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My Twisted Harry Potter

January 7, 2009
By Elizabeth McElroy, Horsham, PA

On the train again, for the fourth year in a row. With 5 of us in one section! We are all pushing and screaming at each other. Like: “Move over!” or, “That’s my foot your stepping on!” Other than the fact that we’re physically abusing each other, Luna turned to me with excitement.
“Look Bobbi! It’s a Nargle!” she said in her high-pitched voice. I guess I shouldn’t really be saying that do to the fact that mine is the same way. If you haven’t guessed already, we’re twins.

“Why does your sister get so excited over a Nargle? It’s not like they’re real!” Luna immediately shot Harry a look when he was finished speaking. I shrugged and held up at my charm that my dad made me that keeps the Nargles away.

“I wonder what’s going to be big about this year at school?” Hermione stated with an I’m-eager-to-learn-something-this-year expression on her face.

“As long as I pass O.W.L’s… I’m fine!” Ron said in scared sort of way.
We all got off the train when it stopped. Luna ran up to the thestral and hugged it when we got to the carriages. Ron and Hermione can’t see them, because they haven’t seen death. I looked down at my shoes. The two smiley faces on the tips of my Chuck Taylor’s always make me laugh. Nothing is funnier than that!
When we reached the school we all got on our uniforms and went down to the Great Hall for dinner. What do you think me and Luna reached for first? The pudding! Professor Dumbledore got up to talk. He started going on and on about the rules for the first years. I have heard this for the past 4 years. I’d say they should just plant a charm on all of them and we could all get on in life. Then, we got to the good stuff!
“As most of you know, our previous seventh years have left.” Professor Dumbledore reminded. “There are two spots open on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I strongly urge you Gryffindor’s to try out!”
I can finally try out now that one of last years beaters have left! I’m not that athletic, so I probably won’t make it. Dumbledore also mentioned that the Yule Ball was in December.

I had a huge spaz when I got back to the common room.

“I can’t wait for Wednesday!” I screamed.

“What’s so big about- Ohhhh!” Luna reminded herself. “ Just… don’t hurt yourself!”

I ignored the comment and raced off to bed. I sat there thinking of what kind of year it would be. Something always happens. I don’t want to jinx myself. But it is true. I turned over, and fell asleep.

I skipped down the hallway. My bright pink hair bounced as I moved. All of the classes I had today were really boring. When everything was over, I went to the mail tower to see if I got anything. I kept thinking it was going to be empty like it normally is. But it wasn’t.

There was a letter with no address or name on it. Just my name. I opened it and read it. It was just my sister sending me a school postcard. From our school! I laughed and walked out.

It was finally Wednesday and time for tryouts. I was a bit nervous, but I knew I would do fine. They had us try each position. But only the two that were open. I couldn’t wait for the results. They posted the two names tomorrow. That means, another night of no sleep.

When I walked down to the common room, everyone stared and started to whisper things. I tried to remember if I did anything to them. I kept walking and when out the door to the Great Hall. The owls were dropping the Thursday morning mail. I felt something drop on my lap. A piece of paper that said, “Look Up.” Then this big package started falling. I put my hands out to catch it.

“Whoa!” said Hermione.

“Open it! I want to see what it is!” my sister asked with a smile on her face.

I unwrapped the brown paper. Inside was a red and gold sweater. Then I knew what was going on. I read a little note from inside:
You, Bobbi Lovegood, are the
Gryffindor’s beater for
Quidditch team.
Inside, you’ll find the following:
Your uniform and your bat.
~Madame Hooch

I was screaming inside. The first game was in two days. I had almost forgotten Harry was on the team.

“Are you excited?” Harry asked me.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I be?” I answered and kept hoping it wouldn’t rain that day.

“Me, Hermione, and Luna will come and watch you guys!” Ron said. I answered with a smile. “So… should we go to our first class now?”

We all stood and walked to our first class. Potions, with Professor Snape. He always seems so depressed in life. That’s probably because he was a nobody when he was younger. Every ten minutes I would check the time. I want to get out of here and to my next class. By the sixth time I checked the clock, it was time to go.

All five of us were sprinting down to Hagrid’s hut for Care of Magical Creatures. The big scary, monster textbook in my hands.

“Today,” Hagrid started, “we are going to get into small groups of five and research a magical creature. Now go!”

We all sat on the ground in a circle. Deciding on an animal.

“How about Hippogriff’s?” suggested Harry.

“Nargles!” Me and Luna said in unison.

“I think we should go with Harry’s idea.” said Hermione.

So that’s what we did. We opened the books and started to write. I wasn’t all that happy, but Hippogriff’s were cool!

Two days were up! You know what that means. The first Quidditch game of the season! We all got on our brooms and got into our positions in the center. Madame Hooch released the quaffle and the two bludgers. Then, the game started.

The best thing happened. Not! It started to rain. Just what I wanted. I could at least see. The one bludger started coming towards me. I got ready to swing and- Whack! It took off flying to the other end of the pitch. I breezed along waiting for something to happen.

I stopped on the side. When I wasn’t looking, one of the Hufflepuff beaters hit the bludger. It started coming right towards my head. Then… everything got dark, and I started to fall.

When I awoke, I heard sighs of relief. I couldn’t remember anything. I shrieked when I opened my eyes.

“Who are you all?” I asked.

All the smiles turned to frowns.

“You got hit in the head with a bludger.” Ron answered. “Don’t you remember?”

“N-no, and why are you talking to me.” I stuttered a little.

“I’m your sister. Luna” she said with a smile.

I was still in my Quidditch uniform. I wasn’t aloud to leave for another hour. Everyone stayed with me until I could go.

I started walking towards the other common rooms. But they guided me to Gryffindor’s.

I sat on the couch. What was I doing here, I kept thinking. Everyone was around me. Each person stared at me as if I was a bomb about blow-up! My friends re-introduced themselves to me.

“I’m Luna.”

“I’m Harry.”

“I’m Hermione.”

“And I’m Ron.”

“Who are you all and what’s my name again?” I asked.

“We’re your friends and your name is Bobbi. Don’t you remember anything?” said Harry. I shook my head and went up to bed.

The next morning, we all sat at the table eating. There they were. Staring at me still! I looked up and screeched a little.

“Sorry… didn’t mean to scare you!” Hermione said reassuringly. I looked up to see the owls. Before I could say anything Hermione answered exactly what I was going to ask. “They deliver the mail. Your owl, delivers your mail!”

My head followed the circles they made. I heard a snicker from Ron. So I shot him a confused look.

“Sorry!” he said trying not to laugh as I went back to watching and mimicking the owls. The next Quidditch game was in a week. I kept hoping I’d snap out of it, but no.

After a couple of days of me being… well you know. I was walking down the stairs, I tripped and fell. I hit my head again.

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay?” Luna shrieked while helping me up.

“Thanks Luna. I’m fine.” I said.

“Good- you remember again!” she jumped up and down.

Hermione, Ron and Harry turned from the sofa.

“You’re back to normal!” Ron said getting up.

“Yeah! I guess I should be more careful huh?”

“No really!” Ron said sarcastically.

Now that I’m fine, I won’t ever randomly stop at weird spots on the pitch. Overall… we don’t want to revisit last weeks trauma!


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