Saved By A Blue Moon

February 19, 2009
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The sky, the sunset, it?s all so beautiful. As a child I always wondered why the sky is blue, but I never asked, I didn?t want to know the scientific reason, because it seems so much more beautiful before you know.
The beach , the feel of warm sand sinking your feet. It is one of Gods gifts to the world, it gives you a feeling of love, and safety, in a world that seems to revolve around hate and impurity.
Sun beams dance around me, and the breeze sings a calming melody.
God gives us the most precious things, he gives us what we want not just what we need. And we take those things for granted, and even shun them when we are mad at the world and blame God.
When things hurt, we seem to think of God, the one who controls all. God does control all but he uses his powers to test us, to see how truly faithful we are.
I just wish I could have learned that sooner.

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