the old woman

November 3, 2016
By , louisville, KY

Eddy woke up from his nap because he heard a scratching noise at the front door so he was got up from his bed to go check the door and nobody was there so he opened the door and stepped on the porch and cut the porch light on then he went back in the house and went back in his bed. then he heard the noise again so then he ran back to the front door to hurry and catch whoever was making that noise then he seen some white hair that looked like it could be an old person then he jumped and opened the door to see who it was and it was gone so he ran back to his room scared shaking then he slammed his door,then he heard the weird noise again so he opened his door just a little where he could see then he seen a white gown sweep through the kitchen.
So he called the police, and told them “SOMEBODY IS IN MY HOUSE HURRY” then he hung up and he heard somebody say “whhyyyyy did you doooo that” in an old voice Eddy screamed “WHAT DID I DO TO YOU” then it got quiet then the police banged on the door “OPEN THE DOOR” Eddy hurried and opened the door the police swept through the house they didn’t see nobody then the police walked to Eddy and said “ kid you know you can get in big trouble for falsely telling” Eddy said “but I seen it she was old whitish greyish hair and with a white grown with blood stains all over it” the police said “hahahaha happy Halloween kid” then Eddy was sad that the police didn’t believe him so he ran to his room in tears then he heard the noise again.
So then he went under his bed and he felt somebody’s presents so he turned around and he seen a scary looking old women he screamed the old women said “where is my darllllllaaaaaa” Eddy said “who’s Darla” and the old lady disappeared then Eddy ran to his neighbor’s house and banged on the door then the door opened the door was broke so he ran in there house and said “anybody here?” there was no answer so Eddy ran into a room and hid then he realized the curtains was opened so he went to the window to close them then the old lady’s face popped up at the window he screamed.
Eddy ran in the other room and he seen a little girl ghost but for some reason he wasn’t scared so then he said “who are you” “she said darla” Eddy was shocked he said “your grandma is looking for you” Darla said “DON’T LET HER FIND ME SHES GOING TO KILL ME”  Eddy turned around and it was the ghost then that’s when the old dead women was ready to stabbed him in the head  EDDY WAKE UP TIME FOR SCHOOL” Eddys mom said.     

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