When you come out of hiding, I'm not sure I'll still be waiting

February 23, 2009
By Barbra SILVER, Goose Creek, South Carolina
Barbra SILVER, Goose Creek, South Carolina
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"When you become frightened, instead become inspired."

Darla the elf was always late. I mean to everything, late to bed, late to wake up, late to school, late to work, late to weddings, late to funerals, late to everything. At noon one day she finally awoke and notcied that she was late for tea at her mothers. When she finally got there - an hour late - the cruppets were already gone which infruitated Darla because those were her favorite. So, annoyed she sat down at the tea table with the women elder elves. They were discussing putting buliding a new bridge over the the river that connected the elves' land and the fairies' land. Darla - who completely hated the faires and thought they were pansies - cleary stated her opinion about the matter. Her mother was appauled by the rude tone she had used and asked her to leave. But that was fine by Darla, she didn't want to talk to her mother anyway. Her mother was on some fairy right activist phase just because she was dating some old fairy who made carrots grow. While Darla was walking home she ran into a rather large toad stool. Darla hadn't seen this toad stool ever before - it was like it appeared out of nowhere. Curious she climbed on top of it, there she saw the lands in a different way. Her sight didn't stop at just her lands and the surrouding ones - the fairies and the trolls - but excedded to space. She saw the clouds for the first time in her life. Amazed by their shape she laid down to stare upon them. After that first day, Darla went back every day to stare into the sky. She didn't tell anyone about it though - she wanted it to be her own secret place. After two weeks of coming every day, she decided to stay the night. When the stars came out Darla was completely in awe. Their dazzling hypotized her into a blissful state. She fell so in love with the view of the clouds and the stars that she vowed to never leave the toad stoll again. She stayed there for an entire month dazed by the stars and the clouds, never leaving. No other creature could find her. And one night staring at the brightest star in the sky, she died. With tears in her eyes, Chole closed the book and ran to find her mother.

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