Words Once Spoken

January 28, 2009
By HayleyG SILVER, Carmel, Indiana
HayleyG SILVER, Carmel, Indiana
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“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.”

My fingertip trailed along her porcelain, cold body. Each inch left a second of warmth and feeling in her skin. When I reached her heart, it took me by surprise. Her heart was pounding faster than any normal humans would. I pulled my finger back instinctively and stared at her soft, fascinatingly different face. She was like an angel with a dark sickness upon her, but her grace even in a bad state was still astounding.

I didn't know what to do now. All my dreams had answered every question I had wondered upon; except the most important. What was I supposed to do now?

I began to think back to all the fairy tales I had heard as a kid. I had to try anything and everything I remembered. At least until one worked. After all, one would eventually have to be right. Right?

The first idea that popped into my head was the story of Snow White. I felt my cheeks turn bright red at the thought. A teenage boy thinking of a Disney princess story was absurd. Unheard of. But, keeping the story in mind, I bent down and kissed her pale lips. The touch sent a shock down my body almost throwing my fragile state back, but nothing seemed to happen to the motionless character before me. To no avail I let out a sigh of utter hopelessness and slightly of embarrassment. Apparently I would have to think outside the box, and by the box I meant the TV box and video games. That plan not working knocked out fifty percent of my ideas, especially since I had only started out with two.

With only one idea left, I slowly let my right knee fall to the ground until I was bent down at her side. I lowered my head and held my hands together as I slowly started to pray while my eyes slipped closed. It wasn't for myself or for answers I prayed, but for her. I whispered the same words to myself over and over again.


I pray now for this stranger that I have been led to. Though I know nothing of her, you do. She is your child and is in need of your healing.
I pray you find her sickness, what's keeping her from a life of fun and spirit, and heal to the very depth of it. Thank you Lord.

Over and over again those same words fluttered out of my lips. My concentration never broke. I knew that I had to keep praying if I wanted to see her live an ordinary life again. Thats if she had ever lived an ordinary life.

For three days I ignored the hunger and thirst that made my stomach ripe. I had repeated the same words so many times now that the ABC song sounded like a distant, unusual tune. The three days had gone by faster than I would have thought them to. At the end of the third day I opened my eyes to see two intent dark gold and purple eyes staring back into my frightened face. The dark purple was almost swirled through out her eyes, capturing my gaze. She was like more than an angel. I had never seen anyone so beautiful. My mind began to search for something to say to her. It was normally so easy to find words to pour onto a stranger because you knew nothing about them and had everything to ask. But nothing seemed easy with her. I began to think that my head was racing as fast as her heart had upon my touch. She took me by surprise however, showering me with the first words.

"What is your name?" There was no look about her face. It seemed as if she couldn't express emotion through her odd form.

"Uh, um it's uh...sorry. Wait no, my name isn't sorry. It's Decklynn. I mean my name is of course." Wow. If any other person had asked me what my name was it would have fallen out like all of my teeth had when I was younger. I knew now that she had to be mocking me with her thoughts. It didn't get more embarrassing than that. I had topped the charts for the year in forgetting my own name and to finish it all off, it was in front of the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

Our eyes seemingly met in a locked gaze for a few moments. After a few seconds she blinked and jumped back slightly. It was as if she had been in a trance and something brought her back.

"I never knew that one person could be so peculiar." Her words took me by surprise and it took a minute to process what she had said.

"What do you mean? I just met you. You, I mean theres no way you could possibly know anything about me." A secretive grin spread across her lips that were now flowing with vibrant colors of pink.

"Ahh, but your wrong. I know everything about you."

"But how? I mean, I don't even know who you are. And we've only just met." I was beginning to feel confused but I managed to stay calm.

"When I hear someone's name said aloud to me, their whole history, every thought, every action, every reaction flows through my mind. I can't really help it. I just automatically know everything about a person when their name is stated. Even at a whisper." I could feel my jaw drop at this news. This, she definitely wasn't any normal person. Not to mention, she knew everything about me. Even the personals. That thought was terrifying. There were things I never even dreamt of telling anyone, but now without consent she had ripped all those thoughts away.

"You never told me what your name was." That was all I could come up with to say after the startling news she had just given me. I think I had a right to at least know her name considering she knew every little detail about my life.

"My name is Elisia. It's a name passed down from my godmother." She seemed to stop and think for a minute as a tear drop slid down her face. Oh how I hoped it wasn't my fault she was crying.

"Why? I mean why are you crying? And it's okay. Don't sweat it." I wasn't sure what I was telling her not to sweat. She hadn't done a thing wrong.

I was truly curious now as to the drops spilling down her soft cheeks. It suddenly dawned on me that her tears reminded me of the rain from my video game a few weeks ago. Something about them seemed familiar, but what could possibly be similar in two disparate objects?

"They're all gone. All. The worst part is that I don't even know how. I just remember waking up and them laying around me helplessly dead."

"Who and what are you talking about?" I glanced at her eyes, watching them turn red with her emotions.

"A couple years ago my family and I were...we were in Aris Forest next to our home having lunch and running around singing traditional songs. I was playing tag with my cousins while the sun was setting when a sudden pain shot through every blood vessel in my frail body. I couldn't breath or move and all this pressure was building up inside my head. Nothing like that had ever happened to me or anyone I knew before and I was frightened.

"Everything started turning green and black in my mind and through my eyes. The last thing I remember was fainting and when I awoke, they all were dispersed around me...dead. The only one still with breath was my brother. When I went to him he told me that I must leave and find the one who leaves the questions without answer and the answers without question. Frankly I'm shocked I remember what he told me. My mind was so preoccupied with every one I knew laying around me without movement. I have never felt so alone before, and I think that was scarier then the pain that had gone through my body." Everything about her made my jaw drop. It...she was unbelievable. Insane. That would be the perfect word to describe her life. I was still bemused at why I was the one who had to save her. After all, I could go home now. Right?

I stood up and looked at her one last time before my feet turned in the opposite direction to walk out of the room, the house, her life. By now I presumed she was probably anticipating my leave. With how interesting her life was, my life was simply a soap opera on the TV of her fairy tale. Of course, she didn't have her happy ending yet. There was still time though.

I opened the door to the house with one quick pull and stepped out into the vast darkness. Why I had left her sitting there with only her story I wasn't sure. If I were left alone and helpless like that I would probably feel even more helpless. That's when I realized the direction my feet were headed in.

I wasn't headed back home. I was walking towards large trees, a full moon, and an adventure that would take me somewhere and she would know where I was going, because she was right behind me. I glanced back and smiled at her small features. All for her.

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HayleyG SILVER said...
on Feb. 25 2009 at 3:14 am
HayleyG SILVER, Carmel, Indiana
8 articles 32 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.”

Hey there everyone! I'm the author of this story and I wanted to clarify real quickly that this isn't the beginning of the story I just wanted to make some changes to the starting of the story so I didn't include it in here so I'm very sorry if it's a tad bit confusing as a result of this. I welcome any and all criticism so hand me the truth and I promise I won't be mad =] Thank you for reading!

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