What You Feel

February 4, 2009
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Emily Ryans was just as normal as everyone. Sorta. She was one F's. She could control other people's feelings. Her twin sister was Simmie. They were the sorrow twins. They basically hated each other. They were both fighting for Henrie, the leader(oldest), who took care of anger. Maxie was happiness. (not kidding!) Jessia was love.(most popular in the school) And Jermie was guilt, and wasn't very smart. (Really?) She had been put on patrol for more of the kids like her. All of them had been born on the same day, but in different years. So she had to look at all of the births all over the world on the 15th of March, to see if any of them could affect her. If she read the name, she would feel something. Or hear something. She had never found anyone on her patrols, so she had no idea what it felt like. On patrol, she was reading names of babies in England, her home country. One was 10 years old! They mustn't been able to decide on a proper name, she thought. As soon as she read the name though, she burst out laughing. And she had no idea why. It felt as if something had tickled her. She texted Maxie to meet her at the library, becasue she had found a new member. Giggles Timerland.

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