Bella and Her Wild Imagination

February 19, 2009
By Andrea Emsick BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Andrea Emsick BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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There once was a girl named Bella. She loved to run all over the place and find new adventures and any kind of mischief she could get herself into. One day Bella was walking home from school, and she decided to take a different path home instead of the way she usually goes. It was the foresty area that her mother told her never to go into because she might end up getting lost and they would not know what to do if that happened, but as I said, Bella loved to get herself into mischief, so she went anyways. Its started to get darker the further she went, but she was not afraid at all, in fact, she was singing the whole way through. Bella started to hear noises and started to imagine things, and pretty soon, she came up with a whole new life for herself. She lived in the forest and the creature in it was her friend. The creatures that were going to live there were not normal creatures. Oh no, they were not. They were creatures with special powers, but they were not bad at all. She loved every one of them, but her best friends? was a roofersnudle. His name was Henry, and he was marvelous. He could fly, he could swim for forever underwater, he could go invisible, and he had the most brilliant, beautiful singing voice. He was perfect in everyway, and he was one of the kindest creatures that she knew. They did everything together. One day while they were walking and talking, they heard a noise down south a little ways and decided it would be fun to go and check it out. They started walking towards where the noise was coming from and then they saw it. It was a gubertuff stuck in a tree. They ran as quickly as they could to get to the poor helpless creature, but when they got there they discovered they had no way of getting her down from the 60 foot tall tree! They needed a lot of help and they needed it fast because that poor gubertuff could not stay up there for that much longer. They called for help and about fifty other creatures came up. The raftroffs, degtongs, jubertags, cagerhums, and so many more! They all created a giant latter-like formation and got that poor gubertuff out from the tree. Everyone was so happy that they were able to help, so they threw a big celebration for all the hard work they had done, and danced and sang and talked for hours. This is what Bella likes to imagine, but unfortunately she reached home so her story will have to continue on in another one of her wild adventures.

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