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Nameless Shadow #3

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I snicker at the mortals that come to my kingdom. They always complain to me, instead of dealing with their problems themselves. There's only one God that lives in the Middle World and that's me. The God of Humans. The Middle World is a war zone with acidic air and monsters of all different kinds. I fight for my life everyday and you want me to go out of my way to help you. Life doesn't work like that. Life ask for perfection and if you're not, well then you deserve to die.

I sit on my throne covered in different silks when a woman comes up from the crowd of people. She's draped with black cloth. "God of Humans I ask of your help. My husband has gotten himself in trouble."

"Why should I help you? I have hundreds of people a day come through those doors each with their own troubles. You all want but will never sacrifice anything in return. I do not matter to you all. You only remember me when you want something."

"God that is not true. Some respect you a lot. Also you must remember something. You were once human yourself. You are no better or worse than anyone else because you the God of Humans are us and we are you. We are the same. How can the God of Humans not understand Humans? Humans are two words. Perfectly, imperfect."

With her words my body locks up. The room around us become black no other person around. Just her and I. A curse. She isn't human. A snake crawls from her clothes and wraps around me biting into my shoulder. The pain is like no other and before I know it my vision is blurred. Before I pass out I hear her voice. "You are not the God of Humans until you learn how to be a human again. You are nameless."

I wake up in a ash covered field filled with black grass and red flowers that I've never seen before. I see bodiless black shadows walk around me. I'm in the UnderWorld. I look at my hand and see a black palm that's wispy and made of shadows.

I get up and look around. I've been to the Upper World before and unlike the Underworld it's bright and has a magical and peaceful feel to it. The UnderWorld has a evil and sinister pull to it, you don't really like it but yet you want to see more of it.

I need to get to the Middle World but who am I kidding they won't recognize me and I'm very weak. For a shadow to move freely in all worlds they have to be hundred or thousands of years old.

In this state I can't cry but I feel sad. "Shadow." I hear and then my body disintegrates in the wind to end up in front of a throne. God of the UnderWorld. I'm shocked but you would never know since I'm made of shadows. I stand in a crowd of shadows. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Shadow=Slave.

Tens of Thousands of years pass. I stop tracking time after the first hundred of years. Master after master all bad and evil. Who was I? I don't remember. What was I? I don't remember. What's my name? Even my identity has been stripped from me.

I walk through the valleys when I see a woman hanging from rusted chains. She looks like a God from the Upper World. How did she get down here and why?

"What are you doing here?" A shadow comes up to me and looks at what I look at. "That's the God of Vanity. Rumor has it she wasn't supposed to be the God of Vanity but the God of Chances. She choose that position to punish herself."

The shadow before me continues to talk but I stare at the God of Vanity longer. Her chains will soon break and when they do, I will come back. When the God of Vanity falls from her chains I was the first one she met.

I asked her the questions on my mind and she told me about everything. I feel as if I used to listening to people talk before but when was it, that I can't recall.

"You sacrificed so much for your brother both alive and dead and you still think you failed. Listen and listen closely from what I learned from being here for so long is not all angels have halos." She looks at me shocked but it's true from what she told me.

Being in the UnderWorld long enough I knew I could make a deal with her. "God of Vanity as you may know isn't a luxury title and there are no guarantees you'll be able to go back to the Upper World, but I'll make you a deal. If you take care of the souls down here caused by the last God of Vanity I'll help you get to the Upper World. Also you must give me a name. I am a shadow but deep inside I was once a person and I want to be given a name."

"Let me think about the last thing. I don't want to give you a bad name but beside that I accept your deal." She shook my hand and the deal was sealed.

If I learned one thing from the God of Vanity is that even Upper World Gods are not absolute and in fact act like flawed humans themselves. Though childish and foolish the Vanity was uptight and didn't know how to let go of the past. By letting her past go and coming with terms with herself and demons she learned how to be free. Through the years together her appearance and looks changed drastically.

When the last soul was purified keeping my part of the deal I used the little power I had obtained I showed her to the portals in which she could go through. She wanted me to follow but I knew my place. Before she left though she turned to me and smile.

"Light. That's your new name. Even though you are a shadow and remain in darkness you are brighter then the lights in the Upper World. If you ever want to go to the Upper World just say Vanity and you'll be able to travel in any of these portals." Vanity a God bowed to me a shadow and left.

Without her knowledge I followed her and watched her meeting with her brother. When she pulls him outside I sit on his desk. They laugh full of happiness. I try to smile but it wavers. A vision of children laughing and playing in fields crosses my mind and something I never thought happens. Tears fall to the ground. I don't know who these children are. I don't remember them. I smile bitterly.

“Not all Angels have halos but not all Devils have horns your majesty.” I fall back on the desk and my body turns into nothing more, nothing less than black smoke. My body is tired. I fall back into the UnderWorld and look at the blackened sky.

Who am I? I say raising my out stretched hand to the black sky.

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