Regicide; Part Two

August 25, 2016
By LillyBow BRONZE, Weiser, Idaho
LillyBow BRONZE, Weiser, Idaho
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I looked down at their crumpled and helpless bodies. They were thin, extremely malnourished, with hollow pale faces and a permanent look of helplessness plastered across their unconscious faces. I knelt down, and just looked at them. These were the people that had had a hand in fueling my rage that made me the best assassin that had ever been. These were the people that I had hated so deeply, so passionately- with a burning inferno in my soul- that I had wanted to kill for these last ten years- these were them. So insignificant, so frail. It wasn't a matter of if I could kill them- it'd be like smashing a pest- no, it was the principle of it. In my mind these were evil, powerful figureheads who could destroy me with a mere blink of an eye, but these, these specimen tossed before me were two pathetic excuses of man, this was not how I would get my revenge- oh no- it'd be too...easy.
I looked up, straight into the King's deadly eyes.

“No.” I whispered, my voice rising dramatically in volume, “I will do your dirty work no more!”

And with that, I drew two blades- one for each guard- from behind my back, and, all the while maintaining my intense eye contact with the king, drew my arms out in one fluid motion- and flicked my wrists in the general direction of the two guards. And, of course, the blades flew true, and struck in the slim exposed area between their breastplates and helmets. They were dead before they had even drawn their swords- before they had could even begin to understand what was happening. I crouched down, keeping steady eye contact, and drew one final blade- a long, curved dagger- from inside my boot, and slowly stood up. The King's face never lost its neutral expression, although his eyes burned with rage, starring knives into my eyes. I took a step forward. Time slowed down as I took another, and another, and I pounced- once again crouching down and springing forward in one motion, like a feline- onto the king, knocking him breathlessly down to the cold marble floor. I still hadn't lost eye contact with him. I pulled my dagger up, and landed the tip it gently into his forehead, dragging it down the side of his face. I leaned down, right next to his right ear, and whispered ever so slowly and quietly,
“Leave. Me. Alone.”
I slowly lifted the dagger- which was now resting on his chest- and I thrusted it down with all of my strength. In the seconds before the dagger made contact with his chest, dealing him a mortal blow, his hand shot up and grabbed my wrist, halting the weapon mere centimeters away from his heart.
“Your mine forever, and I shall do with you what I may,” He snarled at me, exposing his teeth, gnashed together forcefully.
With a movement as fast as he had stop my dagger, be bolted his other hand around my throat, squeezing it with all of his might. His hand easily fit around my throat, making an act that would take a minute- or longer- into an act that would suffocate me in seconds. My vision began to fade in and out sporadically, and I was wheezing, gasping, for air. I had a matter of seconds- ten at the most- and with the last bit of my dying strength, began to push the dagger into his right shoulder- where my hand now rested in my attempt to break free- and inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter, i pushed the dagger into his unguarded shoulder, weakening the hand that was wrapped around my neck. I did not waste this brief opportunity, as I used my other hand to knock him unconscious, buying myself fifteen minutes- tops. I wrenched the bloody dagger out of his shoulder, and with a casual stroll I dropped the dagger into the hand of one of the nameless guards. I also grabbed the two mini daggers that I had used to kill them- still struggling with my vision and breathing. I knelt down in the s=center of the room, and took two minutes fifty-six seconds to catch my breath, rubbing my neck. I slowly rose up, and closed my eyes.
“Acting time.” I chuckled to myself, I opened my eyes- and made a terrified face as I screamed,
Instantaneously, ten guards swarmed into the room, as I made my way into the outer shadows of the dimly lit chamber. Five seconds later, fifty other guards and all of the Royal nurses had rushed to the King's side, and I slipped unnoticed into the hospital wing of the castle- which was, luckily, only a two minute sprint from the throne room. No guards, or nurses for that matter, were in the hospital- just as I had counted on. I had five, ten minutes, tops if I was lucky- before the staff returned to my medical area to begin treating the fallen king. I kicked in the locked wooden door of Adam’s private room and quickly untangled his body from the maze of cords and tubes. I threw his body into a mobile chair, which was conveniently stationed right beside his bed, before running out of his room and returning into the main corridor. I ran as hard as I could, pushing my legs to go faster. Adam, still unconscious, was no help, as I had to repeatedly manipulate his body into the chair. I made my way through the maze of halls and corridors before exiting outside the castle, straight  into the Royal stables. I quickly abandoned Adams body nearby as I raced to saddle a  random dragon.
“Five minutes 42 seconds,” I murmured to myself as I raced back over to Adam. “They should be noticing Adams absence right about now.”
And surely, thirty-two seconds letter, three guards raced into the stables, on the opposite end of where we were. I had just finished buckling with underbelly straps of the saddle as they began to sprint towards me. I ran across the dirt floor, and hoisted up the giant wooden door with all my strength, just as the guards reached Adam. I pounced across the corridor- using the wall as my launching pad, and landed on one of the guards, knocking him down. With a swift kick to the head, I knocked him out. I ducked under the belly of the seven-foot-tall beast and grabbed Adam, on the opposite side of my attackers. I climbed up the side of the dragon, landing on the beasts strong wing. I was about two feet away from the saddle now, so pushing Adam onto it was a matter of ease. I grabbed hold of my saddle horn and swung into my seat at the top of my dragon, and I spurred the dragon in the ribs, and as he began run and to fully extended his forty foot wings, he smashed one of the guards to my right, knocking him unconscious, or worse. I foolishly forgot about the third guard- who had climbed up my dragon's tail- and just as we were about to glide through the wooden door, he grabbed Adams foot. I looked back half of a second too late, and watched as he dove off the beast-  my fingers grazing Adam’s, and i watched them land on the straw covered dirt floor. I watched helplessly as I soared away, into the crisp morning air, I watched him throw Adam’s body over his massive shoulder like a rag doll, I watched him being taken from me.
“Six seconds,” I whispered into the crisp morning air, “we had six seconds to spare.”

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