February 2, 2009
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Chapter 1

Whoosh! The air whizzed through Sam's hair as he rode on a metallic dragon.

As Sam looked below there was a war raging with people with spears and swords and shields. On the castle in front and behind him there were archers shooting in all directions. A little later an arrow hit the shield he had on his arm.

Sam woke up. He couldn't believe the dream he just had. Sam looked at his clock and noticed it was about time for him to get up. He grabbed his journal and wrote what he remembered from the dream.
Sam's mom called up the stairs, 'Sam time to get up.' She had been calling up there ever since Sam forgot to wake up to his alarm clock a week before.
Sam called back down, 'O.k. I'll be right down.' Sam went and brushed his teeth and as he did he saw that metallic color he saw in his dream. Sam finished getting up and ran down the stairs.
'Happy Birthday Sam,' his parents said together.
Sam's mom handed him a gift. 'Your grandpa and I are giving that to you. It's been in our family for years.'
'I have a present for you too Sam, we're going fishing tomorrow with an expert fisherman,' his dad told him.
'Okay dad.' Sam opened his gift from his mom and grandpa, and stood looking at it for a long time. It was a small knife that looked like it had electricity running through it. 'Sweet mom, where did you get this thing?'
'Let's just say that I got it from a far away place and it cost a lot of money.' His mom answered.
Sam grabbed his knife and took it up to his room. He then went outside to the place he saw the silver at. He looked all over but he couldn't even see a speck anywhere. When he was about to give up he saw a rolled up piece of old paper.
Sam grabbed it and looked at it. It had brass bindings holding it shut. The strangest thing was that it had the symbol he made when he was younger stamped right at the knot of the bindings. He took it and tried to untie the brass, but it wouldn't come loose. He finally tried biting it to open it and it spoke.
'Samuel Jake Shanks, five feet four inches, blonde hair, blue eyes, favorite color green' opening.' The so called 'note' opened. Sam's heart raced when he noticed what was inside the letter.

Chapter 2

Sam took the shining metal dog and stuffed it in his pocket. He ran to the house, and as he got close to the house there was a strange red and black car. When he got closer he noticed the people inside the car weren't normal people, they had mottled skin and were very short. When they got out they turned around and grabbed swords.
The strange beings looked like they were looking for something. Then one started walking toward where Sam was hiding in the bushes. He watched as one of them lifted a sword and brought it down. The sword nearly hit him and he sat there unable to move, unable to scream just sitting there watching them walk around the yard slashing everything they thought someone could hide to small bits.
When one of the people were ready to bring there sword down on Sam, someone cried out, 'gliscone!'
Sam didn't know if he was more afraid of the person who called out or the fact that the person fell to the ground. He jumped up out of hiding and ran across the yard to the house. He heard the footsteps of the other person following right behind him. He tripped on a clump of dirt that bumped out of the ground and fell down to his stomach. The air was forced out of his chest by the force of the fall.
The person ran at Sam with murder as the only thing he thought. Just as he lifted his sword the dog fell out of his pocket. The dog turned into a giant dragon, almost like the one he saw in his dream, and wrapped around the person attacking Sam. He squeezed harder and harder until the person died and fell to the ground.
Sam stayed where he was and tried to act like he fainted. The dragon turned into a real person. He was slightly taller than Sam, had no facial hair, and wore clothes you would see if you went into the past.
You think I'm really that stupid to think you are dead or how are you acting - fainted. I know you are still alive and awake. Now get up! The person said
Sam did as he was told thinking that the person was some sort of drill dream. Don't think I can't here what you are thinking. As you should be able to see, I'm not talking with my mouth, I'm talking with my mind.
That caught Sam completely unaware. He wanted to ask how he was doing it but all his mouth would do was open and shut making him look like an idiot. He stopped trying to talk so he wouldn't appear as an idiot. Just think the damn words, The person said.
Sam thought he would give it a try. Kind of like this? He asked using his mind, pushing anything he could to the person.
Yeah, something like that. If you want to know my name is Jon. Jon put his hand on Sam's shoulder. I came because we need you to save us.
Save who from what? Sam asked. You do know I am only thirteen, what could I do to help save anyone?
Ok, I can tell your mother and grandparents haven't told you anything of your past. Your family came from a different dimension in a separate universe. This place is called R'eca. Your grandparents once ruled the place as a very fair king and queen. You don't believe me do you?
Not really; you sound like some sort of pot-head or something. Sam replied.
Have you ever wondered how you were such a skilled athlete? Come to think of it, Sam actually did realize that he wondered that. It's from your grandfather's army he trained. I know you probably grew up on guns used in wars, but your grandfather's army was skilled with a blade. Most of them still don't know what a gun is; they all grew up on swords, arrows, spears, and magic.
I don't believe you can do real magic. I'd love to see you do magic.
Remember when that person tried to attack you when you were hiding in the bush, and someone cried out the word Gliscone, that was me it causes anyone it contacts to die instantly. It kills them so they are cleaner than the day they were born, save for the wounds and dirt already on them. If you try to do a raid and you use that spell you better be damn ready to stab them so they look like someone killed them using a sword or spear.
It's a bit austere but necessary if you are planning on making it look like a band of magicless thieves were the killers.
Can you kill a '
Sam heard a door from the house open. His mom came out of the house. He looked at her and looked back to where Malgon was standing. He was gone. He looked back at where the car was parked and it was gone too. The dead people were still lying on the ground dead.
Sam walked over and grabbed one of the swords. What just happened? That couldn't have been my imagination, the dead people are still here and I'm holding one of their swords. Sam was getting really confused and frightened.

Chapter three
Sam walked back up to the house with the sword in his hand. His mom had already gone in. When he got in he went up to his mom and asked, 'Do you know anyone by the name of Jon?'
When she finally answered she replied by saying, 'I do know a guy named Jon, but I don't think that he would own a car like that. I don't think he even has a car for that matter.'
'Where does he live?' Sam asked.
'It's been so long I can't seem to remember.' She replied.
'Is it possibly called' oh I don't know'.R'eca?'
'Where would you have heard of a place like that?' She asked hurriedly.
'I was talking to a guy named Jon; he said he came from a place called R'eca, which is located in a different dimension and a separate universe. I was talking to him before you went out, and when I looked at you and back at him he was gone. There were some people with oddly colored skin who tried killing me and Jon killed them. I took this off one of there belts.' He held the sword up and showed his mom.
His mom grabbed the sword away from him and pulled it slowly out of the sheath by the pommel, taking great caution not to touch the blade. When she got it part way out her eyes widened and her mouth dropped. Sam never noticed what color the blade was until now.
The blade was tinted black on one side and dark red on the other side. He wondered why she really cared what color it was. 'You can't carry this with you; you might bring unwanted attention.' She told him.
'What kind of attention are you talking about? What's the difference if I carry this around with me or leave it in my room? Seriously, it's just a blade colored black and red.' Sam said.
'R'eca is a real place, I'm sorry to admit it to you, but it is. In R'eca, if you were to be seen carrying this blade with you, you would have fun fighting with it. If you go anywhere near the stables of almost any place except in Pelting, the hostler would surely try to kill you.' Sam's mom answered. 'The colors are of the person who is trying to take over Rueca.
'If the hues were green and, or blue, I wouldn't have any problem with you carrying it with you; you just wouldn't be able to bring it to school or any public place.'
Sam stood there taking in everything his mom just told him, shocked at the truth, but happy at the thought that he didn't have to think of himself as a mad hatter. After he got done thinking about it he answered by saying, 'So I'm not some sort of maniac imagining this stuff? That's good. Would I be able to go there; Jon told me that I had to aid in saving 'them'.' Sam told his mom. 'Do you know who 'they' are?'
'If I'm guessing correctly' he meant people like your cousins Zarc, and Nayman.' Sam had a questioning look on his face. 'Yes you do have cousins there. They are my sister's children. You would not want to fight them with a sword. You would be down to the ground faster than you could blink.'
'Then why can't they save everyone? It just sounds a bit weird that if they are that good they can't save themselves.' Sam responded.
'They can't because if they even tried to save everyone, they would be dead faster than you can think to raise a sword.' She answered. Sam had a confounded look on his face and his mom caught that. 'You should just go take a nap right now Sam. You look like you need the sleep.'
'I'm not tired I know what I saw, I know you aren't lying because when you lye your left index finger twitches. I know that you know how to get there, and you are telling me how or I will find that Jon guy and make him take me there. Don't take me like a liar because I will find a way there.' Sam stated.
Sam's mom didn't answer. After a few minutes of waiting Sam said, 'Fine I'll go find Malgon and tell him to take me there. Once I get there I will not come back until I defeat 'The evil person'.' Sam stated in a clear, firm voice. He ran up the stairs to his room. When he got up there he felt someone was watching him.

Chapter four
Sam looked around the room. He looked everywhere, under his bed, in his wardrobe, and in the attic door next to his bed. The one place he didn't look was his closet. He heard Jon's voice in his head. You forgot the closet. If I had been an assassin I could have easily slipped out of here and killed you.
Sam looked in his closet and saw Jon sitting in it. 'Why don't you ever use your real voice to speak? It's getting really annoying hearing your mentality speak to me. It's kind of creepy too.' Sam said.
I speak like this because if I speak, I will tell Damien where I am and he will know where you are and you will be killed. You are our only hope of beating Damien. Oh yeah, Damien is the one who is trying to kill everyone in R'eca, and if he succeeds at that, everyone on Earth.
Sam swallowed a few times before saying, 'I came up here to get my stuff ready and see if you could help me find my way to R'eca.' Sam mentioned.
Jon hesitated. I could but it will take you a long time to get ready' unless you know some magic.
Sam wondered what he meant. Say Bir Awct De Tiet.
'Bir awct de tiet.' Sam said. His suitcase flew from under his bed and opened at his feet.
Good now say Sawct to anything you want to pack.
'Sawct,' Sam said and aimed his concentration on the knife his dad gave him. It flew into the suitcase. He said that to a few more things like his books that he liked to read, a few pictures of him and his friends, and some necessities like a toothbrush and some tooth paste. The last thing he put in his bag was his clothes.
You don't need those things. Only poor people wear clothes from here. You should be wearing your clothes that have been laid out for you. Jon stated. Put that back by saying 'Trzl'.
'Ok, but why do I need to unpack it? If I get there and this Damien dude has already started a war I will need something to put on if I can't get in our area before we start fighting or get attacked.' Sam stated.
Take the damn things out, now. Jon said trying to stay calm.
Sam looked and studied the clothes before he turned to Jon and said, 'Gliscone!'
Jon fell to the floor. After Sam turned around Jon got up and snuck up behind him and impelled a strong hit to the back of Sam's head. Sam turned around and saw Malgon behind him.
'I thought you said that they died on contact,' Sam said as he backed down.
Don't you ever say that damn word against me again! If I catch you saying that to anyone besides Damien or his little pets, it will be the last thing you ever do. The only reason I didn't die is because I got in your mind and saw it coming and reflected it towards your bed, that way it wouldn't kill either one of us.
If I wouldn't have caught that one: you wouldn't have a way to get to R'eca, and two: you wouldn't have a' Jon's voice trailed off.
'I wouldn't have a what?' Sam asked.
Nothing! You don't need to know about it yet. Uh' let's get going now.
Sam got his zipper closed and Jon said as quiet as he could but loud enough that the wind under his breath could hear it, 'ste nae wisz nhom trambend eterag R'eca.'
A portal opened in front of Jon and he told Sam Go through, I'll follow in a couple seconds. If you land in the air, say flayr and you will fly. Just remember to go down fast because you will get weak and just fall if you can't hold a spell for a long period of time. I'm sure that none of us would want you dead, besides Damien.
Sam walked through the portal. Jon had a sad look on his face.

Chapter five
Jon looked around the house for Sam's mom's consciousness. I almost told him about James not being his real father.
Jon is that you? You shouldn't keep it secret any longer than you have to.
If you are getting mad at me about something I couldn't do you still have some damn problems. I haven't even been around him since the year after he was born. You were the one that was with him his whole life why didn't you tell him?
Because. I knew that if I did it would make him want to try getting to R'eca in the time it would take him to find out he would have probably killed himself while he found out how to use magic. He could have been taken by the patrols because they thought he was some sort of freak. I wouldn't have been able to do that any better than you would have been able to.
Erase James' memories of Sam. Make it so that he will only remember Sam when Sam is here not in R'eca. If I can I will tell Sam about James.
Ok. So who is the person you are fighting now? Is it one of Damien's children or what?
No' it's not his child or grandchild, it's him himself.
H-how could he be the one trying to take over again. You and I both killed him side by side. I watched you force the stake into the cold-blooded heart of his.
None know how he came back. All we know is that he has gotten a lot stronger over the past thirty years. For all any of us know I could have missed and merely hit one of his lungs. That only puts a vampire a coma for about twenty-five years. He could have stayed at T.C. and they could have guarded him. Hell knows anyone who entered never came out.
Yes, but how did they get stronger is my only question. Did Dame obtain the Power of the Worlds? We need to find out if he did. If he did, we might not want to fight with him. He could destroy all of us in an instant. When you fight him you would have to keep your eyes open at all times so you won't get killed when you blink.
When I leave here I will go straight to Ed and tell him I need to go spy on Dame for a few weeks. While I spy on him I will look like one of his servants, but hell knows that he probably remembers his damn executioners face.
You should go catch up to Sam. I know him and he has probably gotten himself into some sort of trouble. Be safe and tell Sam.
Ok, I will, but it will take some time.

Chapter six

Sam was right in front of a big, charcoal colored palace. He looked around him and saw some weird people staring at him. They were short, had that same mottled skin as his attackers. His heart started racing when one of them pulled out a sword, he looked around the area of his view, too scared to move with the fear of getting killed or worse if he made the wrong move.
'What do we have here? What's your name boy?' the person asked from behind him.
Sam was too shocked to answer. All he could do was try to stand up. He saw one of the people out of the corner of his eye getting ready to kick him back down. He swore to himself for not grabbing the sword. He didn't even care if he would get attacked now.
'No! Don't hurt him. He might be Jon's son that people say will come and kill me.' The person gave out a laugh. 'If you want to know kid my name is Damien. Now tell me what your name is.'
That stopped Sam for a few seconds. 'Where am I?' Sam asked finally.
'You are in the grand city of Pelting. Now tell me your name!' Damien yelled.
'How do you know who Jon is?'
'He is the one that killed me the first time. I have gotten stronger since then; there isn't a soul on R'eca that can stop me now.' Damien stated with an air of confidence. 'Get up!'
Sam crawled to his feet. 'Are you going to try to kill me now? It would seem quite unfair if I didn't have a sword of my own to fight with, would it.'
'You wouldn't be able to guard a strike I throw at you if you tried.' Damien said.
'Give me a sword so I can at least try to protect myself,' Sam demanded. 'If you don't, everyone here will know that you are a coward that's afraid of a child like me.'
Sam could tell that he was getting Damien angry because of the face he had. Sam's second guess was when Damien pulled out his sword. It looked just the same as the one Sam found on the would-be assassins.
Just as Damien was about to kill Sam, someone screamed, 'Get your filthy hands off my boy!'
Sam looked around and saw Jon and Damien fighting. Sam, stunned, looked at Jon one more time, then turned and ran. 'Get the boy!' Damien yelled. 'Don't just stand there get him!'
Sam looked behind and saw the people were coming after him. He noticed that these people were faster than the ones at his home. He didn't even think about it, he just ran faster. As he was running, he was thinking about what Jon said as he entered to r'eca.
The next time Sam looked behind him he noticed the people were farther back than he thought. He decided that he could slow down a little.

Chapter seven

He was still running when an awkward looking bird-bat thing flew out in front of him. The thing was solid black, like it had been formed out of a burnt rock. It had two different sizes of beak' they were both in the same basic shape. The top one was over the bottom one; they were both in the basic shape of a triangle' a pointed triangle that looked like it could tear meat.
The body was more like an oval, with a tiny stub of a tail. The wings were big and leathery. When it let out a screech, it made Sam hold his ears shut. The next time he looked behind him, the people were on horses. How can those horses hold those things? Sam thought.
Sam started running and swore at himself when he thought about what he was doing. How could I ever outrun a horse, I'd have to know how to' that's it! I wish I would have thought of this in the first place.
Sam stopped running when they got close to him. He turned and stared at them, an angry face holding form on him. When they got close they slowed to a trot, an inquisitive face on all of them. Sam gained a good footing, making sure that if he slipped doing this he wouldn't fall flat on his face.
When they were within ten yards of Sam, they slowed to a walk. At five, they slowed to a stop. The sun behind them, and the wind to their side, made them look more human than they were, considering the sun casting a shadow behind them blocking out there facial features.
They just stood there, staring, no emotion in their faces. Sam noticed one of them fumbling around with one of his saddlebags. 'Gliscone,' Sam barely even breathed the words but the man fell off his horse and onto the ground. 'Do any of you want that to happen to you to? No? Ok then, take me to where I need to be.' Sam demanded.
Another man was feeling his sword hilt. Sam lifted his hand and aimed it at him. The guy dropped his hand from his sword. A smile was forming on their faces and he looked behind himself. He saw three others coming up from behind, all on foot.
Sam swore at himself for not looking behind him. If he didn't see their smiles he could have been killed. He swore again for even thinking about the plan he just made up. He decided that if he didn't try it, he would definitely get killed.
Sam jumped behind a thick tree trunk, facing the people behind him. He didn't even lift his hand, he just thought about saying it. The people, all three of them, fell dead on the ground. He climbed the tree a few yards up, giving him a good view of the people on the horses.
A rush of fear and happiness washed through him when he saw what they did while he was around the tree. They all seemed to have bows and arrows. When he looked carefully he noticed stuff dripping off the ends of them. When the liquid hit the ground, a small crater, barely visible, would form.
Sam thought of having that going through him. He swallowed and looked out a branch. He focused on one person at a time and killed the other five that were still alive. When he was satisfied, he climbed out of the tree. He remembered what Jon had told him about when he killed someone with magic; he had to stab them with the arrows they planned on using on him.
Sam wasn't expecting to be in this situation when he first found out about r'eca. He took the arrows, one by one, and one of the bows, and shot the arrows into the chest or through the head with at least one arrow. When he was done with that he grabbed the sword off of one of dead people, then he went and grabbed the reins of one of the horses, and hopped on.
Sam rode off through the night. He tried to dodge any place that looked like Damien would have occupancy or spies in. after it got dark, he stopped at the edge of the woods and looked around for a spot he could stay hidden. He found one when he looked around a fallen tree stump; it seemed to have a hole under it big enough for him and the horse to hide in.
Sam crawled in and looked around to see if there was anything that he didn't want to rest with. When he didn't see anything, he grabbed the horse, and went in. When he laid his head down, after getting comfortable, his head hit something. He looked at what it was, he noticed a reason there was a hole there.
An extremely loud screech filled the air as Sam turned and looked out the entrance. A huge bird-like thing stood between him and the only exit. The bird had a wingspan twice as big as three eagles; the head was almost as big as the horse's body. The feet were razor sharp; one held five of the bird-bat creatures he had seen earlier, while the other had blood running from it.

Chapter eight
'You keep your dirty fangs off my son, Damien.' Jon yelled. 'You so much as touch him and I will personally give you an escort to hell, whether I have to take you with me or not.'
'You shouldn't even try to stop me. I am stronger than anything you could ever become. If I wanted to, I could easily kill you here and now, I just decided I want to have a little fun with you before I do.' Damien smiled and laughed.
Before then, Jon didn't notice that he was getting to the point of dropping. Damien was using only one hand with his sword, while Jon was using two to protect himself. Damien took a few steps back. 'Getting tired already, are you?' Jon taunted as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a stake.
'Oh' I'm so scared, will anyone save me.' Damien said sarcastically then let out a laugh. 'Jon, you really think I can be killed with one of those anymore. Honestly you should know that I formed a spell that doesn't allow a stake to kill me, that is, if you actually use whatever brains you have.'
'Yeah real mature Dame, that's something that an eight year old human would say. I know you are older than that; hell, you're older than I am. Why don't we just end this quarrel before we destroy R'eca?' Jon suggested.
'No one's getting hurt, Jon. Open your eyes! I have actually saved an almost dead race. You need t''
'The trolls are only good for getting rid of the souls left behind after a death. You only saved them so you could get rid of my mother and father! You didn't succeed. They are in a perfect hiding place, you'll never find them. Damn spell sent Sam right to your front doorstep.'
'Yes it did, and I have a feeling that he will be in Sti'ril before dark tomorrow,' Damien said. 'I can end this war whenever I want; I just choose to keep it going because I want the power.'
Jon thought about that for a few moments, then said, 'If you are trying to get more power, don't. It will bring you your downfall. You will be one of the most powerful people in history, but at what cost? Do you really want your power to get the best of you and take you down with it? That's what's going to happen if you don't stop now.'
''Power can build a man faster than it destroys him. The power only destroys a man when he uses too much of it at one time.' That's what the old prophet, Saic, said to the entire realm.'
Jon had to agree with that. 'If I know you as good as I think I do you will use just enough to kill yourself. And if you don't, I'll kill you for any harm you cause r'eca.'
'Is that a threat or a promise?' Damien asked.
'That is a solid promise.'
Shock fell over Damien's face. After a few seconds, he snapped his fingers. Jon was thinking what Damien snapping his fingers meant, when someone knocked the stake and sword out of his hands and put a leather bag over his head. He was struggling too much, so they had to tie his hands together.

Chapter nine
Sam took one of the eggs and pulled out the knife his mom gave him. He held the knife right above the egg, and looked like he was getting ready to crack the egg open. The bird stopped and dropped its wings. It started moving its head looking at the egg at different angles.
Sam started walking toward the exit. The bird drew back its neck, getting ready to strike. Sam lifted the knife getting ready to actually break the egg. Sam reached out with his mind and found the birds. Is this your hole? He asked.
First of all, we're going to get something straight. This is one of the finest 'holes' in R'eca. And second, put my egg down! If that thing breaks you're going to be the next thing to break; faster than you can say r'eca.
I'll put the egg down when you let me out. And if you don't, I do know how to use magic. I could kill you if you don't make it easy.
Ha! I'd love to see you try. I'm almost impervious to magic. I'm one of the few that are helping defeat Damien. The bird said.
You're trying to save R'eca then? I am supposedly the thruy. I've never even been here before.
If you've never been here before, how do you know what magic or the thruy is?
What are you talking about? I said I was supposedly the' thruy. Suddenly Sam realized that he actually did say a different word. I don't even know what that word means' what does it mean?
In Saltri it means king. If you don't know what that means I don't believe you. Why are you talking with your mind if you are the thruy? Usually they only use there minds in wars.
'Ok. I'm using my mouth now,' Sam said with emphasis on mouth.
'Good. Now I can use my real voice,' the bird said. 'Why are you so far away from Sti'ril if you are thruy? You seem to be too far east' in fact you are farther east than Pelt'ing right now.' Sam had a confused look on his face.
The bird noticed the confusion on his face. 'You need to be about five-hundred leagues to the west. I can take you there if you want; it would take only two or three days to get there.'
'If you actually know where it is. I also need to find Jon,'
'Oh I know where it is. If you want to, I could also give you the names and locations of places you will want to know in the near future. By the way, my name is Tammondsin, you can call me Tam though, and I am a Regin.' Sam nodded.
'Let's get a start now while it is dark. The watchmen won't see us in the dark.'
'First I need to get my eggs secured and on my back. Then I need some food for the trip, and also, stuff here is different than in books. We don't have watchmen watching every forest edge. We only have turrets watching the walls. Almost every city has one.'
With that, Tam gathered up his eggs and some food, comprising mostly of meat and eggs.
'Let's get going now. I want to be in Sti'ril within the next week.' Tam said.
'Yes let's; it would be nice to be somewhere safe for a change.'

Chapter Ten

The cell door clicked shut behind Jon. When he finally settled down enough to think, he used magic to, first, take off the bindings on his hands, and second to take the rags and bag off. Jon looked around and noticed that his cell seemed to be one of the worst, if not the worst, cell in the place.
The floors had holes in it, some that were as far down as his knee. The doors on his cell were the only ones that had a molding moss substance scattered around it. When he looked around the corner, he saw that some of the other cells had new looking flooring and new doors.
Jon tried the only practical thing he could, magic. 'Sen.' Open. Jon muttered. The doors didn't move. 'Sen,' Jon said louder this time. Still no movement. 'Sen!' Jon yelled.
The cell door across from his opened. Jon swore to himself, it must be made out of mercury. I can't seem to get any magic to work on it. Wait! That's it. When a guard comes to check on me, he should have a set of keys. I could kill him, fetch the keys and get out.
Jon was waiting for a long time for a guard to come. None did. After a while Jon got tired and went to sleep. He didn't get much sleep with all the black snics in his dream. Just as he would come over a small rising, he would see leagues of the skies filled with them. When he looked at the ground, there would be bodies on the ground.
The bodies he noticed were the ones that he saw the most recently. Zarc, with his black hair and snake-like eyes. Nayman, his green eyes and brown hair. The last person he saw was Sam. Lying on the ground, clothes torn to rags, blood pooling around his body.
When the snics were gone, he walked down. The bodies were motionless. He walked up to Zarc's body. A small fog formed on top of his body. 'Why did you not come sooner? You could have saved us,' Was all it said before it floated away.
The next body he went to was Nayman's. The fog that came up was in the shape of Nayman. All it did was shake its head as it floated away. As he got close to Sam's body his knees gave out and he fell to the ground. He dragged himself to Sam's body. Sam looked up with a blank stare, barely strong enough to lift his head.
'Dad? Why?' Sam's head fell to the ground with a dull thud, eyes glazed with deaths stare. Jon let out a howl and laid down clutching what was left of Sam's shirt.
Jon woke to find tears running down his face. I have to get out of here before that really does happen.

Chapter eleven
Sam was lying on the Regin's back. His eyes were closed due to the cold air making them sting. Every now and then he would look down at the ground only to see forests covering most of what they flew over. Sam was surprised at what he saw about the Regin. Instead of having only one color of feathers sticking out of the back of his head, he had almost any color you could think of.
We are getting close to where I let you off at. When we get there, you have to walk the rest of the way to Sti'ril. Tam said; they had to speak with their minds since the wind was rushing past them at such a great speed. Now remember what I told you about the stones of Erven, and the tree of great strength.
What's so great about them? Sam asked. They can't be more than a pile of stones and a tree.
That is where you are wrong. The stones of Erven can give you a weapon stronger than nisterel. The tree of great strength gives you exactly what its name states, great strength.
So I could go to the tree thing and get 'great strength'?
It's not that easy. You have to be in need of the strength. If you go to the tree and summon on the strength, it will take any strength you have. You have to convince the tree that it will die if it doesn't give you strength and the power to grab strength from any plant within a league in any direction.
How will I know if I can convince it to give me this power? If I don't convince it, I could end up dead.
You will know when you can convince it. It will come within the last battle of the darkness and light. You will only have to search for me and I will take you there no matter how far it is.
And what am I supposed to do for the stones of Erven to give me this weapon? Sam asked.
All you have to do is state your name you got when you turned fourteen. Luckily you are going to turn fourteen in a couple of days.
Who gives me my name? Sam asked.
That depends on who you are near when you turn fourteen. If you are near a helper of Damien, you will get a name from the base roots of evil and you will forever serve under the darkness of pain and death. If you are near a Sti'rilian, you will gain a name that will make it impossible for you to even spare mercy on a Dame.
How long until we get to Sti'ril? Sam asked.
We are only about a league or two from the middle of the city, so about a league and a half until we get to the walls. That means I have to leave you in about a league.
Why do you have to leave me?
I'm not the first creature the people of the flame want to see; and if you arrive on me, you will surely be shunned until the day you die.
Why? Sam asked.
Because for centuries my race has been serving Damien and his ancestors. Sam thought he could feel a pang of sorrow in what he had just heard. You can sleep the rest of the way from here if you want to. You will want to be well rested for when you leave me. I will stay only a mile from the walls so you can visit me at any time.
Ok I' Sam drifted off to sleep before he finished what he was going to say.

Sam didn't want to get up.
Sam still didn't want to get up.
Sam shot straight up and looked around. He thought that he had a weird dream, until he saw what he was laying on. He saw Tam underneath him. It was still dark out, but getting lighter every second. About time you got up. We've been here for almost twenty minutes.
Where are we? Sam asked.
This is the spot I let you off at. Walk that way, the Regin pointed, and you will run into the wall. You might get questioned of who you are; just say that you are human and wish to join their forces in defeating Dame. Only people of the flame use that name for him.
Sam was still waking up when he said, 'Why are you talking with your mind?'
Don't speak with your mouth! I'm talking like this because we are on the borderlands of Sti'ril. If someone hears us, we could be killed on the spot. My race is hated among the most basic people of the flame. If you are seen talking to me, you will be killed or tortured for associating with a Regin.
Sam didn't say anything else with his mouth again. Is there a way I can say convince them that I am an ally?
Say, 'Ste du ter efot Shanks'.' That should persuade them to let you into Sti'ril. They don't really refuse to let anyone in, though I heard they make you let someone in your head. You can't lie when you are talking with your mind.
Remember when I asked you to take me to Jon? Where is he? Sam asked.
He is' captured by dame' and has been put in a cell. I fear he will be tortured or killed if he doesn't escape.
When he came here to R'eca, he said for Damien to keep his dirty hands off his son. Do you know what he meant by that?
He probably meant that you are his son. Tam replied.
That's impossible! My dad lives with my mom. They have been married for ten years.
You never know until it's too late. You do need to get along to Sti'ril now. I will stay here for a time when you want to come to me for advice on anything.
With that Sam followed the direction Tam had pointed. Other way thruy. Tam said smiling. Sam turned around and started walking the right direction.

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