A Wish To Be Known

December 20, 2015
By Finngiant GOLD, Tempe, Arizona
Finngiant GOLD, Tempe, Arizona
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Aurora Cliff. It was well known for being one of the most beautiful places in all of Alaska. It wasn`t well known for its look, it was just a steep hill with a fifteen or twenty feet drop on one side. No, the reason everyone loved this place was its view. You may have heard of a natural phenomenon called Aurora Borealis, it happens at night, large streams of light, almost like folds in fabric, move slowly across the sky like clouds but made of color, not condensed water. Many people say that this is one of, if not the most amazing thing anyone could ever see in the sky. It was a common sight there in Alaska. Most people that lived there saw it regularly, at least in winter. This attracted many people, and one of the superstitions around Aurora Borealis is that if you look up at it, and make a wish, it could be made true. Most people didn`t believe in this, but there were a few there who fully thought that the idea was true. One younger resident was a lonely boy named Court Smith, and he was sitting on the hill`s steep edge, looking at the Aurora Borealis. Smith was around 13, tall, with blond hair and wasn`t very social. He wasn`t originally from Alaska, he had been from California, and had moved there about a year ago. He was so used to California that he had a lot of trouble socializing in his new home. His parents had tried everything they could think of, but Smith just didn`t fit in. He was desperate at this point, and had been looking for some unknown way to make him known, to be respected, and so forth. He had recently heard about the Aurora Borealis, and had also heard about the wish story. “Ugh, I doubt this will work.” Said Court to himself. “Oh well, I`ve tried everything else, what could go wrong?” said Court as he looked up at the sky and said to himself: “I wish I was known.”


“Doctor, doctor, DOCTOR!”
Bright light, latex gloves, cold metal. “Huh, where am I?” asked Smith as he stood up, in what appeared to be some sort of operating room. “Haha, oh Doctor Court, you are a card!” said a man in a surgeons mask and clothing. “What, why am I here? Asked a confused Court. “Well, getting a master’s degree in advanced surgery will get you here.” Said the surgeon. Court was only scared and confused. “Now doctor, we need to begin the operation, here you go, put on your mask.” Said the surgeon, putting a surgical mask on Court, and handing him a scalpel. Now that the shock had worn off, Court could see an unconscious man lying on a surgical table, with a line on his forehead. “Alright doctor, before we begin the incision, you should know that the tumor is in a particularly delicate area of the brain, and if you make one tiny mistake, it could kill him.” Said the surgeon. “Of course, with what an amazing doctor you are, it won’t happen I’m sure.” Said the doctor. “Wha... wait, WHAT!” yelled Court. “I’m not a doctor!” he yelled. “I’m just a kid!” “Sure, and I’m Queen Elizabeth the second.” Said the surgeon. He gestured to the table. Court started to back up and then tripped over a stool. “AHHHHHHHHH.”
“Oh, there he is, just in time.” Tick tock. Tick tock. “Huh, where am I now?” asked a stupefied Court. “Well, I know that we will be a few hundred yards in the air if you don’t hurry.” Said a man standing over him in overalls with a utility belt. Court stood up to see he was in some sort of airport. He was surrounded by a load of men in suits labeled with seals on their shoulders that had U.S.B.D.U.on them. They pulled Court up and gave him a bunch of tools. “Well, we have about 20 seconds, so get crackin,” said a man who looked the head of the group. “What, wait is that a.. a.” said Court as he realized that only a few feet away was a large suitcase with a bomb in it. “Wait, I’m just a kid, I don’t know how to diffuse a bomb!” yelled Court in confusion. “Hahahah, even a few moments b before we’re all blown into bits, and     before   Officer Court still has time for a joke, hah!” said one of the men. Court started to step back, still not used to what was happening. He tripped over onto baggage carrier conveyor belt and was dragged away into a bunch of leather flaps at the end of the belt.

Dun dun dun dun, duuuuun dun dun duuuun

“I’m so happy for you Court; I remember when you were just a kid.” That was a lot of white and green, Court thought. “Not again.” Said Court as he stood up and his eyes adjusted to the bright light. He was in some sort of small, green field with lots of chairs in it.  There was a long, black carpet and a tall, thin archway a few yards away from him. There were benches and chairs lining up the arch, with many happy looking people in them, all looking at Court. Next to Court was his mother, dressed in a long white dress with satin and fake jewelry on it. He realized that everyone was dressed up fancily, and that he was at a wedding. His wedding. “What the, I can’t, I’m just a kid, I’m not ready for something like this!” yelled Court at the crowd. “Oh, you’re ready for it, it’s just the last minute jitters.” Said his father in a tuxedo next o his mother. They both pushed him to the archway, next to a pretty woman with a fabric cover over her face. A pastor walked up to them and took out a Bible. Court was in a tuxedo, and he was in a daze, so he didn’t notice how fast the ceremony went. “You may now kiss the bride.” Said the pastor. The woman leaned in for a kiss, almost in slow-motion. “AHHHHHHHHHH” yelled Court.


Court found himself face up on a cliff. There were things up in the sky, almost like clouds, but made of color. “Uh, oh thank god, I’m back.” Said Court as he stood up on the cliff. “Well then,” thought Court to himself “this certainly makes things seem easier, I think this will help out a lot social wise.” He walked down the cliff, happily thinking of the boys down at the lodge he’d been meaning to talk to. The Aurora Borealis, up in the sky, floated lazily by, like fabric folds in the sky.

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