Family Ties

January 30, 2009
By BrokenSociety BRONZE, Burgaw, North Carolina
BrokenSociety BRONZE, Burgaw, North Carolina
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So here I am.

Yea, it seems to happen to me a lot these days- Sitting, half crouched, tears threatening to spill down my ivory cheeks onto the vile yellow linoleum floors. Once again, I blink rapidly. This time it started out just like every other time had. I was walking down the hallway (perfectly normal behavior for a seventeen year old girl on a Tuesday) when I felt it. A hand, right there on my back. Almost gentle, but I knew it was coming; my first thought was, 'Aw, not again!!!!!'

It shoved. I should have been watching my surroundings, but like every other day that this ruthless bunch of bullies had gotten me, I had been daydreaming. So I fell. My Chemistry book went spinning across the floor, sliding easily to rest at a pair of Nike Airs. 'Crap,' I thought, pushing myself to my feet. Those Nike Airs were connected to Kell Freemen, the most built boy in our school, and if he was here, then that meant that the Yuri Group, the people who had been tormenting me for the last week, had finally decided to make me hurt. I quickly slid into a fluid, almost feline crouch, my eyes sparkling; not because I was hurt or embarrassed, but because I knew I was gonna hurt someone. Despite my Uncle's teachings, there was no way in the heavens I was letting a six foot four brick wall beat the mess out of me.

A laugh, slightly nervous, went around the group; they weren't used to their quarry doing anything but laying quietly on the ground and curling up into a ball to protect themselves. My eye didn't help the matter either, I'm sure. Usually, I wore a pair of dark tinted Oakley sunglasses to hide them- Dark amber, they had a violet ring around the iris, and the whites of my eyes tended to contrast sharply.

'Hey there, Kitten. Need a hand up?'

Kell's voice, while smooth and honey coated, send a curl of fear around my spine, right before it was replaced by a tight ball of anger (rage, almost) coiling my muscles. Fist of all, I knew if I took the large, tan hand he held out to me, he was gonna lay my out. Second, he used my big brother's nickname. 'Hell to the no,' I thought as I smiled as sweetly as I could at him. 'Yes, please,' I said, taking his right hand in my left. His smile went cold and I felt him begin to jerk my arm- one of the cool things about adrenaline in a body like mine was that it slowed time down for me, almost. I could feel his muscles tense as he prepared to yank my arm out of the socket.

Yea, like I was gonna let that happen.

I twisted my hand that was holding his and curled my slim fingers around his thumb, wrenching it back towards his wrist as I used my thighs to fluidly stand to my feet; almost as soon as a howl of pain came tearing from his mouth, my left fist connected to his Adam's apple with a sickening smack. He choked on his own agonizing cry, and I smiled, still moving faster then lightning as my right hand released his left and connected, heel first, to his temple. His hazel eyes tilted upwards to show the whites, his body going slack. I let him hit the floor- It didn't matter to me. Stupid boy.

His friends were still in shock. After all, I realized, that had probably gone pretty fast for their small brains to compute, and a few of them were still looking at Kell as if the couldn't imagine why their fearless 'leader' was on the ground. I crouched down and picked up my book, dusting off the cover with a small smile. I slipped my Oakley's onto my exotically shaped face- think wood elf meets ghost- and began walking away. One girl, in her leather jacket and poorly stained mini skirt, shouted out to me, her voice scared yet defined. 'Just' Just who do you think you are, freak?!'

I glanced back over my shoulder, my right brow lifting slowly as I pushed my thick onyx hair back from my face. 'I know who I am. Kia Ayan' and you might want to remember that.' I ignored her shocked gasp and kept walking, thinking to myself- It was gonna turn ugly with my uncle when he found out what I had just done to the human boy. 'Oh well,' I thought. 'Such is the life of a teenage Fey'.

The author's comments:
I've been writing for awhile, even though i'm young. I originally wanted to put my other story down, one i've already finished. For some reason, it was being difficult- I kept thinking to myself, this isn,t right, these characters don't want to be here. So i opened a document and Kia jumped out. I'm glad she knows what her breed is, because i didn't. :) I hope you enjoy her antics as much as i do. The name of the chapter i have up is "Again". It's the first one so far. :p Enjoy.

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