February 18, 2009
By sixshooter4 SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
sixshooter4 SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
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A lone cloaked figure walked down the road, the darkness of the night so profound that only his cursed eyes could pierce it. This man, if you could call him such, was not like other men. He was the last of his kind. Forced to take on the form of a human, condemned to wonder the world for eternity making amends for his past wrongs. His name, lost to him when the bond with his human form was forged, had long since been replaced. The great council called him Arrett Material (watcher of the human world). Although he had many other names, He was known as Darren Calhoun (great warrior) in Gaelic and Waneta (shape shifter) to the nomads of the plains. the stories of his power and the tails of the many miraculous happenings that followed in his wake had spread like wild fire. Tales of a demon with the power to change form into a tall dark haired human had already stirred up enough trouble for him. It was time he moved on. Besides he was tired of the ignorant soft skins calling him a demon, you would think that they would know a damn dragon when they saw one.

Arrett, having been forbidden to use his true dragon form unless he was in mortal danger, had long ago taken to wearing a long black cloak. The cloak served two purposes, the most obvious was to keep off the dirt and the grime of travel but The cloak also hid his sword. The workmanship of which was so fine it was obvious that it had not been forged by mortal hands. It was in fact the one great flaw in the magical bindings that held him. Dragons had in them more than just flesh and blood. A dragons body was the perfect bond between magic and flesh. A dragons brilliant colored scales told of its true nature its eyes where like windows into its feelings, but what no mortal knew, was that deep in the dragons throat there was a crystal, this crystal was known as the heart of hearts and was the home of the dragons soul and the source of their true power. So along with the binding of the body, the high counsel was forced to create ways of transferring these key magical traits. After many failed attempts the counsel created Arretts sword and cursed his eyes. His eyes where the greatest flaw In the magical shroud that hid his true form. His eyes like those of a dragon would change with his feelings, making it impossible to hid his true intentions. In the hilt of his sword they placed his heart of hearts. This was a bold move by the counsel for if a dragons heart of hearts is ever broken, the dragon will perish along with it.

Its was his fifth day of travel, and even Arrett with his dragon strength was starting to grow wary, knowing that his pursuers where far behind him he had started to relax. He slowed his pace taking a deep breath of the calm night air. Reaching under his cloak to move his sword to a more comfortable position he lost the strap to the cloak and it fell open cursing he quickly closed it up. Just then he heard a branch creak ahead of him ,he tensed as he felt the familiar prickle going up his spine. he continued forward a few paces and stopped just before the trail narrowed as it entered the woods. Sniffing the air he noticed the strong musky smell mixed with the smell of steel and blood. He knew this smell all to well, without thinking he threw aside his cloak and drew his sword as a hulking figure stepped out of the shadows to block the path.

It was a dracthell, the sworn enemies of all dragons. Standing almost 10 foot tall at the shoulder, these hulking beast had a secret weapon, they where the smelliest creatures ever to walk the two worlds. Their stench would make the bravest of men shake in his boots with fear. Looking up at the creature Arrett cursed under his breath a dove to the right just in time to doge a powerfull blow from the dracthell's battle ax. Rolling to his feet he sent a bolt of energy crashing into the beast. As the dracthell flew back Arrett lept at him, his sword slashing through the night sky. Slowly Arrett rose to stand over the corps of his fallen enemy. Shuttering as the affects of the magic use hit him. He slowly sheathed his sword. He had gotten careles! He had walked right into the ambush! As he continued down the path he couldn't help but wonder why the dracthell where hunting him. After all this time of watching him suffer why would they only now attempt to kill him? Whatever the reason it must be important and he was determined to find out!

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