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Kingdoms (WRTW 1)

August 28, 2016
By WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
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This is the story of three kingdoms fighting over one thing. A figure appeared in front of every ruler and asked a simple question. Who runs the world? This one question making every narcissistic ruler go, I do and with these two words a line of hate was placed in every rulers heart. Not wanting to go into war they decided on a fight of their strongest warriors and there can only be one winner. This is a match to the death. Will one kingdom come out on top or does this mysterious visitor have darker motives. Who runs the world? 

The Blood Kingdom
A muscular man walks through the halls in a grey yukata slightly open with a red dragon on his kanatas case. He gets to a room and a servant opens the door. Walking in he sits across a man in a black yukata with a red dragon on the back his wife in one too but her's is white with a red dragon on the back.

"Boris you are the strongest soldier we have. We want to enter you in the competition against the three other kingdoms." The man says with a rough voice that has experienced many battles.

"Of course, Empor Blood, Empress Garnet. This will be easy." Boris gets up and walks out bowing once to the rulers.

The Blood Kingdom with the nickname the War Kingdom. The Blood Kingdom's history is rich with wars and fights for lands, they're the reason there is only three kingdoms after all. With the powers of strength both in men and women they are a powerful force. With their infamous power called Sacrifice both in men and women of pure blood only.

Sacrifice can only be described as cutting their palm and connecting with what they call the Blood Dragon, with these powers they can do almost anything. The most famous example is when someone cut through diamonds with feathers. Even just cutting the air with their sword can cause their opponent to die. 

Pure blood is when you're born with the blood of the Red Dragon. Their blood is a dark red of garnet and if the drops are put in BloodWater it will turn into garnest. Usually only one in a hundred hold this special power. Your tested as a baby. No blood into diamonds, villager. Blood into diamonds, soldier.  
The Roots Kingdom
A man with many scars all over his body fights another man with a tree tattoo on his exposed back. The man with scars knocks down his opponent and takes a deep breath. The ground starts to vibrate and the dirt covers the other man completely. The man with scars steps on the now covered man and his foot smash the not so solid dirt.

This the Roots Kingdom mostly composed of men that live underground. 

The man with scars name is Spike. The strongest warrior here and the one to be entered into the kingdom. The Roots Kingdom wear minimal clothing usually just pants for man and pants and bra for woman. It's hot in the Roots Kingdom and they're thick skin doesn't help that. Since it's rare for them to have scars, they're usually littered in tattoos but ones who get scars are taught the secret technique of the roots.

Scars are seen as something rare and it usually means you work extra hard and push yourself more than others.

The secret technique of the roots is to control dirt and by controlling it you can make storms with it and turn people into dirt.

The Roots Kingdom itself is covered with elegant hand crafted designs and statutes. Their leader a quiet but strong man who's not really in charge of everything. He may be good in fighting and keeping the peace in his kingdom but it's his sister that's even more feared than him because she holds the secret weapon given to her by her mother and practically is their spirit animal and dirt together her name, Mr.Snake. 

"Spike your form is lousy once again." Mr.Snake criticized after the fight ends. Spike walks up to her. Scales of all colors can be seen up her left arm to her shoulder and neck. It's a snake scales tattoo on her right arm,  Roots Kingdom symbol.  "What if my brother saw this?"

"King Root would be disappointed."

"Of course he would now run twenty miles no breaks, or else." She hisses walking into a wall and disappearing.
The Monster Kingdom
The Monster Kingdom is not composed of monsters just savages. Wicked creatures that possess skills from seduction to flexibility. Their kisses are filled with poison and they don't care for anyone outside their kingdom. All carrying a silver tongue locked and loaded with insults and remarks that will drive you crazy. They know every trick in the book well because they wrote it. With the symbol of a black widow who could ever rule these savages? Well one person was all it took for them to bow, a person like no other. This is the Monster Kingdom, composed mostly of women. There are some guys that live here but they'll easily do anything for these women because they fell into the spider's web and once you fall you aren't coming out. Now I'm not saying all of them are bad but just don't get on their bad side or you won't see the next day.

A woman lays on a lavish bed in skin tight shorts and fishnet stockings. Her bra hugging her tightly with a leather jacket next to her. Roses surround her body on the silk black sheets. A spider tattoo on her neck, a web tattoo on her ankle and a kiss mark tattoo in red can be seen peeking from her shorts. This is the ruler usually called Master or Master Widow.

Another woman walks in wearing a standard military outfit of black long sleeve and long pants with combat boots and a leather jacket. "Master who are you sending to the competition?"

Widow gets up and hangs the jacket from her shoulder where multiple badges can be seen taking up the back. "Lavender you know who I'm sending I shouldn't have to tell you."

"Fine, Kitty you're going in the competition." Lavender yells down the hall of awaiting people. 

A girl with blonde pigtails jumps above the crowd, a metal device strapped to her hips like a belt. "Yeah. I got picked." She cheers. "Now I can test out my new weapon with the Evil Kiss Technique." She says messing with the belt.

Evil Kiss Technique is the special power of the Monster Kingdom in which they can produce poisons and become immune to many poisons besides just spiders. The poison can come out any part of their body and soaks into the skin of any person who can't control these powers.

Using the technique with seduction you can kill any person and it'll just look like an innocent kiss. The people who have these powers are chosen by the spider they call a Goddesses. A person wanting to get the powers must spend a night in the Goddesses cave if they get bite they can receive the powers if not than you stay a normal fighter. Only one person can control spiders and webs themselves and getting not bite once but multiple times is the current leader of the Monster Kingdom.

Widow faces the ground and smiles wickedly. "This will be fun."
The Free Kingdom
A blue butterfly lands on the palm of a little kid's hand, that sits on the grass. They wear a black combat outfit ready for war and a Japanese fox mask. A sword with a carvings all over the saya lays next to them. This was not surprising for the trader. Many people who lived in or by those woods wore mask to ward off spirits and carried a form of weapon because the woods aren't all that safe. What was off about this picture was the tanto and wakizashi short swords with the different carvings all over their casings. No kids had the skill to have daisho's, to his knowledge, and not many adults carried both short swords. The child gets up from their spot and multiple small daggers can be seen strapped to their legs.

Their body whips around and in one motion they take a dagger from their combat boots and throw it at the person that they felt burn holes into their flesh. The child grabs the kanta and their body changes. From a kids to an adult in their twenties. This a person with no kingdom they  live amongst the Free Kingdom that's not exactly a kingdom and really couldn't care who rules the world.

They take their mask off to reveal delicate features, one can describe her as a God of Light but no intently because her eyes hold a dark hint and so does the rest of her aura, so that's when people describe her as a God of Darkness but that would be wrong too. No, she's the God of Freedom.

The Free Kingdom is known for not having rules or guidelines they're all unique people but they are part of a kingdom still. You can tell the difference between them and kingdom villages easily. They all have mask no matter whether they wear them or not. They all also have a thing of silk on them. Whether it's wrapped around their arm or they put it somewhere in their outfit it's there.

The Free Kingdom live in the woods were the worst of creatures live. They fight spirits for these woods everyday. Some people have even been known to be able to summon spirits to help them but even though they aren't a kingdom they have a leader. Their leader is a shape shifter honestly and can change their gender and appearance any time they want. They are everything and nothing at the same time. They are the ultimate leader and when the mysterious person asked them the question they shrugged and said. "Don't care."

The woman puts the mask on her face again and moving over to the watcher she takes her dagger and wipes it off. Stealing anything off of the person she heads back into the woods. 

When she reaches the base camp there's a thick silence that she doesn't like. "What's wrong?"

"They took the kids." A person says choking on sobs.

"What do you mean who took the children?"

"People who looked like the mysterious person. We went to go fight leaving the children with Jenny and when we came back Jenny and all the kids were gone. They left us a note too. It said that if we don't enter the competition they won't give back the children." 

"Fine then I'll enter the competition."

"You can't it's a fight to the death." A man says.

"I'll give my life to get the children back. Did the note say I had to win?"

"No." A voice replies.

"Then I'll die but I'll be saving many more lives."

"It says you have to bring two people with you. That means we can come." She follows the overly confident voice and see Mic. Kit right on his heels.

"Mic, Kit if we're going to make it on time we must be leaving." With a small smile on her face she meets them halfway. 

When all the goodbyes are said and the tears have ran out they follow the overly and underly used paths in the woods. It's night when they decided to rest, though they know they won't be resting for long.

When a monster runs towards them they disconnect. Disconnect is the only reason the people of Free can fight monsters, by becoming a free spirit themselves. Some of them are special though instead of just disconnecting and not having their body change, sometimes they have special children that turn into a monster. The three Demon Warriors know all about this. Mic takes off his snake mask, Kit takes off her butterfly mask and Leilah takes off hers.

Mics skin becomes pale with bruises and rope marks all over it. His body floats on the air. Chains and ropes circle around him, they hiss and snap turning to snakes one minute and floating rope and metal the next. His eyes become red and have the shape of a snake. Black, grey, and purple scales up his neck and then finally he flicks his snake like tongue out into the air.

Kits skin vibrates light as she pulls out a white and gold dagger that pours out light. She unravels blue, green, and gold butterfly wings. She flies above the group twirling her dagger by a chain of light. A flash of blue lighting behind her brightening the sky. Her eyes become miss matched one blue and one green. Butterflies surround her and climb on her skin, making a elegant pattern up and down her arms and legs in black so it can be seen through the light. 

Leilah bares sharp teeth of an animal. White ears and nine fox tails unravel from her body with the tips black. The carvings light up on her katanas casings and soon the two of her short swords. They turn red against the black casing. When she takes out the kanta it's laced with white, red, and black. Her hair turns white with highlights. Things float and stay behind her as one can only describe as the abyss of the unexplained, like a whole from a different dimension had ripped open. Three foxes float above her one black, one white, and one red. They spin in a circle glowing their own lights and darkness like her.

So who runs the world?

The author's comments:

Who Runs The World? 1/?

This explains the kingdoms and powers of the kingdom.

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This was an extraordinarily descriptive piece of fantasy! It was incredibly imaginative and I don't doubt that tons of inspiration went into this story. However, I do recommend a good editing session, some of your sentences don't make sense and a couple paragraphs are hard to follow. Keep up the good work!

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