January 24, 2009
By Hannah Thompson, New Windsor, MD

When you think of vampires, your mind probably rushes around the thoughts of fantasy creatures that hide from daylight and emerge from their coffins at night to prey on innocent humans’ blood. Just a bunch of made-up rubbish found in stories and Hollywood films. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Until I became one.

Every story needs a beginning, so let’s start at the beginning of mine. I was born on a freezing fall night…What? Never met a vampire with a sense of humor?

Guess not…I’ll take you back two weeks before my seventeenth birthday. It was an icky Monday morning. I say icky because, well isn’t every Monday icky? Anyway, I walked through the doors of Revulton High School. My friend, Jenny, was leaning against the locker next to mine, waiting for me.
“Hey,” she said with a great big smile on her face.
“Hey,” I replied, turning the dial on my lock.
“So…I was thinking…”
“That’s never good,” I answered, taking out my Algebra 2 book.
“Ha, ha, ha. You’re so very clever!” Jenny mocked.
“I would think so,” Jack said from behind me, “Do you know anyone else who could sleep through algebra and still pass it?”

I turned around to smile in thanks for his helpful, not to mention complimentary, comeback. The color in Jenny’s cheeks began to rise.

“Hi,” Jack said to Jenny, staring into her pale blue eyes.
“Hi,” Jenny breathed, twirling a long strand of blonde hair around her finger, returning the flirtatious stare.

Ugh! I had to deal with this every morning. Jenny and Jack! Yackety yak! They constantly flirted, but hadn’t asked the other out yet. How nerve-racking. For me anyway. I cleared my throat loudly and they came down from their eye-gazing cloud nine.
“Oh, um, right. Uh, Rachel…so for your party,” Jenny started.
“Rachel’s having a party?” Jack inquired almost incredulously. I’m with ya bud.
“Yes,” Jenny said, regaining her bubbly confidence.
“No,” I said firmly. I was not a party person and she knew it.

Jenny opened her mouth to argue and the bell rang for homeroom. Saved by the bell!
“This conversation isn’t over!” Jenny stated.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” I replied smugly, my back already to her, walking the opposite way.

After our volleyball game, Jenny and I walked out to the parking lot. My gym bag, slung over my shoulder, swung to my steady pace. Jenny’s face was red and sweaty. Mine probably was too.
“Your serves were fantastic as usual,” she complimented, “If I hadn’t missed the ball that last minute, we would’ve won.”
“Thanks, but don’t worry Jen. There’ll be more games with wins and losses. Not the end of the world. Besides, Elkridge is a really good team.”
“Yeah. Anyway, I’m parked over there,” Jenny said, pointing left, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“See ya,” I said as she changed directions.

The parking lot was still full of cars from the Elkridge kids, who were in the gym celebrating their victory. I made my way through the cars to my small, red buggy parked four cars from a light pole. The warm early fall evening air abruptly turned chilly. I fumbled with my keys, eager to get into my car and go home. I heard a soft fluttering disturb the silent trees in front of me.
“Jenny?” I called, though I knew it couldn’t be her. She wasn’t the type to sneak up on me.
A shiver went up my spine, making my whole body tremble slightly and my keys fell from my hands. I dropped to my knees to locate them and my outstretched hand searched the cold, bare pavement with no help from the old light post. I crawled to reach farther and my hand met soft leather. My heart leapt into my throat as I realized it was a shoe. I almost tumbled over backwards as my eyes hurriedly traveled up the person’s body. It was a boy, no a guy, my age maybe. He was holding my keys.
“Looking for these?” he asked in a mystifyingly handsome voice.

I realized my hand was still resting on his black shoe and promptly removed it.
“Oh…um,” I stood up, but he was still another two inches taller than me, “Yeah.”

I began to take in his…rather gothic features. His extremely feeble looking body was clothed with black jeans and a black t-shirt that read “Bite Me” in red lettering. He had exceptionally blonde hair cropped at a sexy short style and his skin was so pale, he looked like the walking dead. I looked into his eyes and was immediately rooted to the spot. His eyes were a mesmerizing gorgeous brown. I couldn’t look away though I wanted to. They seemed so deep and lonely. I suddenly felt drawn to this enigmatic stranger. The light began to flicker, yet I could not wield my eyes anywhere else but his. Finally, the light disappeared completely. My head spun as my eyes were freed from his. All I could see was his shadowy outline, nothing else. Nothing at all. My heart pounded in my chest as blood raced through my veins. He grabbed my hand. The pressure he applied to my wrist grew and all those horror movies I’d ever watched told me this was where I would die.

But then, his grip softened in answer to my silent distress and icy metal plunged into my hand with a jingle. My keys. He let go and I rubbed my bruised wrist. For someone who looked so frail, he sure did have a strong death grip.
“Thanks,” I finally said.

The light post flickered back on, but the mysterious hottie was no where in sight.

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