Adam Shelton, Warrior of Xi Lin

February 1, 2009
By Danni BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Danni BRONZE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Academy Of Xi Lin 3:44 pm:

Adam Shelton reported to a dark room. There was a desk, a dark and
lonely desk, where Master Kiyo sat, not twiddling, or looking nervous.
Just dark.
'Adam.' Said Master Kiyo, unsmiling. 'Sit.'
Adam pulled out a chair and sat down without a word.
'Mr. Shelton, we need someone to go to Hiltar.' He paused a moment, then
began. 'Akito has not come back after being sent on a mission.'
'You mean'he is dead?' Adam asked softly.
' No, Adam'your father is very capable, and they would have held him
hostage there if he was caught'they need more information. But
eventually, yes, that may happen.'
'So you want me to go and find him?'
'Yes. But, Mr. Shelton, there is one problem.'
'What would that be, Master?'
'I'm afraid one of our students has'turned against us.'
Adam's eyes widened. 'Is he on his way also?'
'Yes, Yui Takahashi'we believe he is trying to find your father so he
can have the Rock of Power that Akito carries with him wherever he
'Yui? But Yui is one of the best students here.'
'I know Adam, but there has always been evil deep in his heart'your
father is the best warrior we've ever had. We need you Adam.'
'I will go.'

Chapter 1

Adam kicked up dust as he raced toward his home. He sighed as he saw
their lighthouse-shaped home in the distance.
As he ran up to the yard, he saw his brother, Ryuji, playing.
'Hi Adam!' His 10-year-old brother yelled after him as he burst inside
the house.
'Hiromi!' he called to his twin-sister.
He found her humming as she was making her bed. She turned around as he
walked into the room.
'What is it Adam?' She asked, alarm in her voice, sensing the alarm in
'Father is missing.' He said.
'No'he can't be.' Her voice was strained. 'Well, what are they going to
'I'm going.' He said 'Yui has turned against the academy and he's
gaining fast''
'Father's rock of power''
'Yes. I must go tomorrow.'
'Tomorrow! What am I going to do with Ryuji?'
'Something, Hiromi. Something.'
Then, he went out in the front yard to tell Ryuji.
'Hey Adam, can you teach me the Naoe please?' asked Ryuji 'We can
practice tomorrow too, if that's okay with you. There holding a
competition tomorrow and I really want to take first and-'
'Ry,' Adam started, then sighed. 'I'm leaving.'
Ryuji stopped twirling the cha ru. 'Where? For how long?' He was
'Father is'somewhere out there, and I have to'go get him.'
'You mean he's lost?' Ryuji sighed, giving Adam the
I'm-not-dumb-you-know look.
'Yes.' Adam said, defeated. 'And I don't know how long I'll be gone
so'look after the house, okay?'
'But I want to come with!' Ryuji jumped, suddenly excited 'I mean, I
know almost all the moves you do, and we could fight together-'
'No, Ry.' Adam put his hand to his head. 'I have to go alone.

Chapter 2

Adam ran through the dense forest. He remembered everything Master Kiyo
said, going through it in his mind with each step.
Every second counts, every step. The enemy could be one step ahead, or
one step behind. Swiftly, you must go.
He jumped over rocks and branches, almost making a game out of it. The
forest was almost a blur around him, the bright colors flashing by like
a watercolor painting. He grew more and more tired the farther he ran.
He knew he was coming on a desert.
He made camp at the edge of the forest. He wasn't allowed to bring much
with, just a backback with a blanket, some loaves of bread, and his cha
ru strapped across his back, of course. When he looked into the lake
back home, he agreed with himself that he looked like a traveler.
He set up his blanket on the cold forest bed and lied his head down,
listening to the sounds of the forest. He thought about how much he had
traveled, and smiled to himself.
All of a sudden he heard something snap. Like a twig. Like footsteps.
He sat up, all senses alert.
Yui. He thought.
Then there came more footsteps, more slowly this time. Adam put is back
to a tree, cha ru in hand, not making a sound.
He sensed the presence of someone else, they had their back to the tree
too. Adam slowly wove around the tree, until he saw the dark figure that
had to be the enemy. He crept behind the intruder's back and stuck his
cha ru in the air'
'Hi Adam!' Ryuji yelled.
Adam jumped about a foot, and was now on his back. He felt like an
'What are you doing here?' He fumed
'Tagging along to help!' He smiled, and then he looked down at his feet.
'I thought you'd be happy to see me.'
'It's dangerous, Ryuji!' Adam stuck his hands up in the air.
'But I'm good with the-'
'I almost hurt you right there! Almost'killed you. Do you know how bad I
would feel?'
'I just wanted to help.' Adam could hear the tears in his voice.
Adam sighed 'I'm sorry'look. Now we can go fight tomorrow, right?'
Ryuji suddenly looked up, a giant grin on his face. 'Really?'
Chapter 3

It was hot'burning. Adam and Ryuji trudged along, getting thirstier
every minute.
Every drop of water counted. You never knew when you would run out.
Adam looked ahead to see something in the distance. A shape'a shape with
a red top'
It was Yui.
'Is that Yui Takahashi, or am I hallucinating?' Asked Adam, rubbing his


The author's comments:
This isn't my first adventure story; after writing all of that realistic fiction I love to get into some fantasy; but I hope you enjoy this story about a boy with talents and him and his brother's journey to rescue their father! Second part still to be released!

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