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Two Faced Charade

October 10, 2016
By WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink. - T.s Eliot

Sometime only paper will listen to you.-Unknown

They were celebrities. Millions of people knew about them and million of eyes were always on them. It would feel like their every move was being tracked but they didn't mind. No because the cameras didn't see everything. Once those cameras turned off they turned into different people. Very different people.


"Thank you once again for being with us today Harmony and Blessed."


Harmony small framed girl with long hair down her back. Her smile could bring everyone to peace.


Blessed wasn't his real name but rather his stage name. He was average in height and build. He was a blessing to people's lives and was very generous.


They were both polite but had their quirks like any person.


Though for some reason they both either loved or hated the night because they would never do anything after a certain time.


So one host asked them out of plain curiosity. They both answered the same.


"Oh I love the night. It's when I can shed my skin."


This was repeated in a book written by Saint nicknamed that because she was nice and kind. She would blush when someone called her cute.


Though not a lot of people questioned their words much. They thought it may be a bit strange of wording but Saint was a writer who wrote unusual stories and Blessed and Harmony have been saw reading her books in the past.


So the paper rolled it off as a joke and that was the end of it but pretty soon people started to realize something about these three.


One day a person caught Harmony talking to herself for five minutes. Repeating the same sentence over and over again.


Then another person replayed one of Blesseds songs and heard a small voice in the background.


Lastly a person who died had one of Saints books. Which wasn't weird but what the person wrote inside was crazy. Drawings of monsters on pages, underlining text and making sentence from words paragraphs apart but it was in a pattern and made a paragraph.


'When the darkness comes don't turn away.' Was the words Harmony repeated.


'Don't you dare run, don't you dare hide; it wouldn't matter anyway.' Was in the back of Blesseds song.


'The darkness sees all. It will get you no matter what you do. It will tempt you with power. But for power their must be sacrifice. Do not fear though, all it wants is your being.' Was the paragraph.


These things freaked people out at first but with some words and a sweet smile they were gone like that. Never to show up in the media again.


Well what do you think world? Is there something off about these three individuals? Or is this another quirk?


Saint laughs loudly at the article on the Internet.


"Oh gosh these rumors. This one is actually more close to the truth though."


"True I remember reading that some people thought we were aliens." Blessed says.


"Or in a cult." Harmony adds in.


"Yeah that one was funny but we can never be ruled by mortals. That's impossible." Saint whispers the last part as her body changes.


"Is it already time for the night to rise?" Harmony ask.


"Yes it is." Blessed speaks as he changes.


Harmony starts to laugh hysterically as her true form takes place and the world around them starts to change.


Everyone has a dark side that lives in a different universe but sometimes a person isn't born with them but rather they're born together as one person. That means they can change and go when ever they want.


Earth changes into Death. Blessed changes into Demise. Saint changes into Sinner. Harmony changes into Chaos.


Chaos take form as a broken doll. With one of her eyes leaving and black carvings around it to make a broken form. Multiple black lines and stitches around her body. She wears a short ruffle black and purple dress that's ripped and has patches on it of different colors. She wears no shoes but ribbons around her ankles and wrist. Her long hair in pigtails tied with ribbon. She carries a wicker basket filled with string, needles and other various stuff.


Demise's face twist up into a wicked smile. A magicians hat with a wavy black ribbon tied to it. Heavy black boots, the sole covered in old blood. Not his of course. Black pants and a white button down shirt with a black coat. Cards surround his body they're dirty and beat up. A tattoo of a rabid bunny with a bloody mouth and dirty fur. Four piercings litter his lip and four more on his eyebrows. Then multiple ones scattered on his ears. Two on each side of his collar bone. Zippers wrap around his wrist and his neck put their by Chaos. He was the definition of an evil magician.


Sinner was the weird one though that could camouflage her true self. She had a delegate white angel wings that produced light. She wore a white dress that flowed elegantly in the wind and with white heels. Though this isn't her true form. Those feathers can shed in seconds and grow back in seconds too. When the feathers all gone bat wings with red and black show. The dress blooms black and turns into a leather skirt. A leather jacket forms with a spiked black bra under. The heels turn black.


Of course they have powers too in Death everything is like it came from a book like what Saint would write. Of course Saint got the inspiration for her books from a world she knows all to well. All the adventures, characters and places she writes come from Death along with the three main characters.


Though today they will not spend their time in Death. It is Halloween and that's when Death and Earth are opened up at the same time.


When they go to the black portal that leads them to Earth. People of all different kinds are held back by rope. But as soon as the rope drops to the ground they all run to Earth.


Jumping through they fall from the sky and land on the ground. Tonight no one will have a shadow. 


"I love your costume." A group approaches Chaos.


"It's not a costume." She spreads the eye socket with no eye and puts a finger in and shows them the empty space. Then she unravels stitches to one of her fingers and it comes off. The crowd shrieks as she puts the finger back on.


Some of them hit her trying to get away and before they know it they turn violent. Screaming and fighting one another and people. The more people they hit the more people turn into vicious maniacs.


"The powers of war."


Demise stands in front a group of people doing a card trick.


"Is this your card?"


"Yes." A guy replies. Demise hands the guy the card. When the guy touches it his finger tips turn black. He crumbles to the ground in seconds with blood coming out his mouth. When people go to touch him they get the same symptoms.


"The powers of disease."


Sinner sits on a half fallen angel statue in a graveyard. She hears the laughter of people as someone in there group jumps over a shadow caused by a rat.


Someone from the group spots her and goes over to her. The rest of the group follows them.


"Are you a real angel?" Someone says making the group laugh.


"Jack don't be stupid she's in costume."


"No he's correct. Well half correct."


"What?" A girl says.


Sinner stands up on the statue spreading out the wings she kept hidden.


"Whoa those look so real." The guy name Jack comes up and touches the feathers.


At that moment Sinner let's her feathers and they fall showing the red and black wings underneath. Her clothes change and she reaches out to the guy.


"I told you, you where half right. I'm a real devil that learned to wear angel skin."


She touches his forehead lightly and he turns stone cold. Falling on to the ground lifelessly.  The rest of the group tries to run away but Sinner picks up the feathers now turned hard as metal. She leaps into the ground and throws them at the group hitting all of them.


"The power of death."


That night laughter filled the air as the three most famous both in Death and Earth took victims ruthlessly. They had a feast that night feeding off their misery.

The author's comments:

Happy Halloween!

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Eniola O said...
on Oct. 15 2016 at 5:14 pm
Your grammar could use some work, but I enjoyed the story. Quite creative, with interesting descriptions.

Eniola O said...
on Oct. 15 2016 at 5:14 pm
Your grammar could use some work, but I enjoyed the story. Quite creative, with interesting descriptions.

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