Chapter 1 from 3rd book called Demon's vengeance

October 1, 2015
By Djhurst BRONZE, Oxford, Alabama
Djhurst BRONZE, Oxford, Alabama
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“All right men you know the drill breech and clear. 3...2...1....breech!” The sound of gunfire is unforgettable and this time it was everywhere. I’m Nuke the new leader of the Demon squadron my old leader Zach was done with the whole ghost thing he’s retired. And now there is only four of us left in the ghost group. Snipes, Gunner, Arsenal, and me. “I’m pinned down and I only got one mag left.” Gunner radioed over the COMS“I got you covered Gunner.” Snipes took out the men that had Gunner pinned down. “Hey Gunner while your down there can check how many head shots I got?” Snipes said c***y like. The shooting had ceased after five more minutes of shooting, I took a peek out of cover and saw that all the men we were fighting were dead. “Gunner come with me.” I took Gunner  with me to search the rooms for any hostages, or any other men that we did not kill. “Snipes watch our back.” I ordered “Yes Sir.” He said like should when talking to a leader. Gunner and I cleared the rooms one by one with all the rooms having hostages. As we approached the last room I heard a noise. I signaled Gunner to stop and listen. “We breech on three Gunner. Read, three.” I busted down the door and knocked one of the enemy soldiers down that was about to execute a hostage. (And yes I still have my powers smoke powers were I can turn into into smoke and shoot smoke out of my hands.) I shot the soldier with a smoke shot and tackled him. Gunner was all brute force and loved hit things so gunner mainly just beat the other soldier down to a pulp. “Wait Gunner, don’t finish him off I’ll deal with this one.” I stopped Gunner from hitting the man with a kill punch. I made arm cover up with smoke and secured the soldier with a smoke chain which makes him tied up and cant move. We got the hostages out and got in the chopper.”Mission accomplished Team.” That was our 400th successful mission to bad it was ten years ago

The author's comments:

this is a sample of my 3rd book from my retaliation series 

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