Pitch Black

October 25, 2016
By Esmeraldajuarez BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
Esmeraldajuarez BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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I woke up, everything was pitch black. No light, no noise. I felt as if i was covered in a soft, heavy object, like a blanket or something. I kept blinking and blinking. I pushed off the object that was on me and stood half my body up. Then there, when I halfway stood up, from my thigh to my whole leg was in pain. I yelled “UGH WHAT THE ..OOH UHH.” I kept trying to see why my left leg was in pain, but still couldn't see anything. My hands felt as if they were dusty, and my left leg hurt as if some one kept stabbing it or sticking a needle into it deeply. My hair was greasy as I ran my fingers through it. I couldn't  see anything, even if I squinted and blinked a billion times.

Nothing made sense. I remembered my mom and my dad all of the sudden, I cried and started worrying even more than I already was in the moment. I didn't even plan on moving. I didn't know what could be on the ground or who could harm me, and the fact that my leg was in pain also made me not want to move. I felt tears going down my cheek and my little hands start to shiver, while the rest of my body started to shiver as well.
“MOM, DAD? WHERE ARE YOU GUYS! HELP. SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!” I yelled with all my strength.
No one responded. Not even one noise came out. I started to cry even more.     
     “SOMEONE HELP ME, pl-PLEASE heLP.”, I yelled again as my voice cracked.  Then I stopped and wiped my tears off. I told myself, “C’mon, stop being a crybaby ugh.”
I thought to myself, what if I just starve and die right now, right here?
I don't' want that, I also thought, so i'm just going to have to think my way out of where I am and figure out myself what's going on. I still couldn't see anything, but i'm going to try  to get myself out of here. I kept thinking what to do and took a deep breath. In and out, trying not to freak out and trying to relax.
I slowly move my hands on the ground, side to side and around to see if I could feel or find anything.
I moved my left hand around even more farther out as I was on the ground. I didn't feel anything, but a cold hard cement floor as I guess. I still keep swerving my hands around on the ground, but still feel nothing but a cold, hard ground. At the moment I'm calm, I breathe okay, but my leg is also still in pain.
     As I kept swerving my hands around the ground trying to find something, I looked in front of me in the darkness. I see two bright red eyes as big as bowling balls. I think to myself,
What do I do? What is that? What's going on? Would this the end of my life?                 My heart started to hurt, it was pumping faster than it should be. I was scared. No words can explain how scared I was. I tried my hardest not to breathe really loud or even shiver, but everything in my body was getting shivers as I see the big red bright eyes in my face.
I just stood in pain and panic. It looked at me straight in the eyes as I was just hoping in my head that this was all a dream.
     I didn't even move an inch, not even a spec. As the bright red eyes stared at me, it kept blinking but it still looked at me straight in the face. My whole body was just felt as if someone punched me in the stomach and I stopped breathing.
As it stared at me, I tried not to scream.
The big, bright, red eyes, just stared and suddenly laughed with a deep down voice nonstop.
“HaAHHaHAHAHAhahAhHA. You think i'm scary, don't you?” It said with its deep, scary, voice.
I shivered even more. “No i'm not. Please just don't hurt me. please.” I said.
Its eyes seemed as if they were squinting in question.
“Child. I know you're lying. People like you never fool me. hahahaHaHAHAHAHAHAHAh… No one can fool me, not even you. I know you are scared.” It said, as it's eyes seemed if they were halfway closed.
I stood in panic with my whole body shivering in the most worst way. A feeling that no one on this world has ever felt. My heart was pumping as if someone was throwing a basketball at my chest nonstop real fast. It's laugh was the most scariest thing i have heard, echoing back and forth into my ears.
“OKay, okay. ye-ye-YES i'm terrified, but please. Im begging you. Please, don't hurt me. I don't know what i'm doing here. I don't know what's going on. Please just help me out.” I said with my stuttering voice of panic.
“Oh haha, i'm not here to help. I've been hungry for days and i haven't eaten at all.” It said with its deep voice again. I heard soft giggles and laughter after it stopped speaking.
“I might just even eat you. You seem like a fresh piece of meat wandering on the ground i see, haha child, i eat what i find, as i please, and no one's stopping me. I'm not scared of what is scared of me, trust me .” It said with laughter, as it still stared in my face.
My heart now felt as if it was going to rip out my chest with all the panic and shivering. My head and my hair was sweaty as if i just took shower. My palms were sweaty and so were my armpits. All this panic made me just feel like i couldn't breathe anymore.
“PLEASE JUST DON'T HURT ME. please…” I started crying, “Please, ugh I need help. Not death. Help me please.”
The big, bright, red eyes started fading away in dark as if they were going away or it was stepping back. Then, the eyes disappeared. They were gone, i couldn't see them anymore.
It was just dark. No more big bright bowling ball sized red eyes staring at me. No more scary laughs. I freaked out even more. What if that creature just snatches me right now and eats me alive or just bites my head off, i thought.
“H-Hello? W-w-w-what are you, ugh um. I mean, um, where are y-y-you?” i said with my shivering voice, trying to talk calmly.
I heard no noise, not even one echo. I asked again with my scrapy, stuttering voice,
“Hello anyone, is an-anyone the-?”
As i talked, lights turned on, interrupting my sentence. The top, high ceiling appeared, with bright white lights. I could see everything and, my heart just felt as it stopped.
The first thing i look at, after the lights turned on, i look at my injured leg. The whole time my leg was in pain, i had just realized my leg had the most biggest slit on the side of my leg. I wanted to vomit and vomit, over and over again. My leg had a cut that was the size of a baseball bat that started from the back of my foot heal, up to the top of my knee. I didn't even think about trying to move my leg. Then as i peeped the cut again, i felt a movement inside of my cut. I leaned over to look at my leg and why it felt as if there was something in my leg. I was disgusted with all my heart, after i saw what was inside my leg.
I started covering my mouth, trying not to scream as i look up and cover my eyes with tears going down my cheek.
There, i could see my bone in my leg, with my own eyes. I saw maggots, flies and my bones, inside and outside my leg.
“What the, What the...Oh my god oh my god. AHHHHHH. What in the … ugh lord what in the bloody heck happened to MY LEG?!” I screamed with my arm covering my mouth so it wouldn't be so loud to attract anything or anyone dangerous.
I looked up to not get disgusted as my tears of panic and anger went down my cheek. The flies just flying around my leg and blood as the maggots crawled into and out of my leg trying to dig into my meat as well.
I kept trying not to vomit. I just didn't even look at my leg or even try to pick at it. It was the most disgustingest  thing ever that anyone could see. I uncovered my mouth and my heart just felt like if someone was hitting me in the chest with a hammer fast. I then looked around so see where i was before i even started to worry about anything else.
I looked around, under, over, side to side on my own body. There were spider webs attached from the ground to my legs and webs attached from the ground to my sides.
I thought even more. If i have spider webs on my legs then how long have i been here for? Then when and how long have i had this terrifying, deep, disgusting cut?
I kept trying not to cry anymore. I then wiped my tears again and told myself as always, “Stop being an idiotic crybaby.”
I then stopped crying and focused on what i was wearing and where i was. I was wearing grey, dirty shorts, that were as long as my arm length and a white tank top. My tank top was stained with yellow sweat stains and red stains that looked faded away as if it was blood that has been there for days. I looked around and it seemed as if i was in a jail cell. It was also cold, the shivers i had was from panic and the coldness. I looked around even more, behind me, in front of me, side to side and top ceiling from down. There were only three cemented walls, a cold cemented floor, and a jail cell kind of door in front of me. There was a cemented wall behind me, one on the right of me, one on the left of me and the bar door in front of me. The door wasn't really just a door. They were thick bars with twirling thorns around them.
I have to do it, i thought to myself.
I have to stand up and get out of here, even if i'm in the most pain.
So I started pushing myself up with my own hands and helped myself stand up with my uninjured leg while my other leg was already half way rotten and in pain. “UGHH SHi...SH.. UGHH.”
The pain i was in was the kind of pain that no one could have. It felt as if someone just shoved a metal sharp bar in my leg and kept stabbing it over and over. The pain kept getting worse each time i kept moving more and more. I have to just find myself out this jail cell hell.
“UGH, f..fu..FRICK.” I yelled trying not to be too loud.
I surprisingly actually stood up and started limping. As soon as i stand up, i started leaping to one of the cement walls. I leaped and leaped with only one leg. I hit the wall with my hand, trying to hold myself up to not fall to the ground again. I only had my left arm, my right arm, and my right leg, i couldn't do much, especially when my leg is in the most worst position. My injured leg was just hanging and dangling off my own body with my right leg shivering from trying to hold the weight of my own body. My hands shivering from panic, weakness and the cold.
I don't know what to do but just hop myself up and keep going to the thick bars to try to find my way out . I think and think. I looked around again as I kept trying to keep myself up. I look at the thick bars. I leap and jump to the thick bar door, with the one leg as the other one was in the most pain.
“ fu..frick.” I said as I kept moving.
As I limp and leap to the thick bars, I saw a silver key just sticking out between the thick thorny bars. I quickly grabbed it as I kept balancing myself to stay up.
As I grabbed it, I saw a keyhole on the side of the thorned thick bar door and I inserted the key into the keyhole, hoping it was the right key to let me be free from this small cell place.
When I inserted the key, the door opened.
I pushed the thick bar door open, I took out the key out of the keyhole and put held it in my hands.
As I opened the thick bar door, I felt relief, freedom, and air.
All I saw were three halls.
One straight ahead of me, one to the right and one to the left of me.
I loudly yelled, “ MOM ? DAD ? ANYONE THERE ? “
From a far distance, I heard my mother's voice,
“Jay! Baby where are you! Jay, i'm over here! Where are you! Baby, it's mama. I'm here.”
It felt as if my heart stopped pounding against my chest.
Tears went down my cheek. “Mom? I swear-is-is-that you?” I said as my voice cracked with the sniffs of my own tears.
Again I heard her beautiful voice, “Yes Jay, it's your mother! Are you okay honey! I'm over here.”
I looked at the hall straight ahead of me, it was blue. I looked at the hall on the right of me, it was green. I looked at the hall on the left side, it was red.
My mother's voice appeared again,
“Jay, hold on baby, I'm coming. Where are you?! Describe the place you're in!”
I yell everything I see,
I again hear my mom's voice, “Baby go through the red hall! All I see is a red hall In Front of me! Go through that hall honey, I'll find you!”
She then replied “Alright honey, please be careful.”
“I WILL.” I yelled.
I then started to walk and limp across and through the red hall.
My injured leg was numb, I couldn't feel much anymore. It was a bad and good thing, as long as I could be fine for at least a minute then I'd be okay.
As I walked and walked there, there was a red bright room with red lights on the top ceiling. Then in the middle of the room, I saw my mother's beautiful face.
She was there, standing and waiting for me.
I stopped and looked at her as tears went down my cheeks again.
“Mom, is-is this really you?” I said.
“YES, yes-HONEY it's-it's me. Come to mama.” She said with tears going down her cheeks as she ran up to me and held me in her arms.
She looks at me from up to down, and checks if I was okay.
As she saw my leg and the maggots and all the disgusting stuff that was going on down there in my cut, I didn't even try to look at it again or peep at it.
“Oh my, my GOD? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR LE-LEG?” She yelled.
“Mom I'm oka--” I said as I got interrupted.
“DOES IT HURT? Why does it IT LOOK ROTTEN AND UGH--”  she said with a disgusted voice.
She turned around, started puking and gagging. Her clothes were dirty as well, she had long pink pants and a long sleeved shirt that was red.
She leaned over to the ground with her hands on her knees trying to hold herself up from trying not to puke on herself.
Her puke was all over the ground, spreading everywhere.
She turned around, looked at me, and wiped her left over puke off her mouth.
“As long as you're okay, I'm okay.” She said.

I giggled, “Mother, um, I'm fine. I just need a little lift as I walk. I can't walk too well and I need something to tie around my leg.”

She had a hole in one of her sleeves and pulled her finger through it to rip it open to use for my leg.
She grabs my injured leg, and ties around the red sleeved part of her shirt around my leg on the cut.
My leg was numb and I could feel anything.
“Does it hurt?” My mother said.
“No I'm good. Let's just get out of here.” I said.
My mother replied smiling, “Huh, alright baby. Cmon, put your hand around me. You're okay, mamas here.”
I then stopped and looked at my mother.
“Mom? Where'd dad go? Where is he!?” I said.

She ignored me for a few seconds and tears went down her cheek.
I asked again, ‘’Mom.  Where's dad…?”
She replied, “Baby, your father is gone.”
I fell to the ground.
My heart broke.
Tears bursted out my eyes.
I covered my face with my cold hands.
I saw my mom's eyes tear up as well.
“7 years ago everything was normal. Your father and me were out finding bread to bring back for you to eat. You were at home and you only 6 years old at the time. We came back and you were sleeping in your little bed. We kissed you goodnight. The next morning I was by myself. Your
Father was lost . I couldn't find  him even if I screamed the loudest. I then yelled your name, but you never responded. Till today, jay. Jay it's been 7 whole years I haven't seen you. I've been counting these days and nights and I've been checks marking them on these cement walls. I grabbed an abandoned rock on the ground and scratched tally marks to count how many days I've been here. I missed you, and I miss your father. Your father could be alive, but I doubt it. He never responded and I've never heard of him again. ”
My anger and my sadness was mixed, “7 WHOLE YEARS I'VE BEEN HERE AND MY FATHER'S DEAD AND ME AND YOU ARE STILL ALIVE?” I said.
Everything was done for me. I couldn't even think right.
Knowing that I just lost a father and my train of thought.
My mother grabbed me by the hand and picked me up again. “Baby, we're getting out of all this nonsense alive okay, I don't know what's going on either. If you want to live and get out then we're going to have to get out together. Trust me baby, I'll take care of you.” She said.

“Alright mom, cmon.. let's go.” I said with tears going down my cheek still.
My mother picked me up and put her arm around my waist and I put my arm around her neck to keep balance of me to not fall.
I still couldn't feel my leg, my leg was still numb.
My mom walked me through out the red hall.
She stopped and looked up.
As we got to the end of the hall, there, was the most ugliest creature that could make your heart pop right out your chest. It stared into my mamas eyes and mine too. i Then realized it was the same creature I saw that said was going to eat me. The creature that had big sized bowling ball eyes that were, bright red. They stared Into my eyes and mom's eyes deeply. It's body looked deformed. There was a tail on each side of it's body and a tail on the back of it's body like a dragon. Big humongous, large, wings as well with spiky thorns on them.  There were horns under it's chin as if they were elephant trunks. It's had a nose that was pointed, sharp enough to to stab through a rock or something hard. It's whole body color was just black, black enough to not even hide in it's own shadow. It had six legs, and two arms with large sharp claws. There were horns going down it's long spine, going from large horns to larger horns. It's mouth opened with drooling saliva and bright, white, overlapping on each of it's own teeth, sharp teeth ready to snatch my mama's body whole and same as well with me.
My mother looked at me with fear and said, “Honey, If we don't make it out alive, just know I love you, but for now, c'mon now. LETS RUN. HOLD ON TO ME.”
She ran and carried me along down the green bright hall as we went through the monster's legs, running through to get to the green hall.
The monstrous creature just ran after behind us.

“hahahHAHa, come here little fresh meats” said the monster.
“Mother run faster, RUN FASTER MOM.” i yelled as the creature kept getting closer.
It's legs ran faster and faster, closer and closer to us.
As my mom was running out of breath, i starting to run with my right leg to just at least help her. As we ran further and further the green hall, there was a right turn and only a right turn.
I yelled, “TURN MOM, c'mon run!!”
“Alright hold on!” she replied.
As we turned the corner, there i saw grass and everything you would see in nature.
As we turned around, the creature opened its mouth wide.
The creature ate me.
Everything was dark.
I couldn't see anything, and i couldn't feel anything.
Then i woke up, i took a deep breath.
I saw my room. I was in my bed, covered in my blanket. I saw my window on my wall. Everything was normal.
Just incase this was all a dream, i yelled my mom and dad's name. “MOM, DAD?”
I heard my mother's voice from downstairs, “Yes sweetie?”
I also heard my dad's voice from his garage working, “Good Morning Jay!”
I touched my face, i felt my face was good and clean.
I took off my blanket and looked at my leg. No cut was there. No maggots, no spider webs. No nothing. Just a regular, beautiful day.
Then from the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow or a reflection that just passed outside my window, and heard the laughs I had in my dream again but this time, in real life. I heard someone scratch claws outside my window like it was just scratching the wall outside, but
That was all a dream.
Now it's all real life.
A fantasy dream, coming to real life.

The author's comments:

What im trying to do is get people to find my article really good with unexpected pop outs. Basically just want people to find the Action in it.

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