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Angels Don't Always Have Halos #1

July 3, 2016
By WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
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She wore a white dress with a purple cape. The cape was dazzling, it shined like the brightest of amethyst. You're probably wondering who is this girl. She’s called the worst of Gods. She’s the God of Vanity, Greed, Selfishness and Narcissism but likes going by the God of Vanity. She takes but never gives.


She sits on a throne that’s gold encrusted with diamonds and the most intricate of designs. She has a ring in each finger from past lovers that she forced to get her the rings and while at she took all their money. When they were penniless and asked for her help she was already gone.


She doesn’t believe in love no matter how much the God of Love tells her it’s real; she just sighs and says that no one can be good enough for her. So she plays with the hearts of mortals and Gods all alike. She loves money and anything luxurious.


Of course being a God means she rules a kingdom filled with the finer materialistic things in life. Each person being crude and egotistic but not as worse as their ruler.


Her brother would just look at his sister's party animal behavior and shake his head. Being the God of Selflessness they always clash.


“Just look at your kingdom and people.” She would laugh. “They would give their lives for another person. They would do it even for a stranger, it’s stupid. It’s repulsive.” She would growl.


She could never understand why he brother was so nice and caring. It’s his life nothing is binding him to these people. He has no reason to help them and gets nothing out of it.


“Look at your kingdom and people.” He would snap back. “All egoistic it’s disgusting. It's inhuman how they would get rid of their children for a new necklace or a car.”


They hated each other but yet they were one side of the same coin and couldn’t get rid of each other. What the stuck up sister couldn’t admit because of her pride is that she was scared. Scared that one day her brother would disappear and she would drive humanity in the Middle Kingdom to shreds. They didn’t need her and she knew that, all she does is cause problems.


They were once human and when they were alive she knew she was a bad sister to her brother and she’ll regret that. She wants to make it up to him but even when they died she still acts the same.


I really didn’t learn. 


The Goddesses lounges across her throne when a messenger of the Kingdom of Modesty comes to the Kingdom of Vanity.


“Your brother is in danger the gate became loose.” The messenger says frantically. 


“What gate?” The Goddesses says straightening up in her throne.


Arriving at her brother's Kingdom surrounded by black souls. The Goddesses got informed by the messenger as they rushed over to the Kingdom.


She opens the large doors and see’s her brother chained to his plain throne. She instantly starts to yell at him. “Why are you protecting me. I can deal with my own creations.”


The Goddesses looks into the eyes of her shocked brother. The God of Selflessness took a vow when he came before his sister to hold back some of the worse of the souls causing himself pain over the years, making even an immortal being to die inside.


“These souls weren’t created by you but by the God before you.”

“That doesn't matter. I took over their powers what they made becomes part of me like the title. I need to fix this.” She looks straight into the eyes of her brother and speaks softly.


“You can’t move so once in our lives I can do something for you. Just promise me you’ll find me again.”


She moves to the middle of the room to see a hole in the ground.


“Are you the new sacrifice?” The souls say.


The God of Vanity isn’t a title of luxury. You aren’t a God you're a sacrifice to this evil. She knew this when she took this unwanted position, it was just an endless waiting game. Now she knows why she hasn’t suffer.


“I wasn’t supposed to be the God of Vanity, I was supposed to be the God of Chances but I knew that wouldn’t make up for not being there for your life brother. I’m sorry I ran away when I got the chance and I never came back. I’m so sorry.”


“You did nothing wrong sis. I ran away right after you and felt terrible because when I ran away I became a savage just trying to survive. When I got a chance to have a family I took it and I had a pretty good life.”


“That’s good to hear but I wish I would’ve took more of the punches from the bullies at our foster home.” She laughs looking down at the hole. When she looks at her brother tears fall down her face. “Bye.” The souls wrap around her body and turn to chains dragging her down. The hole closes and the chains turn to ash around his body.


“I’ll find you.” He says looking at the once endless hole.


Time slipped through his fingers without him knowing it. Even when a thousand years have passed, he still hasn’t found her and still searches for months at end without stop. It was just a normal day at the office, shuffling through files he turns around to his desk to see a his sister sitting on top of his documents.


Her white dresses turned to black skin tight pants with a black button down and purple tie. Her eyes, hair and tie is a stunning purple like her cape. A chain hangs from her hips. She wears boots laced tightly.


Dropping the files he brings his sister into a hug. “Where have you been?”


“In the UnderWorld pretty nice down there.I was chained somewhere for a couple hundred years  while I faced some demons and finally got some closure.I got bothered by some bad souls finally the chains broke when I accepted that I am flawed and not absolute. Then I claimed and fought those souls and well now I’m back, though I will say I look really different.”


“Why is your summary horrible and why are you so nonchalant about it?”


She smiles. “Because one of the souls I met down there asked why I sacrificed myself. I didn’t have to save you I was the God of Vanity. I told them that while I could care less about other people there's one person I would give my life for and that was my brother. The soul made me a deal to actually take care of the souls and spend thousands of years down there in exchange that one day I get to come back to my brother. I accepted and here I am.” She stands on the desk.


“Though I’m still the God of Vanity, I now have an understanding of perspective. Listening to thousands of people lives and to put those souls to rest each day you learn something. I told the soul I made the deal with my mortal story and immortal story and they said something. ‘You sacrificed so much for your brother both alive and dead and you still think you failed. Listen and listen closely from what I learned from being here for so long is not all angels have halos.” She starts to laugh.


“I never knew that brother. Come on let me show you what the souls kept telling me.” She takes her brothers hand in hers.


“And what would that be?” His voice raises with suspicion.


“To be free. To just go with it and do whatever. To not worry what would happen the next day. No thinking twice, just instincts. Come on it'll be fun.” She runs out the Kingdom dragging her brother along.


A soul sits on the desk watching them run through the flowers, grass and clouds. Laughing. The remember the mortal children that would play happily.  Tears falls on the ground a smile on their lips. “Not all Angels have halos but not all Devils have horns your majesty.” The person falls back on the desk and their body turns into nothing but black smoke.


There was something else in their deal. The shadow only approach the God and was nice to her based on one fact unlike all the other Gods she choose this position to punish herself not because it was chosen for her. So the shadow knew she could ask for this from the God. She asked for a name and the name she was given even though being a shadow that will always mean darkness she was given the name Light.


Though it would take a thousand years for her name to mean anything.

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Series:Lessons For The Imperfect Gods

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