Me, the vampire, My best friend, the werewolf

January 18, 2009
By audrey rene digenova, Eagle Rock, CA

Heading back to my dorm, I heard a familiar laugh and so, a familiar voice. "Hey! Just wondering what you're doing tonight. Me and some of my friends were-"

I cut her off, "Totally! I'd love to!"

"Great, that's awesome! See you there!"Maddy replied. Maddy and I have been friends since before I can remember.

"Hey, wait up!" I called.

"Yeah?" Maddy called back.

"I made you something." I said when she came over. "Here." I handed her a star necklace, leather bound choker I had been working on.

"I love it!" she replied and put it on.

But, Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the occasion Maddy invited me to that night because I was going to be changed that night, into something more than human. Six hours later, I was working on homework. I got hit on the head with something hard. A person was in my room behind me. I woke up to a piercing pain coming from my neck. I lightly grazed my hand over my neck, pulled my hand away and saw blood. I really had no idea where exactly the blood was from, especially coming off my neck. I thought about the possibilities. Had I been cut on my neck, although not seriously? Had I been murdered and returned from the dead? Was I now a vampire? This last possibility sounded really impossible. I really had no idea which it was. I had kind of just started to realize the slight change in my surroundings. I was in my dorm room, but I could sort of sense that someone had come in. I slowly got up to look in the mirror on my closet door. I couldn't believe what I saw. I know where the blood had come from, I was now a vampire! I had to get my priorities straight. So in my opinion, I cleaned up my neck pretty good, although I had to use a lot of make-up to cover the bites. I had researched vampires and found some useful information. I had already known that I need to feed somehow and I had grown fangs, oh joy! So I really didn't want to do this, but I needed to either kill or feed off of some human.

I went outside to get some fresh air and think things over. I know right now while I'm thinking over how I'm going to handle being a vampire. Maddy, my friend, is out having a great time. What a nice thought. Now I see someone walking toward me. As the person came closer, I noticed she was a girl a little prettier than me and was coming closer to me in particular.

As she spoke, her voice was frail, like she was scared of something in the future. "I am here to be your first feeder, the first human to offer my blood for you to drink. My master has told me to tell you that you have done a good job in covering your bites."

"Who are you? Some type of voodoo student in training? You talk with words like 'master' and 'feeder'. How am I supposed to know all the words and terms you're using?"

She replied with a weird little chuckle, though her voice still sounded a little scared, "I know exactly what you'll do once I show you my neck."

"You don't know what I will or will not-" she had shown me her neck by taking her hair away and I guess this is what she was talking about. I couldn't even stop myself. I dug my 'new' fangs into her neck and it felt as though I had been doing this my whole life. If I had witnessed this I would have been marked for life. But this was me who was doing it? The next few days were hard and tiring. It was mostly hard because I couldn't tell anyone what happened and most of all, I couldn't tell Maddy.

A few days passed, thought it felt like a few years. Something similar happened with the same person. I was even surprised she was still alive. Maddy and I had started to see each other more since I first tasted blood. She never asked where I had been the previous week, almost as though she had been gone for personal reasons, too. As three months passed I noticed we had been seeing each other almost every night. On the nights of the full moon she mysteriously disappeared. When I asked her about it, she sounded like she was covering something up.
One day I was thinking about where she could be on the nights of the full moon. She could be telling the truth and I'm just imagining things, or maybe she just doesn't like the full moon? That's impossible, or she's a werewo- I couldn't even say the rest of the word to myself. She's not a werewolf, that's impossible. Anyway, we're best friends and vampires and werewolves hate each other! The rest of that day was normal, as usual, that was the night the still mysterious 'master' sent a human once every week for me to drink from. After two weeks, the full moon was up again.

As I expected, Maddy mysteriously left. So since I hadn't gone in a long time I went to the coast which wasn't far. It was night and the moon looked amazing so I decided to take a nice, long walk on the beach. I had heard rumors that werewolves were coming here, but I didn't believe them. I guess I was just being cautious. I heard some werewolf howls and I had been frightened at first. Then I realized it had probably come from far away. I continued walking as though nothing had happened. I had seen something rustle in the bushes. I froze when I saw that it was a werewolf. I also noticed that it was bloody and brownish-black. Its big brown eyes stared at me with sadness hidden behind them. Most shocking was the fact that it was wearing the necklace I had given Maddy a long time ago and she had worn it ever since. OK, I thought, I knew Maddy loved werewolves and this bothered me. But the thought of Maddy placing her necklace on a werewolf was unimaginable. So I really only thought of two ideas. The first, that she was a werewolf which was impossible. The second, that a werewolf had stolen the necklace while in human form and put it on itself. I was still alert and ready to run while thinking. The full moon had really started to show brightly. The werewolf started to run towards me. We were about seventy feet away from each other and soon that seventy feet became sixty and closer and closer. I was so frightened that I froze and could no longer run or do anything for that matter.

When we were about thirty-five feet from each other everything got slightly darker and for a brief second I looked up to see the full moon covered by some clouds. I looked back and thought I would see the werewolf transforming into some stranger. What I actually saw was my best friend, Maddy, with ripped-up clothes ad bloody scraps. I was speechless, unable to do anything, say anything. As usual, Maddy was wearing the choker necklace that I had made for her. She shivered from exhaustion and fright since she had no idea where she was or how she got there. She knew that she had turned werewolf but in doing so lost all sense of who she was or who any of her friends were. She stared at me wide-eyed and confused.

Finally, she said, "You're a vampire!?"

"Yes, someone turned me a long time ago. And you, a werewolf!?"

"Yeah, same as you. I was bitten a long time ago. Listen," She had gotten up now. "You have to get out of here before I turn back into a-" And that's when the moon came out again and she became a crazy, insane werewolf. I knew I probably wasn't going to survive this night.

The author's comments:
Hi my name is audrey and i love vampires. i have loved them and have been amazed by them for as long as i can remember and i don't like twilight that is the one vampire movie i have seen and don't like it. this story was based on me (the vampire's point of veiw and my best friend maddy (the werewolfs point of view). i wanted to do a story that would show that werewolfs and vampires are naturally enemies but it is still possible for to of them to be frind. this story is fiction but the idea came from me and my frend since maddy loves werewolfs and i love vampires. I hope you like or liked my story. Thank you very much,

Audrey :)

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