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What's Grey

July 21, 2016
By WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
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The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink. - T.s Eliot

Sometime only paper will listen to you.-Unknown

There once was a girl trapped in a white room. She was alone. She had no idea how she got there. She had a power to create anything of her minds will but who created her she had no idea. There was a shelf in the endless white room. The shelf held a white liquid. Who made this white liquid? That was another question she would not be able to answer. She would run up and down the endless white room and would get lost but with some time end up by the shelf.

As she grew up she started to explore more. Now a teen she found rooms that separated her from the white room. There was so many rooms but she had a few favorites. A room filled head to toe with weird symbols, a black room so different from her white room, a room where she could see herself everywhere she looked, and a room with clear marbles on the wall. She didn’t dare take them off the wall but in the center of the room stood a white pedestal with a indent bigger enough to place a marble in. The room where she finally got to see herself she named those things mirrors. She looks at her body that glows light and her pure white wings.

As an adult she found what she called an outside place since it separated her from the white rooms. Though it was all black and dark. It would lead her to another room that was dark. There was no light here and she liked it. The dark room she did have felt boring. Though this dark room had something like the white room a shelf with black liquid. She explored the dark rooms for what she called years. She found some interesting rooms too. A room that was covered in something gritty she named it ash. Another room had a weird device in it that she called a brush. One day she find a room in her dark palace that was white like the rooms she’s been in for her whole life. Instead of closing it she smiled. She realized something that day. That you could have not one over the other.

She loved both equally. Both darkness and light. She took the black liquid out of the black room and the white liquid out of the white room. In the middle platform connecting them both she mixed the some of the liquids together. Paint, that’s what I’ll call this. She went into the dark room and got the brush. A paint brush. She painted the middle a color she named grey. Taking the white paint she splattered it inside the black hallways. Taking the black paint she splattered the white hallways.

Using what was in each room she created languages, tools, colors, knowledge, fire, water, earth, wind, nature,stars, love, emotions, senses, animals, light and life but with the white they’re had to be black so she made disease, evil, sloth, wrath, envy, pride, gluttony, greed, hurricanes, tornados, the dark and death.

She created perfect little worlds where everything was balanced but she became lonely in her worlds.  She made people like her and people who were different from her. Everyone was unique and beautiful like her. She gave them something special like she gave all her creations. Choice. She made one with light and named him after it. When he saw his creator he fell in love with her and she too. He was her finest creation her love for him was endless.

They wanted more company so they made more people but she wanted them to make her world theirs, so they moved into her balance realm and they played in her world. She warned them though to not give into the evil of the dark parts of her world for that’ll be their downfall. Of course because she gave them choice one traveled to far and was given a present that would be their downfall. While working on her people her love was working in the dark room she swore she wouldn’t touch. He made an emotion she didn’t make, lust.

Once her creations found lust she was upset. She didn’t make it, so she searched for who did and that person would be punished. Finding out it was her love she felt for the first time pain, this emotion was so overwhelming for her that this emotion went crazy and exploded. She punished her love by locking him in the dark roomed he loved so much. Punishing him was one of the worst things she did and no matter how much time past she still loved him and he too. She then punished her creations living in her perfect world and all who would live next. They were stripped of breathtaking wings, immortality, and would be put to test to earn these things back but she knew they would fail and they’re souls will be trapped in the realm.

Her love now trapped in the dark room but wasn’t fazed. He took what he learned from her and created his own kingdom. Being made from light helped too putting fire along his world so the room deceased being dark. She would put her mistakes there and he welcomed them wholeheartedly. While being evil he held the thing of a grey world and like his lover treated people equally as trash.

As time passed she became saddened and angry while her head became mad. She started to create things to cause the race with no wings to die. Her beautiful creations took care of her world while she locked herself in the white room.


One day a creation that doted on her proposed to go down to her worlds and send some wisdom of the color grey. She agreed but only if they lived in her creation as a mortal. They agreed and spread wisdom and justice. She became happy but people started to give opinions that didn’t exactly represent grey. When she say how people treated one of her perfect creations she grew upset and took mistake out of her lovers world and cast them down. These people and their descendant would create the dark ages.

*****************************************************After millions and billions of years of seeing her world crumble her heart has become black and she has become crazy beyond belief. She looks down in horror to see the world she created destroyed turned into the thing she was so happy to name. Ash, it’s all ash now. She laughs as her lover holds her in his arms.

“Why didn’t you tell me destruction is so wonderful?” They stand in the room of marbles. The marbles were once painted beautiful colors to represent all her worlds. When placed on the pedestal she could watch her worlds and change things in them. She holds up a once green and blue marble. Now it’s blue. She places it on the pedestal and with a touch it lights the marble on fire. “Now they’re all gone.” She smirks into his chest.

In a long time her heart feels light and happy. She smiles and sings to her lover in the ash realms dancing on bone. They’re black wings move as they dance. They no longer cast light but they’re bodies cast a dark aura that’s poisons and suffocating. They laugh and smile at each other as they dance letting the wind guide them along.

“Love, what happened to all your perfects?” Her love ask as they dance. He really doesn’t know. One day in the blink of an eye everyone in his kingdom was released and he was embraced by her. Looking back he was surprised. Her once white wings slowly crackled from grey to black like his did. Her white dress turned into a skin tight bra with fire like scarf that seemed to float around her shoulders. She had black tattoos and piercing like him. She on the other hand didn’t look shocked at his outfit that was head to toe black.

She hums the last of the song before she speaks. “They didn’t know how to deal with my mistakes and that was their downfall. Love why do you not call me by my name?”

“Same to you?” He smirks as they dance upon graves that have been abandoned a long time ago.  He spins his love on a angel statue that soon turns to ash because of their auras.

“Lucifer.” She says and smirks.

“God.” He whispers and smirks back.

With that they seal their love with a kiss and enjoy their new worlds of pain, sadness, disease, monsters, war and chaos.

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I really liked this! At first, I was a little bored with the intro but as you began to talk about the rooms, I was drawn in and I really loved the ending! Well done!

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