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February 19, 2009
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I always said "Thats impossible"."it will never happen."That was untill I met danny.He was older than me wiser and going through high school like it was just an obligation.He never looked back.And never asked why?Or that was untill I came.He says I make him think.Think about all sorta stuff.Things that he never normally thinks about.At the time I felt speacial.This majestic being who I never soo much as said hi too tended to see me as some sort of inspiration.Why am I soo lucky?I thought.

Truthfully though I wasnt lucky though I was cursed because this inoccent bystandered had gotten too know me he was now in terriable danger.

At the time I thought IMPOSSIBLE.That was all I thought.Im not that speacial too be able too have power others did not.But those that told me where on various situations I had made someone act abnormally.It wasnt until they named danny that I started too get seriously freaked out."What he got to do with this?"I ask in my most un intellectual voice possible.Alott said the odd man I was speaking too.They say that they first noticed my 'power' when I met danny.That he being sorta speacial to me was the reason why I activated this power.Niow Im not very educated, not like danny any way, but I got there drift and got too my feet faster than what the could think possible.I was out the door before any of them could state the tradional phase "get him."Now I was on the run and thanks too my stupitity I was already at dannys house and talking too him mom.Danny came in and I almost screamed.He was covered in red and looking like he was about too physically harm someone.No sorry perticulary me. I had too do something its all my fault.DAnny need not be hurt more.Im gonna run but not before I chat with danny.Never before.

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