The Adventures of Agent Thumper: And The Case of The Commandeered Carrots

February 27, 2009
By Sunlooktung BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
Sunlooktung BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
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Agent Thumper was a trained assassin. As a young bunny growing up in the hood, he found his true calling. Agent Thumper was a spy for the most dangerous assassins in the world. Agent Thumper's first mission was, Mission Impossible. He was to find and terminate the evil and mischievous Dr. Cooper.

Dr. Cooper was the top suspect for stealing the world's rarest carrots. They can only be found on Happy Bunny Lane. The most recent reportings of the missing carrots were three weeks ago. Headquarters believes that Dr. Cooper is taking the missing carrots to his evil lair, located at the Rabbit Hole Warehouse. We don't know what Dr. Cooper is doing with the carrots, but whatever it is, it isn't good. Dr. Cooper is going to be at the Cabbage Club the hottest club in all of the 200 Acre Woods. Agent Thumper was supposed to follow Dr. Cooper.

Agent Thumper arrived at the Cabbage Club just in time to see Dr. Cooper enter. Agent Thumper followed him to the bar and sat near him.

'I'd like a Cabbage Juice, on the rocks.' Agent Thumper casually said to the bartender.

'Shaken or stirred?' asked the bartender.

'I always have my drinks shaken, never stirred.'

'You can always tell a lot about a man by the drinks he orders and the shoes he wears,' said Dr. Cooper. Agent Thumper had to keep himself calm in this situation.

'Yes. That's true, very true indeed. What does my drink say about me?' asked Agent Thumper.

'Well, I don't know what your drink really says about you, but your shoes say you're very wealthy,' said Dr. Cooper. This surprised Agent Thumper because first of all he wasn't wearing shoes and secondly he was broke, that's why he took this job in the first place.

'So, what's your name?' asked Dr. Cooper, ruining Agent Thumper's train of thought.

'Thumper,' said Agent Thumper.

'Ah, well Mr. Thumper, how about you and I go play a game of poker in my quarters? Unless you have something better to do?' said Dr. Cooper. Agent Thumper had to carefully think about his answer, as this was a great chance to capture Dr. Cooper, but he was terrible at poker.

'You know what? I really can't play poker because my carrot mobile is in the hospital and I have to call the car doctor to make sure it's okay.' That was the best excuse he could think of.

'Okay, then, why don't you follow me upstairs and you can call your car doctor from there,' replied Dr. Cooper. His plan didn't work. Normally, spies have a plan B, but he didn't. Now he had to keep his cool and wing it. He began to follow Dr. Cooper upstairs, as they were heading towards the elevator. Someone grabbed Agent Thumper from behind. He was going to use a carrot chop on the person, but saw it was a Foxy Lady of a Fox.

'Hello gorgeous. What can I help you with, Miss Lady?' asked Agent Thumper.

'Headquarters sent me to assist you,' whispered the Foxy Lady.

'Dr. Cooper, I'll be with you in a moment,' yelled Agent Thumper. Dr. Cooper took one look at the Foxy Lady and Agent Thumper and said,' Take all the time you need.'

'Now, I work one way and that's alone,' said Agent Thumper.

'Not anymore,' she said. Agent Thumper didn't have time to argue. He had to get upstairs and find Dr. Cooper.

'Fine, I need you to plant a camera in Dr. Cooper's room while I play poker with him. Do it quickly because I can't play poker,' replied Agent Thumper. They both walked up to Dr. Cooper's room and knocked on the door. Dr. Cooper quickly invited them into his poker room.

'You never gave me your name?' Agent Thumper said looking at the Foxy Lady.

'My name is Carmelita,' she replied in her sexiest voice. It sent chills down Agent Thumper's furry, hair covered spine. They all began to play poker. Just as Agent Thumper was about to set his first hand down, BLAMM! He got hit so hard, it knocked the Cabbage Juice out of him. Agent Thumper awoke later in a warehouse cellar, tied to a chair. Now! Was the time when he'd have to use his spy skills. As he was thinking of his genius plan of escape, Dr. Cooper entered.

'I knew you were a spy all along,' said Dr. Cooper.

'But how did you know?' asked Agent Thumper.

'Carmelita told me you were a spy.'

'I knew she was too foxy for me to handle,' thought Agent Thumper aloud.

'So what do you plan to do with me Dr. Cooper?' asked Agent Thumper.

'The same thing I did with everyone else who interfered with my evil plans' Kill you!' replied Dr. Cooper. With that, he began to head for the door.

'WAIT, just one second! Yelled Agent Thumper. Um' So what exactly do you plan to do with the missing carrots?'

'Hahaha' Dr. Cooper began. The carrots are the icy ingredient needed to make my Laser Beam Ray Carrot Juice Extractor Thingy Mabob.'

'What does the Laser Beam Ray Carrot Juice Extractor Thingy Mabob do?' asked Agent Thumper in a worried voice.

'Well, once filled with the carrot juice from the rare carrots, I can zap every bunny in the 200 Acre Woods and hypnotize them to follow me! Mwahahahaha!' Then, Dr. Cooper left the room.

'I have to get out of here and quick,' thought Agent Thumper. These were times when being a spy came in handy. If only he had on one of those cool watches with the laser beam that could cut through ropes, right now. He didn't have enough money to buy one of those watches from the spy agency, yet. After this mission, he could buy one though. So, he had to think of something else. He kept thinking and thinking and sweating and sweating. With all that sweating he sweated his way through the ropes. He looked like a snake slithering through the ropes. Agent Thumper was finally free.
Now, he had to get out of the warehouse cellar. He tripped on his way up the stairs back to Dr. Cooper's room where he played poker. All he was things in suit cases. Agent Thumper toured around the room and found some paperwork on Dr. Cooper's desk.
Dr. Cooper was getting billions and billions of dollars for making the Laser Beam Ray Carrot Juice Extractor Thingy Mabob. That's more than what Agent Thumper got paid; maybe he was working in the wrong business? Agent Thumper looked through some papers and found Dr. Cooper's blueprints for making the Laser Beam Ray Carrot Juice Extractor Thingy Mabob. As he was scanning through the blueprints, he found an address. That's probably where the missing carrots are. From what he could gather, the building was located right behind the Cabbage Club. Agent Thumper called Headquarters and told them to pick up the paperwork that he had found. As for Dr. Cooper, Agent Thumper would take care of him. He hopped in his Carrot-Mobile and drove next door.
It was a warehouse behind the Cabbage Club. The name was the Rabbit Hole Warehouse. This must be where the Laser Beam Ray Carrot Juice Extractor Thingy Mabob was, with the missing carrots. Agent Thumper dashed down the stairs. He entered a big bowl like room, surrounding the edge of the big bowl room were all the missing carrots. They were in small cages. Upon further inspection, Agent Thumper saw someone he didn't expect to see, Carmelita. She was in one of the cages. He laughed at this. In the middle of the bowl room was this big machine thingy, and the Laser Beam Ray Carrot Juice Extractor Thingy Mabob. There were different colored light beams coming off of it going to one of the cages. He had to find away to get the carrots, except for Carmelita. Agent Thumper looked around and saw two buttons to each cage. One big red button saying, 'Do Not Push' and a blue button saying, 'Release'. This was a situation only a spy could handle. He knew exactly what to do. So, he pressed the blue button and what do you know, the carrots were released. Agent Thumper walked to each cage and grabbed the carrots.
When he came across Carmelita's cage, she was trying to say something to him. Probably sorry, all he heard was BLAH, BLAH, and BLAH. He had two options: he could leave her and have her terminated, or he could forgive her for blowing his cover, almost getting him killed, and be a gentleman and set her free to move on with her miserable life. Nah, she almost got him killed, so he decided to go with the first option. He locked the cage back up and left her.
Agent Thumper walked up to the control device and pulled the lever to overload. He had about five minutes to escape. That's when Dr. Cooper entered. He could hear the machine saying, 'Machine overload. Please evacuate', those words kept repeating in his in his big, long furry grey ears.
Agent Thumper couldn't leave yet; he still had to finish his mission: terminate Dr. Cooper and make it fast. The building was going to blow and soon. Dr. Cooper brushed the side of his pocket ready to grab the bunny eliminator 100. Agent Thumper studied the weapon, preparing himself for the next move. This was a powerful gun, filled with wolf heads of death. Agent Thumper was steady, making sure not to blink. Agent Thumper and Dr. Cooper stared each other down, each second seemed longer. The machine was down to 10 seconds. Agent Thumper had to think of something fast. There was no way he could out shoot Dr. Cooper.
'Look, Jessica Alba,' shouted Agent Thumper in amazement. Dr. Cooper swiftly looked. At that moment Agent Thumper swiftly ran for the door. The machine was down to three seconds. Agent Thumper leaped out the door right as the building exploded.
He did it, Agent Thumper completed Mission Impossible. Outside, the police squad and headquarters agents had arrived. He gave the carrots to the agents. Agent Thumper's work was done. As he left, everyone began clapping for him. So, he gave a bow and took off in his Carrot-Mobile as a hero. Now, he was Agent Double O' Thumper. Agent Double O' Thumper was upgraded in the spy business and was awarded for terminating Dr. Cooper and finding the rare carrots. Agent Double O' Thumper finally got the cool watch that had the laser beam, and uses it on all his missions now. That's the adventures of Agent Double O' Thumper.

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