James and then Max would have to work with him probably  for his entire career. James looked behind him. The dark green gas slowly spilled out. The gas had already filled 1/10 of the room.  James turned back towards the door and saw Maxwell just standing there. His face had that evil smile on it, so James would get the idea. Jame’s face turned a pale white. He couldn't believe it.
“Why didn't Max just open the door?” he thought.
James backed up from the door. He didn't know what to do. The gas had now filled half of the room. James did what he always did when he was in trouble, he ran. James ran full sprint towards the door. He head hit first which was his struck of luck. His head hit so hard he fell back. His vision went dark and he fell back into the wall. 
2:54 Hickory Dickory Dock.The light blinded James. He looked up and saw gloriously beautiful trees and saw the shining sun. James sat up. He was in a tropical southern region. There was no wind but he could hear a bird singing. He was lying in a small patch of long, dry grass. His head pounded. He reached up to see why. His hands felt a huge gash of the back left side of his head. Standing he noticed there was no one with him. The burning hot sun beat down on his neck. It felt like the sun could burn his skin off right now.
“Where am I?” He wondered. “Is this heaven?”
James didn't know what to do. He just stood there.
“HELLO?” he yelled.
His voice seemed to wander off into the distance. James looked to his right and found a freshly used path in the wood. He walked over to examine it and found that there were boot marks in the ground.
“What am I going to do?” he thought, “I have never been alone in the wood before. I bet this path leads to people!”
James followed the path down to a dry riverbed. Looking both ways it seemed to go on for miles into the woods. He looked in all directions. No more path, just a riverbed. While deciding what he should do next,  he noticed that all of the birds had stopped singing. Not even a cricket was chirping. He felt a wave of goosebumps go down his legs. The eeriness was starting to get to him. Making him paranoid, even. He heard a soft clicking noise to his left. He turned, and there sticking out of a thick bush, was a long tube, like a trumpet. This one was different, though. It was a dark blue color. Like the color of a blued gun barrel. It didn't move. James froze with fear.
James stood there not knowing what to do. I mean, what would you do in that situation? Would you go up to it and start yanking on it? James turned his head and was about to start running, when a loud crack made his ears ring. The entire bottom of a tree exploded behind him, sending it crashing down to the ground! This sent thousands of splinters shooting out in every direction. One of these splinters shot right into the calf of James’s leg. Dark, red blood started to ooze out of his leg. He made a half sprint, half waddle down the riverbed. He didn't see what was behind him. He didn't care. James just wanted to get away from it. The rocks and the splinter made it hard for him to get down the riverbed. James heard another loud crack behind him. Something hit him on his right shoulder, sending him down on the sharp rocks. He pulled himself up and looked behind him.James couldn't see it very well, but from what he saw,he couldn't understand. Down about 120 yards was a blue man or lady in a tan safari outfit. He or she held a long rifle and was preparing it for another shot. James turned to his right and followed to riverbed. James couldn't run any longer. In school, he was never the best athlete. He darted to his right down a more narrow path than the other one. He looked behind him and saw that he might have lost whatever that was. Then as he turned his head back forwards,he tripped and fell to the ground. As he fell, he heard this awful crunching noise. Like, when you break a lot of sticks at once. His foot exploded with pain! He looked at his left foot. The front half of his entire foot had been crushed by a large bear trap. Bones and ligaments poked out here and there through his shoe. The pain was excruciating! James looked to his right and saw the hunter through the brush. If he screamed now he would surely die. The thing was the same size of a human. It had blue skin and a long elephant trunk where his nose should be. It wore a safari outfit and his eyes poked out of the top of his hat. Holding the long musket, it ran down the riverbed. James sat there thinking of what to do.
“I could just bring the trap with me?” He thought.” I could just walk with it until I find help.”
James looked down at the bear trap. It was rusty and looked just like the ones you see in the hunting store. Looking at it some more he noticed that it was chained to a large tree to his left. To get away, He would have to pry it off with his hands. James got on one knee beside it. A pool of blood had now formed around it. With both hands on either side, he pushed down on the sides. James stopped half way through from the pain.
“I have got to do this,” he thought. “ It is the only way out of here and if I scream for help the creature might come back!”
James took in two slow breaths and then pushed again. As he slowly pushed the sides apart you could hear the sounds of the bones shifting around. When the bear trap was finally open, he attempted to get up.  His foot hurt so much that he almost passed out. He hobbled his way down the path trying not to put pressure on it.  James was no doctor, but he knew that if he didn't get the bleeding to stop, he would die. Walking was hard for him. Not only because his broken foot, but because he had a piece of wood in his other leg. 
“What was that thing?” He wondered.” Where am I? And why is there nobody around? How am I not dead?” James sighed. ”So many questions but not enough answers.”
4:49 The mouse ran up the clock. James wandered around. He was to afraid to yell because he didn't want that thing to come back. James’s foot was swollen to the point to where he had to take off his shoe to even walk. He felt like so bad he wondered if his entire body would swell. This reminded him of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He felt like the girl that gets turned into a blueberry, but this time just the leg goes first. His foot was a dark red and the bleeding had slowed, but had not stopped. He would still would die if he didn't get any help soon. As he walked, his hope of leaving was demolished. He thought about what he had done with his life. He wished he had followed his dreams. Even if that meant he could only afford microwave pizza and didn't have the money to pay the rent sometimes.  At one point he let a few tears slip by because he had wished that he had known his mom better. He wished that today wouldn't be his last day. People say, when you are at your lowest point in your life, and you are just about to give do one small thing and it sets actions in motion.
6:34 The clock struck one.James stumbled through the forest hot and sweaty from the heat of day. When he found a dark object out of the corner of his eye. He stopped and studied the object. This object only raised more questions than answers. It was an armored vehicle. Not just any vehicle, a military one. He pushed his way towards it. The jeep was on its side and was about 4 inches in the ground. James crawled into the hatch on the top. Inside was cool and had things flung all over the place. There was no one there. James crawled to the far back and sat down. He was so tired. His eyes started to close when he saw a white object next to him. He sat up with excitement and almost jumped through the roof. It was a first aid kit! Opening it he found gauze, a rusty needle, two band-aids, and some painkillers. James pulled off his sock and looked at where his toes should be. His big toe was hanging by a small piece of skin and he had no idea where his pinky toe was. All of his toes had been mushed together into about 3 inch section of mangled flesh.The bear trap had cut right below the joint that connected the toe to the foot. James looked around and  found dirty water bottle on the bottom of the jeep.
“I could try to clean up the wound,” he thought.
Dirt had gotten into his cut from walking. He couldn't just leave the dirt in there, it could get infected.  James unscrewed the cap on the water bottle. He slowly poured it on his mangled foot. Which was a very bad idea, because it hurt James so much! The water felt like acid on the cuts. He then wrapped it in gauze. Swallowing the pain killers was trouble because of his dry mouth. James had lost a lot of blood. He was so tired. James laid his head back and decided to take a little nap. He started dreaming.
James was sitting on the swing at his father's house. He loved to swing. He would do it all day long sometimes.  The hot sun rose above the trees and shined down on him. He felt good.
20:34 The mouse ran down the clock.James woke up just as hot and sweaty as when he had fallen asleep. James checked on his foot by unraveling the gauze from his foot. His foot swelling had gone down, but it was covered with a giant blister. His toes weren't clumped together as much. He rummaged through the the remains of the Jeep for awhile. He thought this would be a waste of his time but was rewarded with a dirty pair of boots. If you were in the real world you would have never even stopped to pick them up. These boots were a baby barf green and had two huge holes in them, One on the back and the other was on the front. His cluster of broken toes fit perfectly in the boots, thanks to the holes! James stepped outside into the early morning. The sun was just starting to break through the trees.  James went over to the back of the Jeep. You could just see a bit of what looked like a road. James squatted down kind of awkwardly and brushed away dirt. You could still see the faded yellow line.
“This was a road once!” he thought. “Where there is road there is people at the end of that road!”
James trotted a little faster this time. His hope had been raised slightly, but what hurt him the most was his foot and no water. The last drop of water he had was when he was about to go to work. If he new this was going to happen he would have chugged six more glasses at least! Along what looked like a road he found a nice stick that served as a crutch for his journey. James wanted so badly to go home. He wanted to sit down with a nice cold glass of water and drink it slowly. He thought to himself about what would he do if he ever returned. How he would go out more, maybe see the world. Though deep down inside of him, his fear was getting the best of him. When this would happen he would just think about his swing from his earlier dream.
The road led up to a huge mountain. James thought that if he got to high ground he would be able to see someone or something. As long as it is not that creature. James still didn't have the answer to the million dollar question.
“ How did he get here?” James pondered. 
This question made him think a lot. He didn't know what the answer was. In the end he could have never imagined what had really happened. James trudged up the steep mountain towards the top.  This was hard because his pain killers were starting to wear off.It also didn't help that he had to go through thick brush. It seemed like no one had gone up this hill in years. The vegetation had grown in high and wide clumps. Sometimes he would find his was through and others he would have to fight his way through. Steaming hot  sweat streamed down his face and arms. The trees trapped all of the heat in and made the forest like one giant baked potato. James loved potatoes. He would eat tons of them when he was home. He didn't even care what kind. He ate steamed, boiled, mashed, sweet potatoes, and sometimes raw. Thinking about food hurt James's  stomach. This entire time he climbed up the mountain he thought about food. His lips were cracked and bleeding slightly. He also had a lot of dirt spots on his shirt from falling and sleeping in that jeep.
23:50 Hickory Dickory Dock. James pushed through a final opening and looked out over the horizon. What James saw he couldn't comprehend.
James dropped down on his knees. His eyes started to tear up.
“WHY!”he yelled. “WHAT WENT WRONG!?”
It all made sense to him now. The X-23, the jeep, how there is no one! James looked up at what layed over the horizon. He tried to speak again, but the words just wouldn't come out. Over the horizon laid the shattered remains of what he once knew as  Ohio. The humongous tower of Bio Inc. stood out from  the other crumbling cities. You could still see the large Bio of the tower.
“Why me?” Jams thought. “What did i do to deserve this.” “I was just some guy who just built for ………”
This epiphany came to James very fast. When this his him, it hit him hard.
“ The X-23!”He thought. ”No wonder I was told to transfer matter!” “It was made to transfer matter through time! When I fell back from hitting the door I must have luckily hit the controls some how! But, how far have I gone into the future… … and how am I going to get back?”
Then when thinking he heard a small crack of stick break behind him. He slowly turned his head to look and see what made the noise behind him. Sticking out of the brush was a dull gray end of a barrel. Down the top of the barrel he could so two green eyes looking straight at him. James froze with fear. He had been in this situation before ,but right now he didn't know what to do.
" This is it, this is how I die," James thought to himself. "No redemption story where I go back and everything goes to normal. The hero doesn't get to live to tell the tale.   He dies and that's the end. Will anyone even noticed I am gone?"
     James stared into the dark cave of the barrel waiting for the bullet to stop him dead in his tracks. 23:59 The clock struck two but no mouse.
" No way out , nowhere to run," he thought. If I jump of I will die. The cliff  must be at least 500 feet off the ground. I am the hunted and he is the hunter.... .... And the hunter won. James closed his eyes and accepted fate. 24:00 hours the mouse had died Hickory Dickory Dock.
James was blinded by the bright light in front of him. He looked up. Wires and a familiar bright white light was above him. He sat up. He felt like he had been here before.His eyes were still adjusting from his slumber. He felt his head. It was scared and he could feel the indent from the impact. His eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room. He was in the X-23! A man in a yellow lab suit ran in.  His eyes were big and had a dark drown in them. It was Max.
I jumped onto him and clamped my hands around his neck. His eyes got  bigger and you could see his fear. James saw red. Max put his hand on James face and tried to push him away. James just squeezed tighter. The life slowly drained from  his eyes. James heard voices behind him and felt hands on him. They couldn't pry him off of Max. When James sets his mind to something he does it all the way to the end.  James's vision went black for the second time.
James was hit along the side of the head with a hammer and knocked out so he couldn't harm anyone. He never put the pieces together on how he got back. I am going to let you on a little secret on how he got back. You see when I would mention the random times throughout the story. This was me telling you how long he had left. When James made the X-23 he tampered with it , remember? He put a time limit on the machine. When the clock hit 24 he was setback 1 hour forward from time he started. The others people were there to get rid of the contamination of the leaked gases. James later quit his job and went on to be an artist until he died at the age of 87 in his sleep. Max worked till he died and became the CEO of Bio Inc. He died from a cancerous tumor in his brain the size of a lemon. James cheated death three times. This made him realize what he had and what he really wanted to do with his life.  When he went through yield he went 1,237 years into the future.  No body believed him when he told his story. They just thought he was crazy. He later realized he didn't need to listen to anyone.He did what he wanted to do.

     You can't change the past, but you can always change the future. Just be certain to never miss the future.

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